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  1. if its not sealed im goin to kick you in the mangina EDIT: definitely jelly though. i want a level 6 too
  2. have fun wiring the subs, and even more fun if you don do it the way i told you to do it for the 12s
  3. a decent place to look is pawn shops. they tend to have all ipods for really cheap.
  4. someone told me they got xbox and xbox 360 from the ps controllers and of course microsoft will release a new xbox. theyll be damned if nintendo releases one and they dont. and on a totally unrelated topic...FUCK ACTIVISION AND THEIR PAY FOR IT ALL SEPERATELY BULLSHIT!
  5. they both run on 2.4ghz so everything interferes with it. as far as turtle beach is concerned the only ones id suggest are the z6a(replaced the HPA2) and a 5.1 decoder, and the px21s. the rest are meh at best
  6. put the hammer in the jaws of a female dog, that way we can say 'uh oh, the banhammers in this bitch'
  7. i love the fuck out of my x995. wish i couldve gotten the HU i really wanted, but i definitely like it
  8. That was not a photoshopped or altered video... The voice over one was but the original video was not it was a joke...
  9. thats wierd. i tried it with a touch, a nano, and a class AND with a/v and it didnt work lol my friend has a 9412. what do you have? With my 9512 I use the A/V cables and have to control everything on the ipod. the headunit controls only work for music. owned the 9311 and the 9312. dont have either anymore though lol
  10. thats wierd. i tried it with a touch, a nano, and a class AND with a/v and it didnt work lol
  11. no didnt think about it, but im sure wonderbread wouldve come across it if it was on there. im going to check anyways though. thx
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