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  1. I'm confused....so what your saying is your looking for (2) 18's with some deep bass to compliment the highs your already running?
  2. I can't help you, but here is a link that might have what you are looking for: 2000 Chrysler LHS Seat Wiring Diagram
  3. I own (2) Eminence Definimax 4012HO subwoofers/loud speakers and they are sick! I am using them in my 3-way cabinet for my DJ setup at home.
  4. For some bump in your room I'd suggest going old school: Technics SU-V78 Amp/Receiver Teac EQA-10 Equalizer KLH/Yamaha 3-way bookshelf speakers
  5. not nor cal but AI Ray That's not true. Elite Audio in Elk Grove is an authorized DD dealer IN the 916. How is in not true? Ray is in Fresno I mis-interpreted your post...sorry man...that was my bad.
  6. not nor cal but AI Ray That's not true. Elite Audio in Elk Grove is an authorized DD dealer IN the 916.
  7. Drive 3 hours west up and over the hill to find some competitions lol Wenatchee is out in BFE...maybe you should scrounge up some locals out there and start somethin' up
  8. Walkaround will be comin' shortly! The funny thing was, when I was filming there was a cop down the street...I had to take the video in the quickness lol
  9. Whats up guys! I know my shit don't compare to alot of others, but I was able to grab some daytime vids of my setup...lemme know what ya think! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3_-Gy_5kBw
  10. Listen fuck nut...the only time he could probably burn his shit up is if he has Dual 2-Ohm subs and wired BOTH of them in parallel, dropping his ohm load down to 0.5..."jesus christ guys"
  11. If you got mostly JL stuff in your car right now, might as well just stick with it. you can't go wrong either way. And I'm sure if you have your electrical up to snuff, the JL amp will do more than RMS...the 500/1 was benched on another website and it was putting out closer to 700 RMS.
  12. nevermind, your looking for 2 subs...
  13. Check my ebay listing...I'm selling a brand new DD 9512h (Dual 2-Ohm).
  14. I got a quick question...once I drop in my DC alt, will I have to dd-1 my deck and amp again? I'm assuming I don't have to.
  15. ^^ yeah man I'd be most appreciative if you could post some build pics..that sounds like a massive box! I'd like to get an idea of what everyone's doin'..good stuff man! keep me posted.
  16. Anything you do yourself can save you money, that much is true. Xmas is comin' up (my wife ain't into car audio, but she bought be a DC Alt!), so I might be in the market for some general power tools to do some custom work one day.
  17. I doubt they would charge me that much. My custom enclosure I currently have only put me back $475, I would be a repeat customer, and I've also brought in some people to get some work done their as well. BUT you never know, the way the economy is and depending on what time of the month it is, the shop could throw out a big figure. I've seen a blow-thru on youtube with a guy with (2) DD 9512h's in a sedan, and it looks sick! I'll only be running (1) DD 9512h (i'm selling the other one, its brand new)...so I'm wondering would it still be possible to do that kind of a setup with just one subwoofer.
  18. trunk rattle is no bueno...the only thing that annoys me nowadays, is my rear interior quarter panels near the back window start popping off. i'll call my shop and get a quote on a blow thru.
  19. I seen a couple blow throughs on some cars on youtube...some of them look pretty clean. I was thinking that would be my option...go custom again and break the bank...damn car audio..its a disease lol...thanks for the input
  20. Here is my setup: Amp: DD M3a Sub: Single 12" DD 9512h 4.6 cu/ft (2) 6" Aero Ports Tuned to 35hz Subs and ports are currently firing out towards the trunk How much of a difference in pressure would I be able to feel in my car if I were to fire the sub and ports towards the inside of my car? It pounds hard and gets low like a mofo...I like the way it sounds now, but I would like to "feel" massive amounts of airflow blowin' thru my car lol
  21. did you try lookin at bayontop.org? they have a ton of underground rap artist albums from east to west
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