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  1. my son is hard of hearing and i love car audio but the wife hates its i can't wait to show her this vid thx steve
  2. How come they cost so much it looks like a massive audio n4
  3. I like the little fan on small coil
  4. 4000 or 400 watts lol....
  5. I love a/b they make such great amps
  6. The first one looked good to me man
  7. no probelm i just thought that the higher voltage the more watts when bob told me person me the specs on this amp it says 18v operation what does that mean why would they say that and bob says its 2200watts and 1ohm with 14.4v unless he is wrong I live 20miles from A/B in solan ohio
  8. ok so no caps optima yellow top i can got one for $160.00 what do you think about a battery isolater what does it do
  9. Thanks man i have the big three what do you think about sound stream 200farad cap
  10. Kranny you dont need to mean dude i just said with $200.00 what would give me the best op to get the most voltage i could I did not say i wanted to get to 18v i was just looking for a little help bc i alway get the best help here....but i am done
  11. SICK AMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. 18V is my max out put on my amp if i am crazy bc it sound like i am so i will add a battery and hope for the best
  13. Hello I have a A/B xd2000 with 18v operation and don't want to spend the money on up grading my alt So I was hoping u guys could help I have about $200 bucks and I want to try and get as close to 18v As I can I have a 1998 jeep Cherokee with the big three optima red top and 0 gauge knu wire then I have two massive caps 1.2farad and a2.0 radar so I know there are some car audio wiz kids on site to Help in problem can't wait to hear some feed back
  14. There is a single rca on the input side on amp and you will get 3000rms if you stay at about 14.4 volts
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