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    One of my biggest interests has been sound and its always trying to get the lowest bass to pop my brain :P
    My other interests are been a 100% committed family man to my son and Partner
    I have a passion to repair cars and make them look different

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  1. This the Design of the box that i made out of my old wardrobe I have build the box already but im going to be taking it apart to tidy it up and carpet it, i will have pictures of my system and cars up a.s.a.p 10" jbl 1000 watt subwoofer toxic 800 watt Amp 4 channels Kenwood USB headunit In my run around it has standard speakers My project car have Fli (by Vibe) Door speakers Vibe rectangle 6x9's (I use them as sub's) Vibe 4 gauge wiring Deep cycle yellow top battery
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