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  1. if you're looking to buy Lifepo4 cells , go to BatteryHookup or SrikoBatteries , don't buy off ebay...
  2. one run of 4/0 per alt to the bank , with 3 4/0 runs for grounds ...
  3. don't buy a prebuilt lithium battery , build your own ! figure out what voltage you are gonna run and go from there . there is plenty of cells out there to choose from ( Headway 38120HP , Planno lLTO , Ying Long , Shengquan LTO, Honda EH5 , CMAX ,etc..) go to Facebook groups to research ,learn , ask questions , find out where to get legit cells to buy and if you feel you still question whether you can or can not build your own bank ., there are quite a few legit people to build you a premade bank out of legit cells that you will be more than happy . by the way , you will then find out how cheaply those limitless and D4Sound premade banks are made ...
  4. rhose batteries are really not for car audio but for rv's, trolling motors, etc. says 80 amps max charge , you would of been way better off building a bank of Headway 38120 hp's
  5. when assembling cells with your busbars , use some eva or other non-conductive material to put between bars/plates so you don't short your cells . make sure you balance your cells by connecting all the positives together and connect all the negatives together (DO NOT CONNECT POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE )and let them sit to balance themselves out . put them somewhere safe where they won't be shorted somehow
  6. the bank catching fire in your vehicle is not much of an issue as long as you don't dead short it ! i was primarily talking about when you build it , use caution as to not short the busbars , the arc will melt metal like a plasma cutter !
  7. just take your time and BE CAREFUL !!!
  8. wonder what's up with the 14.8v set point then ???? well then it sounds as if you'll be good to go
  9. by the way , if anyone is interested this guy in the video makes very good amp repair videos and is VERY knowledgable and explain things very well
  10. hopefully , if not , run your Headways at 14.8 , but buy new cells from BatteryHookup. https://batteryhookup.com/products/new-headway-38120-hp-3-2v-8ah-lifepo4-10-20-2020
  11. Lifepo4 is Lifepo4 , should not be charged above 14.6 whether it's a JYPower battery or a Headway bank , period . as with anything , always research things for your own knowledge . i myself , with what i've learned would never buy a pre-made battery bank from jy power, limitless, d4s, underground power, etc.. build a better bank out of Headways or LTO cells that will give you way more power reserve and output for a lot less money...
  12. Mechman makes a 240amp for your vehicle and i'm sure other alt companies can accommadate you . i have Crossfire XS-M 6.5'sin factory door location and XS -ST1 super tweeters (in A pillars) , will probably end up adding another pair of the 6.5's in the doors . been slowly getting it done !
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