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  1. Im the detail manager at a high volume production body shop and all we use is shop vacs, they take a beating everyday and even on their last leg they can vacuum great. We have one now thats a year old with the bearings screaming that performs flawless..... Fwiw
  2. https://www.adsco.net/Product.aspx/562/Work-Horse-All-Purpose-Cleaner.html This stuff
  3. Also, try this stuff called workhorse. Its in a black can n does an incredible job on dirt and also funky smells. Totally safe for interiors and fabrics. I use it everyday at work. ( high volume body shop) its a little more expensive than your average cleaner, but ill never go back. I buy this stuff by the case lol
  4. Dealer usually has them, normally stocked for body shops lol, at least they are super easy to replace.... Shouldnt be expensive either
  5. Fwiw my shop works with progressive, shops write estimates now and that would be one thing thats incredibly hard to prove, did you insure your stereo on ur policy? I mean, i have seen people get a check from progressive for stuff like that but its never for the amount to buy that amp. Its usually the cost brand new minus depreciation...... Gl with your situation n glad no one got seriously injured
  6. You can find them on alibaba site..... Just a beefed up vvme sub. I honestly beat the snot outta my vvme 10s daily when they were in my subaru right til the day they were removed. I could and did play a lot of low/mid 20hz songs on them with success. Decent cheapo sub imho. My 2 cents lol Also fwiw i wouldnt buy another vvme sub just because theres way better budgets subs, i bought a oa18 d2 during the liquidation n im sure theres plenty others that are way more worth the money than a rebadged beefed up vvme.....
  7. Idk cuz they said they wont continue woofer designs or tweeter designs Edit: ^ this
  8. Just bought an oa 18 v2, apparently they must be going outta business cuz they are having a liquidation sale. Paid $177 shipped to my door. Only thing left is oa 18 v2 d2 n their super tweets. Get them while you still can! Now to design a box
  9. Found a rf t800.2 at a pawn shop advertised returned as not working, i had a feeling that the person hooked it up wrong or the cars electrical couldnt support it so it kept goin into protect. I bought it for $100 as is. Works flawless. Ftmfw
  10. and just to add a plus to buying an ambulance for car audio........... them alts. are already higher output........ AND put out a/c current as well. ( if my knowledge serves me right) . if i had the funds to buy and build it i totally would...... i wonder if you would hafta sound deaden the back or not?
  11. just sayin..... been running 4 total (including under hood) lead acid batteries in my hatch on a stock 80a alt for well over a year in a half no problem. vented outside of course, im easily over 1000 rms with power hungry amps. no voltage drop at full tilt for quite awhile driving time. never had an issue. yea they arent made for charge/discharge cycles like I use them for......BUT they work and HAVE been working for quite awhile considering i almost NEVER top them off. charging @ 14.6v cold and 14.3v hot. not the most ideal batt setup but it does work...... edit: i know im not pulling alot of current from my alt but its definitly over 80 amps. OH and had almost no voltage drop with 2 batteries. i added more to play longer with NO drop
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