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  1. Jaaaa thats what im saying!! just wna talk some covfefe with the the crazy peeps from TrumpNation.... ?
  2. What happened to the good ol' days Where you see who you are chatting to Where you could kick the trolls in the room Where you could get instant responses from someone ITS 2017 AND YALL GOT THE EQUIVALENT OF A MAILING LIST AS A CHAT ROOM! might as well make a forum thread to talk to chat to someone about their day! THE 80's CALLED AND THEY HAVE THIS THING CALLED INSTANT MESSAGING! just embed a Discord link or sumthn! damn ACtuallY phuket, everybody who wna be apart of the UNOFFICIAL SMD INSTANT MESSANGING AND VOICE CHAT Join HerE: https://discord.gg/T8htwNK We have party until SMD implement some better platform for chatter bugs.. >INB4 nobody comes onto discord. @newls1 @pa-pa-platypus @Ninja_v1.0 ,Jake, James and alll those people on that lowkey FB chat!
  3. a bonus is you can have the brains next to the amp, so analog signal generation happens within inches of amplification and a cable run to the front for the touch screen.
  4. Has anybody had experience with running an RPi headunit, and what did you end up using in terms of software ? Kodi ?
  5. http://undergroundradio.tunegenie.com/#listenlive Bass radio station
  6. found this stream. its 24/7 bass music. all of it is gangster / thug music. iv heard them play decaf tracks a few times. if you want a stream in your vehicle its this one. http://undergroundradio.tunegenie.com/#listenlive its called underground radio but they dont play any underground hip hop. . . dont ask me
  7. I'm sorry but if you thought they meant literal warheads then... well... lol, no comment. When the government saw this whats stopping them from taking these hypothetically online missiles offline, wouldn't they have protocols for that?! But ofcoarse they dont need any because that kind of stuff isnt accessible online hurr durr This is just a doomsday file like the one they had on wikileaks. Get heaps of data and secret documents the government really doesnt want leaked. Encrypt the shit out of it so its literally just impossible to decrypt without the key. Let everyone download it. Demand things. No Delivery? ok release the key
  8. well if ur not looking for anything high-end just go into a computer shop and look around. in my experience wireless mice are a nightmare. i go every where with my A4 Tech X7 XL-750 BK its ridiculously cheap for what it is and iv had this thing for like 3 years 0 problems. but it has a crap load of functions like you can upload macro scripts onto the actual mouse and stuff. but anyways here's something you might find helpful: http://bluetooth-mouse-review.toptenreviews.com/
  9. well Microsoft updates are sometimes important. Just keep java up to date. Have good AV installed. and for an extra measure if you are skeptical about visiting a website run your browser inside Sandboxie. This will basically not allow the browser or anything running in the browser to touch your PC. it's all virtualized inside the sandbox and any changes made to your PC while its running in the sandbox will not be permanent and only exist inside the sandbox. IE: you download a song. That song will be in the sandbox and you cant see it from windows unless you explore the sandbox.. IE: Harmful exploit gets executed from the browser that deletes your System Files.. Those system files will be deleted inside the sandbox and not actually deleted from your PC. Note: software ran in Sandboxie can still read from memory / Hard Drive so it doesn't protect your information from being stolen or compromised like passwords. Bit it does prevent damage to your PC 100%
  10. this isn't a big deal, it happens often we just don't hear about it often. these exploits stay hidden for long before released or discovered, at that stage they are called 0-day exploits. and there are probably a thousand other critical vulnerabilities that exist at this very moment and nobody knows. the only problem is the second the exploit module gets released thousands of script kiddies get hold of it and it gets blown out of proportion by media and Java shits themselves. This exact thing happened just a few months ago with java. allowing an applet to bypass permissions and execute what ever it wants silently. just from visiting the website. and an update was released and that's that. So just update java.
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