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  1. best way if you are set on a port of that size is make the out of wood whether it be an octo port or round port . get your self a router , a circle jig and a couple sheets of MDF , some wood glue and brad nailer and have at it ... for a 10'' port , GP car audio sells a 10'' octo port https://gpcaraudio.com/gp-10-diy-stack-fab-octa-port/
  2. the ads are getting kinda annoying seeing as you have to close them as they are too big for their slot , they are covering part of the categories .
  3. one big advantage of going lithium is that you don't need a big alternator , just make sure you charge to around 15.3-15.8 for those Ying Long . your 270 will be fine
  4. that's why lug connections (with glue lined heat shrink) are the best for battery connections on battery terminal blocks ( especially on under hood batteries and battery deletes ) , the use of wire ferrules w/ glue lined heat shrink for amp inputs . tinned wire will also help too.
  5. you should be charging the bank to 15.3 - 15.8 volts ...
  6. 02Blazer

    Amp type

    what subs and ohm load ?
  7. remember , CCA is only good for voice coils !!!
  8. mounting lithium cells vertically is not a good idea as you put way too much stress on the cell bolts potentially causing leaking / venting cells and also cause the cells to rub against each other and cause them to short out ! i know mounting them like that saves you space but your asking for problems ..
  9. periodically check for corrosion for under hood battery connections , for lug connections always use glue lined heat shrink , for direct wire connections (set screw type) use a wire ferrule with heat shrink to better protect wire from moisture .
  10. Deaf Bonce AAK2000.5 , 130 watts x 4 rms @4ohm channel 5 -1 780 watts rms @ 1 ohm .. Crossfire C7 2200.6 5 channel amp - 125 watts rms @4 ohms channel 5 - 1500 watts @ 1 ohm
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