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  1. forgot to mention, displacement of sub is .05
  2. my buddy just got a american bass XD-8, basically the same thing as the dd-508, similar to the sundown e-8. I've never built a box for a single 8 before and im really having alot of trouble getting tuning to come out right. The box isnt really supposed to be any bigger than .6 cubes, and tuning is supposed to be in the mid 30s. anyone wanna plug some numbers into torres and help me out?
  3. yeah i guess, haha. Kinda ironic. got invited to join team 808, thought i would have a unique car for an audio build, turns out my team mate john had the newer fresher version of my car haha. but to answer your question, yes i fucking LOVE my subie. I will probably never buy anything else. someday i wanna be that guy in a STI drifting at 150mph while hitting 150dB.
  4. i would absolutley love to tune-in to this build. you dont see alot of people doing what you plan on doing, and IMO, it sounds like it would be SICK.
  5. he isnt tuned for that. His box was MADE for THAT song. Tuned at 34hz. He can still destroy lows, but that whole song is at his peak frequency basically.
  6. johnathan price is a tool on FB, constantly posting statuses about how sensitve he is when it comes to girls. I used to do that too, its called 'trying to get it in'.

    1. SnowDrifter


      Defriending is easy and will avoid further issues ;)

  7. $30 + shipping, I just need it to be gone. Dual 1in slug magnets, gap (unshifted) fits 3" coil. Re-cones are cheap, boys.
  8. thatll do 2k TOPS.... I wouldnt pay more than 120 for it
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