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  1. Greetz, I have not been able to access chat for months, i have tried different browsers and made sure caches or old cookies are eliminated. i get an error about no user name being parsed to the chat app. i expect it has to do with my non ascii username ?? i have not tried creating a new account here without special characters because it might be against the rules. any ideas ?? Oops! Something went wrong! No username was supplied to connect to the chat room. Please notify the administrator.
  2. http://undergroundradio.tunegenie.com/#listenlive Bass radio station
  3. If you guys dont know yet the User Manuel PDF's are all offline on the new site. eg. http://skaraudio.com/manuals/ZVXseries.pdf
  4. Steve once again i cant thank you enough, Knowing this just proves what a generous person you are ! This goes down in my life as one of my happiest moments ever. I'm finally gonna be able to have a build log!! Already buying MDF board. And my dad's gonna help me out, He's been into audio since he was my age. My mom was telling me how he always used to have an oscilloscope on in his room and it annoyed the crap out of her haha. Your sub is going to a good home Steve, i wont let you down. Thank you so much ..
  5. Ey steve if you ever ship some to Cape Town let me know then i can maybe borrow one from who ever bought it! South Africa ftw
  6. ah thanks man, i look them up i have spoken to an Fi rep / distributor in South Africa. i e-mailed him, it took him a month to reply saying i must e-mail him the specs of what i want. i did and i haven't heard back from him to this day. Hopefully il have better luck this time, thanks again man
  7. Ok so heres the problem, I live in South Africa /end no but seriously. i have roughly 2.5K US $ with the current exchange rate for a nice car audio system, i have purchased an aftermarket H/U with 3x preout @4v so thats out the way. my problem is shipping. i was quoted over $1000 to ship 2 AQ subs down here (thats shipping alone) so i searched some more i found out i can ship my whole system from the US amps, alts, subs, batts, etc. through freight shipping for only 500 $ but 2 problems arise, it will take 30 days to get here and apparently import duty will be at 106% 0_0 So now im stuck. Locally the best they have here is Sony Xplod and other crap. i have found though a Pioneers TS-W5102SPL for $687 but thats not really what i had in mind. iv heard their not that great, i could be mistaken. i was hoping for 2 AQ HDC3 15's with AQ amp. i could go with the pioneer but that doesnt sort out Amp, batts or alt. Amp i could maybe scrounge for something possible maybe worth buying. but AGM batteries here are WAY over priced and H/O alts are no where to be found. So please if you have any advice at all in terms of shipping or places i could look anything, i would be very grateful! Regards, Alex inb4 move to the US i would if i could
  8. Please, please, please can you allow all members in chat to start a Private Chat. i think its a very small thing which all members should have the option to do, and to have to pay for it isn't nice :/
  9. ok well im using a light weight variation of Chrome (SRWare Iron). and iv tested with FireFox as well. and all seems ok from here
  10. RRRAAAIIIINNNBBBOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give me 18+ status, kthnxbai
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