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  1. Hey guys,I was wondering what sundown subs would do good in a 4th order box? I really wanted do do two X8's but at the moment funds aren't there and I can get a good deal on some SA8's or SA10's.
  2. Thank you soo much for your help. You made this guy smile☺️
  3. Oh wow,so the PATS Transciever is only for remote starts? Also no relays or diodes are needed cause on some sites it says to put them on the lock/unlock and parking lights? And thank you for your help really is useful
  4. Hey guys Im trying to install a Viper Responder 350 2 way security system 3305v alarm in a 1999 Lincoln Town Car. No remote start but trying to figure out what all needs to be done to install it. i have reschearched it and I dont understand the Fords PAT Anti-theft Transporder system. I was hoping for help installing this alarm hopefully from start to finish. Thanks guys.
  5. jessdabest77

    4th order boxes

    true,thinking of american bass,soundqubed or skar
  6. jessdabest77

    4th order boxes

    I'm doing two 10's in a fourth order on a 1500 watt amp. It;s going in a four door car and if I do port back,would it sound good? Or should I go for sealing it forward? Still undecided on which subs to use but ready to build the box. Any help or suggestion's greatly appreciated
  7. I installed a new Clarion NX604 double din,SQ 4 channel amp,CT Sounds amp,and Clarion preamp. Everything played well in the beginning and now three days later it has engine noise. This one is different for me cause the noise gets lower when you press on the gas so I don't know much about it abd what to do,any help guy's thank's.
  8. I'm building a ported box for two Sundown SA Rev 3 12's on a 2200 watt amp and wondering if my spec's on the box will work. I cab change anything that doesn't look right to make this thing perform better if need to. The measurement's are 32" wide x 26" depth x 14" height with the port at 4" wide x 14" height x 26" long trying to tune it at 32-33 hz. How's it look? Thank's in advance,I was trying Torres box calculator but it was lost when I fixed my computer.
  9. jessdabest77

    Kerf port question

    Thanks guy's. Since I brought up the Sundown's does anyone know a good size ported box for a pair of SA Rev 3 12's on a 2200 watt amp? Box size,port size and tunning
  10. jessdabest77

    Kerf port question

    I'm about to build a ported box for two 12" Sundown SA's and was wondering if there's any difference in a kerfed port to a regular slot port with a roundover? I knew they look nice but is that all it's for or does it perform better? Regular slor port or kerf port will have 45's,bracing,and be double baffeled,thank's in advanced.
  11. jessdabest77

    Question on battery's

    I also forget to mention blockshaker baterries so it's these three I'm looking at,thank's guy's.
  12. I am looking for some good agm batteries with high ah. I found the crescendo and a brand name full throttle. Has anyone used one of these and you're experience with them. i need a few batteries and so far these two seem the best for the price.
  13. I bought some SP4's last time and that was a decent deal. Hoping for high's amp,batteries,and maybe some RCA's come up.
  14. I know it's a little early to ask but wondering what deal's are going on this year for black friday? I want to save up and hope to get me some goodies this year is why. Anyone also know where to get some decent agm batteries for good price?