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  1. sums up anything I do on facebook. yet the dumb bitch that posts a picture of her toenail get 37 likes and 90 comments
  2. For some reason i dont see it like that. back in the early 90's, they used to have these "postcard" 3D illusions for sale but i could never see it.. i wonder if its because im a genius like that? lol in all seriousness, maybe something is wrong with your eyes? sight perception off?
  3. just give me a certified driver please... fix the one you have before creating more betas. thanks
  4. no fucking shit! I thought I was the only one that couldn't read any of that.
  5. tried firefox.... suck. tried chrome... suck... then had to tweak registry for IE to work again because google liked to change shit and not change back when uninstalled. back to IE. never had a problem. (keep in mind this was a while ago. don't know what, if anything has changed.)
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