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  1. that's good because i didn't want my tattz messed up.....because that is a painful spot to fix Those letters represent more pain then this surgery ever did btw - Yeah mine is on top the belly button. Was in fixed and out in 27 hours total. These doctor do some amazing work now.
  2. Speedy recovery.. I just had mine out. That super glue does leaves barely any scaring
  3. I think he would of jumped the window like Bo Duke if that door didn't open
  4. tainted

    SAX 1200D not much louder than JL 500.1??

    if running to 1 channel vs bridged.. wouldn't he only be seeing half power 600 vs 1200 if bridged?
  5. awesome work.. hate to see what you dream up while your bored. hrmm carbon car bodies??
  6. Kenwood KVT 617DVD not sure of the model # but its earthquake Have you checked for a firmware update, They don't like the newer usb's either. Do you have the remote, it responds better than the buttons?
  7. You hire those elves from Santa.. Damn they work fast