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  1. Yup...just connect to the front. I do the same with my pair of D5100’s. Doesn’t take too long to top off.
  2. Remember that big chunk of foam I made on my thread a while back. Well, I finally put it to good use ?
  3. I always wanted to go to those rat rod shows...Batman ain’t got shit on that!
  4. Yo, what’s the update on this bad boy? It’s already next week ?
  5. Steve add me on Origin! Username is the same...pacifikballa....i preordered my digital copy last month not too long after it was announced...can’t wait to smash on’em with the 49ers and Jimmy G! NFL is almost here!!
  6. Latest IPA I’ve tried was Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze...pretty solid beer.
  7. I have Weathertechs next on mine...chatters like a mofo when the bass drops..to combat that I wedge some foam in between the window channel and the visors
  8. Something about Sean’s post just irked me a bit...we all know he’s referring to Fi...I never had an issue with EMF or Fi products and both have been phenomenal, but his arrogance has been strong as of late.
  9. I ordered one a few days ago cause it let me check out so I assumed it was in stock. It didn’t have an eta on their page. D4S says they’ll have them on the 5th.
  10. Stupid question, but probably obvious answer.  When wiring (2) breakers to a single power wire, is this right?

    Front Batt > In > Out > Power Wire > Out > In > Rear Batt?

    I am assuming the rear breaker needs to be wired the same as the front right? Or does it matter?  I'm sure it does.  Don't mind my stupid question lol

    1. WalledSonic


      As a rule, just make sure if any run of wire shorted to the frame, then all paths to the batteries get broken. So yes both ends of thst run need a breaker since theres a battery on both ends

    2. PaCiFiKbAllA


      Thank you sir...I was overthinking it a like a little bitch...just needed some reassurance ? 

  11. I may have seen a video that answered my question about the sae posts and i-bar....it seems that the washer is not needed when using both. I"ll give that a try.
  12. Just a quick question. Is it normal to have the posts sit on top like this? I was thinking it would have been flush. And I also have the recommended I-bar set, but the m6 bolt seems too short to use in tandem with the SAE posts. How long of an m6 bolt would be necessary to utilize both? Thanks.
  13. Bout to pick up that thing called an amplifier...you know...the Wolfram Audio W-4500.1 ?


    1. Wishuponasub


      Nice. Looking forward to seeing that thing whoop some woofer ass lol.

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