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  1. Seems like a larger crankshaft pulley would make every one of your accessories spin faster, reducing the life expectancy of all the accessories and robbing horsepower from engine.
  2. When the car is running, lowest ground is at the case of the alternator. When not running, it's at the negative terminal of the battery. Although when you exceed the amp draw from the alternator i have no idea what happens then.
  3. He was probably laughing at the last line in the paragraph.
  4. Do you use the i-pad for all the tuning and the i-phone for the music storage?
  5. Since its going to be the smd van, does that mean the whole thing is a tax writeoff?
  6. Yep im old school so back in the day only the real ballers had collosus 7 and 8 amps. I wasnt even close to being able to afford those.
  7. you guys are doing a good job on ebay, I bought my vu meter from you guys and it was shipped out the very next day. I did have to go to the post office to sign for it, which was annoying, but its right down the street from me.
  8. I dont think they make a passive radiator large enough or with enough excursion to be used in a 4th order. IMO waste of time.
  9. Look at michael vick, people act like he never did anything wrong nowadays.
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