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  1. Hello Been out of the game for a while but I just purchased one of these EXM 15 inch sub woofer's looking to get some help on a really nice hard-hitting box that I will build out of Burch I just need some help with some plans would like it to hit low and hard it will be powered off an older school sound stream TX 2000.1 at two homes so I'm hoping to at least get 1000 W clean to it so if anybody could lend a helping hand with this I would be much appreciated to nice to be back on the forum you guys of always been a great help all the time or anytime I needed it it's going into a 2006 Cadillac DTS so plenty of trunk room would like to go with the slot port thank you again for your help
  2. This little guys packs punch for sure love the little massive amps good stuff thx for sharing
  3. holy mother of amps i like it no love it JAY
  4. my son is hard of hearing and i love car audio but the wife hates its i can't wait to show her this vid thx steve
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