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  1. i bought an item from noelito last week and was supposed to get it 2 days later. NOT SELLERS FAULT. postman was an ass....and lazy. got it today. Super happy buyer and would purchase from him again. was in my town 2 days after it was shipped and was packaged very neatly and was exactly as stated and shown in picture. couldnt be more happy with sale. A+++ seller. thanks again -Jarrid
  2. quart coverage? can i do 2 doors? like, not a big area. 6" selenium 4" midrange, and 1" tweeter in front doors?
  3. wish my camera would pick up the flex i see.....definitly got hood flex on passenger side.

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      cameras are jerks

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      cameras are bad people. Just like horses. Horses are bad people.

    4. strangeduck
  4. got the system in and working today....wow what a difference! still got some things to button up. but i say *WIN*

  5. got the new amp today....and a 50ft roll of 1/0 2marrow. 2 ap1300s strapped on 4 vvme 10s in a 6ft cubed box tuned to 33hz (10 inch sonotube ftmfw)..... fuck yea

  6. just ordered a second amp.......time to strap them :D

  7. getting it alot now.....tried for 10 minutes to get back to the site after posting that.....just got back on now...... every topic i click on goes to a 404 error.....this sucks.....
  8. when i click on the website link (from chrome) it comes up to a white page that says in plain text "hello world" at top of page have gotten this a few times over the past month...... anyone else? it says in the link bar www.stevemeadedesigns.com so no error in url....... and also if i go to stevemeadedesigns.com/board/ (which it does by itself sometimes) i get a server not responding message
  9. uploaded a vid of the 4 10s a couple minutes ago.... needs MORE POWA

  10. /\ agreed. i see this on the new topics list and get all psyched even thinking its started and its like "has this started yet". its like NO if it was started meade wouldve posted something about it AND there would be a video of said work or equipment coming in.
  11. im a horder..... i have a closet devoted.....nothing special in there.....but i have lots of 4 awg and door speakers and cheap motors and baskets. a couple crossovers and eqs , a couple caps, prefab for 2 12s, misc, etc. no one wants to buy what i have...even craigslist which is surprising. wait....i do have those 2 old ass mtx 15s..... thats about as nice as i have (they are mint). also a dc 15" cone and 3 inch coil from them (dual .5). shit if anyone wants to buy anything pm me lol (except the coil and cone those are MINE) <-lol if i could sell the stuff i would.
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