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  1. Thanks Chris, I ordered and received yesterday, 2 xp2000's! Fast shipping lol! Going to use the oem batt just for now but will order the D4800 next month!! Thanks everyone for all the help!
  2. Haven't tried it but I'll give it a shot! Here is a pic of my battery size. I could maybe get this and just add it with the xp2000's. This is an agm as well, if this could work with the xp's then I'll get it. It's like $169
  3. Yes it's a daily driver and not sure what would fit in my factory spot. I have a group 94 which is an oblong style bat. Don't want to screw around with the battery tray as I will trade it in later
  4. Wanted to order 2 xp2000's...would it be ok to add inline to my oem battery in the trunk? Atleast for now? Will maybe switch out the oem later on down the line
  5. Dude, u don't have to break the bank to get what you need! Someone is always selling something! Come on!!
  6. Yeah it was already ordered and I def don't want to waste it lol. As far as an extra 50 ft, I already have a 100ft, im assuming jus to double up! So I'll go ahead and order the 240a and replace the stocker and either add a 3100 or two xp 2000's! Awesome! Thanks guys much appreciated!
  7. Don't know if all that is in the budget but I get you guys point! Not trying to skimp but definitely not trying to break the bank. I was thinking a 240a from Mechman, a d3100 and replacing the stock one in the back with a diehard platinum agm since its a direct drop in. I'm running all CCA SHCA. Have 100ft total.
  8. Not competing, just daily pounding. I need to know exactly what I need so I can order, builds on stop til I can get the electrical ordered.
  9. Have a 2005 chrysler 300c, going to be running a AA3800.1 at 1ohm, a Nendo 1100.4 @4ohms. Trying to see where I need to be. Do I need a HO alt? How many batts? I'd appreciate it! I'm in the middle of the build and need to order what I need soon! Thanks for the help!
  10. Great guy here!!! Bought a pair of Crescendo FT-1s from him!
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