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  1. im not nathan but i believe a ford/lincoln would use a 6500 series battery. How close are we to the 15% off next week im putn down my 50 bucks for my batt.
  2. LoL id love to spend endless amounts of money but still gotta live an pay bills LOL ive never been one that runs top of the line audio always been the guy that does alot of cheaper stuff. So what if i ran 2 of the 15s in a ported box that would be just as loud as 4 15s sealed wouldnt it? Id do 4 of the 15s but dont think i have the space to run 4 ported.
  3. its in the cab of my nissan i have 10 cube box now with the 4 15s i dont have the room to port it with that size box unless i did the 3 15s which it would have to be all rebuilt any way the box im wanting to run is not walled off i would do subs forward port up an would be about 8.75 cubes before port or displacements. it is completely sealed off.
  4. ya id love to have amps like that but seeing that i can buy 3 hifonics 1600s for same price as the 1500 or 2000 its all i can do for now (maybe one day).. my voltage is very up to par currently have a 220 amp mechman a 3400 under the hood at the moment a 3100 in the back going to add another 3100 after first of the year my voltage doesnt get below 13.4-14.4 beating on it sits at 14.9-15.1 at idle. So your saying the 3 15s on 3 1606s will out perform the 4 12s on 2 2600s? I only have 9 cubes to play with port and sub displacement have to be figured into that as well.
  5. I've become unhappy with my current set up (4) cvr 15s (2) hifonics 1606's box is sealed. Kind of wanting to get away from the wall its my daily driver. So I have about 9 cubes to play with was thinking 4 sa 12s on my hifonics amp poss upgrading them to the 2610s down the rd or 3 sa 15s keepings the 1606s and adding 1 to have one on each sub. I would really like to do a ported box subs forwards port up. Any suggestions?
  6. ur avator is very distracting LoL i keep waitin for them to fall out
  7. call universal air suspension ask for ray tell him Jay from Freaks of Nature ga told you about them.. If ray cant get it for you then no one can. Ive known ray for awhile an have bought alot of stuff from him.
  8. I did it behind my window and in front smoothed in the groove cant have windows flying open LoL
  9. Dam Blew one of my side windows open on my truck and I used the automotive glass silicone from orileys on it doesnt seem to move at all hope it holds up .. LoL
  10. do you have a port recc.??? I have 4 cvr 15s right now has just become not enough plan is to upgrade subs upgrade power .. how much are the recones's going to be on these???
  11. well my box is a wedge type box in the cab of my truck i figured it to be about 4.6-4.7 (in each chamber 2 chambers 2 subs a chamber) before displacements of subs. I was curious if I was to port them in that would they be ok and perform well??
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