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  1. the 6 should be suffice to do what you are looking for...you can do 2 in for 4 out or 4 in for 6 out...and plan on running new speaker wires also yes, ill be running all new speakers so i know ill have to run new speaker wire. Going to probably change out the pwx6's for 2 sets of components for front and rear
  2. Thanks guys, im going to do a little more research and look into the lc8i. Definitely want to keep the factory deck and bypass the factory amp. Dont think ill need the 360 due to just not wanting to spend that kind of cash for roughly a simple install. Not going to use the center channel so i can exclude that
  3. Just picked up a 2014 Dodge Durango R/T that has the 8.4 inch uConnect and i believe 9 speaker system. Ive been trying to research the best way to install my subs, amps and mids to the factory deck which has nav and all the bells. I have an AA3800.1, 2-HDC312'S, Nendo 1100.4 and pwx6 mids with ft1 tweets. Would the Audiocontrol LC6i help me in this or would i need to look into something else? Any help please!
  4. Lol thanks for the love man! The box took about 3 of us to get in lol! But it's coming along, slow, but getting there! I screwed my passenger door up but its going to get redone but the mids/highs are playing! Just have to trace a noise issue! I'll post a small vid in a sec
  5. Didn't turn out TOO bad but I'm learning and will eventually take it off and fill it in some more and line it up on the door better!! Just have to finish the other door panel!
  6. Thanks for the love guys! I have been putting a lot of blood, sweat and tears in this build lol! It's almost done tho! Just have to finish the doors, seal off the trunk and.......well, it never ends lmao!
  7. First you should do the big 3! Then run a run of 1/0 to the back pos of your battery bank. You can run the charge lead from the front batt and make sure you fuse up front as well. You should be ok with 1 run. Wire all batts in the back pos to pos and neg to neg, make sure you have a good ground location for your batts. I run 3 xs batts and grounded each batt to the frame as well as connected each batts neg together. What exactly are you running? Subs? Amp?
  8. On a side note, I also upgraded my brakes and painted my calipers! Looks awesome behind the 24's and WAY better stopping power!!
  9. Doors are coming along, taking a lot longer than planned but all I have is a few hours on the weekends to work on the build due to me working 14 hr days but it's all good! I have one door I'm working on and when I get it smooth, I'll start the other door and paint them together! I'll post more pics as I get further!
  10. Also found a nice lil spot for the voltmeter! Had to drill a hole in the back of the tray to run the wires and added some slack so I can open and close it with no issues!!
  11. So the vinyl wrap didn't work out too well as it was my first time and I don't think I let it get tacky enough and it all came off! Went ahead and just sprayed it with stone textured paint. Also had a ground distro block issue from the box sitting on top of the batteries so I made a little step for the box to sit on! Pics coming up!
  12. I care about his mids...Mids are a work in progress due to me NEVER glassing before but I'm taking my time and doing little by little! I just wanted to get everything else done! I have the mids and highs wires ran and amp plugged in tho! Just need to finish glassing!
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