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  1. Thanks Joe X I really like that design. I understand I have very little area to work with but hopefully with the right box and and tight power these subs should play loud and low. I was also thinking of an aero port instead of slot port but can not find anything bigger than an 8” round port. I remember seeing some 15’s in smaller boxes do pretty good so who knows but definitely thank you for your help
  2. I am not going to be competing just a loud daily on music. I had also thought about 12’s but have had these 15’s for years now and are brand new. I’m hoping I can make it work
  3. I have a 2002 Chevy S10 Xtreme ext cab and equipment will be two older FI SP4 15’s V1 dual 2 ohm subwoofers on a 8 k amp. All the electrical will be upgraded plus all sound deadened. I really need help with the box design. I want to play loud and slam on the lows. Subs up, subs forward, port up , box size running? Any idea’s or suggestions greatly appreciated thanks The space I have is 44 1/2” wide x 17” depth from back of seat to wall and 24” high but can go higher if needed thanks
  4. Man, if you had some B stock I would be on it quickly. Be watching for months now but nothing. Maybe next time
  5. Hey guys,I was wondering what sundown subs would do good in a 4th order box? I really wanted do do two X8's but at the moment funds aren't there and I can get a good deal on some SA8's or SA10's.
  6. I would like to know more myself. I do work for a shop now but I see a lot of things I would do differently as an owner. I know it's a rough business so I hope someone may chime in
  7. That's really cool Steve. I know dude really wanted to see you and you made his dream come true,damn,you're awesome man.
  8. Nice sale, does it also include b stock? And is the 30 Sq ft b stock the only b stock available?
  9. I apologize,I just remember if its the guy,he ran that,wore the shirts and hats. Rusty,I know you're company is way better than that anyhow.
  10. I have lot's of respect for Meade and how far he has got,and sorry that not all of us think the same. I'm trying to make it to autorama next year and hope to meet the guy personally(Meade).
  11. I still don't know who it is,I'm thinking you guy's are talking about a guy from DC with long hair,but not know for sure. The way life is , do we not deserve a second chance? No one is perfect,lot's of times drug's has a big part to do with one's action's,not saying that's an excuse,but I know for myself,it seem's that once you make a mistake,no one ever really treat's you equally. Most of us all do some type of wrong,but it's those he get caught that makes it easy for those that don't get caught to point fingers at. I really don't want to upset anyone,cause I'm a basshead just like the next one on here,but this is why we should all be aware of what's going on,not just point finger's.
  12. It would be nice to let us all know so we may protect ourselves,right. What had happened and by who. If I knew something that can hurt others.I'd let my folks know.
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