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  1. I have 4 DC Level 3 m2 15s for sale. They are d1. Not sure if you are only interested in 12s. but thought i'd offer.
  2. yeah, that's what i'm thinking as of right now. Seems to be the only option. but wasn't sure if someone knew of a better setup. amazon has an outdoor waterproof cabinet for like 65 bucks so it'd probably save me money too.
  3. What's up guys? I'm looking to run a home theater setup for my backporch. I want the receiver to be outside. It along with the speakers need to be waterproof and wireless. I'm pretty new to home audio and know there are more than a few guys here that are much more knowledgable than me on the subject. What would you guys recommend. I'm not looking for top of the line. I just want it to sound good and have decent range. The plan is to have 2-4 speakers on the back porch / fence area. And then 2 more on the deck around the pool. Thanks for the help!
  4. unfortunately, no pics or vids... ended up selling it without the equipment in it to a kid that's local. I've got a new build in the works. It'll be louder... and lower.
  5. Sorry to bring back an old thread fellas, but i thought it was hilarious that he said this. His signature says he runs an audiopipe amp. hahaha. But on a serious note, anyone ever run the apsm 4080s yet? and are they any good at all?
  6. What's up guys? I'm going to look at a car here in a little bit and I wanted to run an autocheck/carfax. Would anyone with unlimited runs might doin a quick check for me? I would really appreciate it!
  7. Had a little fun with a free sub my buddy got. Hooked it up to my aq 3500 at 2 ohms in free air.
  8. Not sure if anyone saw me at Slamology or not. but I did a 152.7 sealed up. I'm having voltage issues though and I'm dropping to about 10.7. I'm gonna rewire everything and get the rest of the build done ASAP. I honestly think when it's all said and done and I do some more testing and tuning, it's got a 154 in it.
  9. I was definitely looking forward to the family and friend share groups... But I guess it's not a big deal.
  10. Haha we can do work on our own... You play cod? If so, add me. Banshee211
  11. Ya i remember you sayin that N8... So far you're the only guy on here that I've seen.
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