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  1. ok so i went with the four Sundown E8 v5 over the single U12. building the box now and will let you guys know the results
  2. I see. Sounds like the four E8's than over the single U12, thank you
  3. I'm deciding between two different set ups and would like your guys opinion. I have a 2200 watt amp does 1 ohm with good electrical. The subs I'm deciding between are four Sundown E8 v.5's or a single Sundown U12. Which would sound louder and lower between both? I have room for either but would like to hear your opinions. Wish I had funds to try both but unfortunately can only do one.
  4. Does anyone know from experience if the port in the middle of the box sounds to the ear louder than on drivers side?
  5. First of , I want to say thanks for your guy's help with the RE XXX box, it sounded amazing. Now I have two Sundown REV 3 12's dual 2 ohm I need help with. It'll be in a trunk facing forward with 32 1/2" wide x 14" height x 21" depth. I was thinking about port in the middle but of course up for suggestions. I would like for it to play low as possible it'll be of a CT Sounds 2200 with good electrical.Thanks again guys
  6. I am finally going to finish up my long project two 15" FI SP4, two 3500 watt SoundQuebed amps,Singer 370 alt.,and so on but after all that all is needed are the batteries. I was looking into Blockshakers but would like other opnions before I buy any. I was liking the $219 for 110 ah but if theres any other suggestions im all ears,of course within budget,thanks guys.
  7. I have 48 1/2" wide x 24" depth x 20 1/2" height. Trying to do port and sub back
  8. I have the older version 18" RE Audio XXX and wanted a ported box specs for it on 2500 watts. Also port area and tunning thanks.
  9. Oh wow,so the PATS Transciever is only for remote starts? Also no relays or diodes are needed cause on some sites it says to put them on the lock/unlock and parking lights? And thank you for your help really is useful
  10. Hey guys Im trying to install a Viper Responder 350 2 way security system 3305v alarm in a 1999 Lincoln Town Car. No remote start but trying to figure out what all needs to be done to install it. i have reschearched it and I dont understand the Fords PAT Anti-theft Transporder system. I was hoping for help installing this alarm hopefully from start to finish. Thanks guys.
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