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  1. nope. you have probably seen regular batteries drain from being a bad battery....and time catching up with it. But the concrete didn't have anything to do with it. This is what I want to ask people when they say this. Okay, smart one. Explain to me what in the concrete makes the battery drain/die? Oh, You don't know? But you still say that it will drain it? You sir/ma'am are a complete fuckin' retard!
  2. Tell me how this looks for a website logo please I'm a noob at Photoshop
  3. I have to go back and get two more teeth pull after having four pulled today. Why did I say pull them another time? Oh that's right, Nitrous oxide!
  4. Since this thread gets a lot of views, I thought I would ask it here. Would anyone be interested in a "fun facts" thread?
  5. I posted some shit like this a couple weeks/months ago. And had a shit storm from it. I guess thats how life goes though.
  6. If you see this rusty or who ever takes care of the apparel When will you have this item back in stock?
  7. Where can I get a 3XL DC Audio t-shirt? Thanks for help peoples.
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