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Found 69 results

  1. Biggest car audio build in Finland, maybe even biggest one in Europe?? 300 000W, 28x15" etc 28x15" subwoofers in 4th order & 14x Soundigital SD12000.1d EVO2 16x12" mids & 4x Soundigital SD12000.1d EVO2 16x8" midranges & 8x SD1200.1d EVO2 12x horn tweeters & 2kw a/b class amplifier
  2. So I have an 1987 toyota Pickup/Hilux, regular Cab 2wd with a 5 speed transmission in it, was wondering if anyone knows if there is a prefab sub-box for behind the seat. Have a small wedge in there right now on a Clarion 10" sub, yes it isn't the most powerful thing out there that would fit but it was 100$ and it shakes the truck, but the box pushes into the seat a little making it not the most, comfortable ride ever. Great little A-B truck but not really the long road hauler I am looking for. Was wondering if anyone knew of a box or by chance has a box just laying around that fits right over the center trans tunnel in the cab. There is also the factory jack location as well but can easily remove that. looking for something that can fit a 10" piston sub. On an MB Quart FX1.700 amp. Power the sub nicely with extra in it if I ever want to upgrade. -Audio system- Pioneer head unit (bought used) Rockford prime 4" dash speakers Rockford prime 6X9 with boxes behind the seat Generic wedge box for 10" sub 10" Clarion piston sub MB Quart FX1.700 amp -Little demo of the system- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhH7x8_XszQ
  3. I just ordered two 12" Alpine Type R SWR-12D4 and a Hifonics Brutus Elite 2000.1. I need to build a box to fit in a 2000 Ford Taurus. I am fairly new to the car audio scene so I don't know how many hz to tune the box to or how hard it is. Just looking for a cut list and any suggestions on how I should build this.
  4. Hey guys I had a question about car audio builds and I figured what a better place to ask it then a forum dedicated to car audio and all that fun stuff. I just got rid of 2 12" Pioneers because I wanted to upgrade my system. I am looking for something within the $250-$400 price range as a whole. I drive a 1999 Lincoln Town Car, so the trunk has adequate space for a big set of speakers. I have a couple ideas of maybe what I want but i'm not sure which one would sound the loudest for the price. I was looking and I found a couple different setups I like, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post links or not but for my sake I will not unless notified I can. I want to get a 15" DVC Sub and A monoblock amp. Any suggestions? If I'm allowed to post links please let me know so I can show you what setups I was going to look into buying.
  5. i have a 2004 impala and im doing a trunk wall i know i have the airspace just need help with the box design please help
  6. hey guys here is a look at my home theater wall build figure it might intrest a few off you just finished up a bunch of renos i have been doing on my new condo i bought part 1 part 2
  7. This is going to be my first build. I am going to first upgrade the head unit, then i will add some mids and highs, then eventually subs. Current setup: Stock head unit Stock speakers (6x8) Considering the stock speakers are 6x8s, I will most likely have to re-do the entire door panels so I can fit 6.5s and tweeters. I am pretty new at this, but i have a good idea of what i am going to do.Will i have to re do the door panels if i want 6.5 speakers to fit? For a head unit, I would like to put in Pioneer DEH-2400UB, according to crutchfield.com it will fit. For Mids and Highs, I would like to put in 4 Selenium 6W4P and 2 Selenium ST200 tweeter. I dont know what amp to get, I was thinking about sundown or MB Quart. Once my camera is chargered and I am not busy i will post some pics. Stay tuned for more...
  8. Time lapsed my Gsub build last year planning on building another one some time soon.
  9. 86' cutlass walled with 4 15" SSA ZCONS on 4 Crescendo 3500's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfDHO7g8IZQ&feature=share&list=UUAdPEo7EM_i6vSzdXkfj7Xg
  10. your first one was deleted was that not hint enough?
  11. I have been following around on here for a few years now as a guest and finally decided to put something together recently. I have always had stereos in my vehicles but never to this extent. In high school about 10 years ago now I filled my trunk with (4) Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1Ds and I still have them to this day and they still work great in the car. I decided to put a system in the rusty Blazer finally since I have a buddy who is into car audio and goes to the competitions around here. It was funny for a while since everywhere I sat and bumped away, it left piles of rust! That seems to have slowed down now as a lot of it has fallen off. For my build I didn't want to spend too much but I wanted to go fairly big. I purchased: (2) Audioque HDC418s (4) Audiopipe APSM 1500s (two strapped per sub) (1) Audiopipe AP2004 (3) biggest Fleet Farm deep cycles I could find (2) 220 Amp Alternators (only one hooked up currently) All wiring from KnuKonceptz SMD DD-1 Pioneer MVH-8200BT (already had this) Kenwood Tweets Audiopipe 6.5s to replace the factorys (wasn't expecting a hole lot for the price but do just fine for what I want them for on high pass) I'm sure there is something I am missing, but all I can think of at the moment. The first day was ripping out all the interior and running my power wire as well as RCAs and remote wire. Three runs of positive and one for some extra ground: All back together: My first box: Our AQ mascot The alternator, have to take out the ac compressor and make up a bracket to put the second one in: The power: All up and running (8s in the cardboard boxes they came in!):
  12. Alrighty, gunna start an official build log for my Explorer. Got a lot of pictures to upload to get caught up to speed, but there is still more to add to the build, so follow!
  13. Probably going to be rebuilding to a series 6th. Issue is, no real T/S on my current subs (B2 XM v1 15 d0.5's) For those who have experience with series 6ths or know a thing or two, feel free to chime in. REAR - 13.6 @ 28Hz (138sq in of port) FRONT - 18.98 @ 58Hz (511sq in of port) Power is 2 12k's (not ran full tilt though, too much power, assume 4kw per sub) and they have like 60-70mm p2p excursion. Goal is to play down to 25 with authority and annihilate low 30's and play up to about 45-50 I want the baffle flat (loading 90+ lb woofers in a flat wall SUCKS). I can also get more volume, but would like the keep the width and length to 49 for the sake of MDF comes as 49 width pieces (makes making it easy)
  14. i am doing a semi budget build in a 1989 crx i dont want to ruin any of the plastics in this car so im wanting it all to come out very easily, this is the equipment i have now big 3 done with knukonceptz 0 guage, sky high car audio battery terminals,kicker 4 gauge running to the trunk, a optima yellow top knockoff from academy for my front battery, a xs power xp950 for my rear , a kenwood kdc-958hd, alprine type s door speakers,soundqubed hdc310 d1 on a t1500 Bdcp. i want to get a xs power 3400 for my front battery and another xp950, and another hdc310D1 on a soundqubed 3500 amp. Please be patient as i grab up all the components for this build.
  15. I just got another 9512 after my last one was stolen out of my truck about a month ago. The old one was in a pre-made box unfortunately. But I am going to build the box for this new one. I've heard a few different things on how much airspace it needs but I am still not 100% sure what is correct. I have a 2800 watt db drive monoblock amp and I have tons of space to use. Does anyone know what will produce the best sound quality and be the loudest at around 32Hz? I want very "boomy" bass. Thanks. All suggestions welcomed
  16. New to the forums and figured i would show off the stealth build i did. so this was the before problem is i needed to save space so i could do a trip across canada and at the same time needed some clean tunes so the final result was a pioneer avh-8400 kicker ks6x8 in the doors alpine mrp-f250 alpine mrp-m450 jl 10w3 audio integration stealth box mounted the amps off the top deck i have tons of videos on my youtube channel if your interested just look up ghostlyrich on youtube. hope you guys like it, I know its not very bassy but i love the sound it produces
  17. Hello, I'm new here so please inform me if at any point i'm doing something that is against forum rules. The Basics: Vehicle- 1993 Chevy Silverado 1500 General- This will not be an epic world record build in any way. I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering so both time and money is limited. I try to do the best with what resources I have and can afford. On the side I have installed numerous sound systems for fellow university students. Majority of it being prefab that people simply have me install. I have also built a number of custom sealed boxes, and a small handful of ported ones for people to use. I have fiber glassed once and I learned the hard way through trial and error. This is my first aero/circular port build. I have too many hobbies and not enough time or money. I appreciate all feedback positive or negative as long as it is indeed feedback with suggestions and not just slandering. I WILL BE ASKING LOTS OF QUESTIONS AND SEEKING ADVICE! Gear- I understand I could have done better with some used things, but the majority of products used are all things I had laying around or left over from other people changing thr minds. Headunit- Alpine 9886 Amps- Soundstream 120.4 Granite (old school) Soundstream Tarantula TX1.2000D Considering a second Soundstream Tarantula TX1.2000D Speakers- Front: Polk db461 -scratched due to mounting depth Front: Infinity reference 4x6 6422cfp Rear: MB Quart 6.5 Subs- TWO 15" Subs NEW that are cheap subs and I got them even cheaper, its a start... Plan to run them inverted Specs are as follows: Fs(Hz): 23.4 Qms: 6.589 Vas(ft3): 5.451 Xmax(mm): 15.3 Xmech(mm): 22.95 Qes: .84 Re(ohm): 4 Voice Coil: Dual 2ohm V.C. Diameter(in): 2.5 Rms: 1200 Max: 2800 Qts: .745 1w/1m SPL(db): 85.6 Overall Diameter(in): 15.75 Overall Height(in): 9.375 Mounting depth(in): 8.5 Wire- Knukonceptz KCA 1/0 Knukonceptz distribution block 2 (0 Gauge) to 3 (4/8 Gauge) Battery- Tsunami Side Post long adapters OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS, what is a inexpensive battery upgrade from stock? Anyone know of a kit for dual battery in the engine bay on my truck, ik specific models offered it ALT- Suggestions BIG 3- Wiring done Box Dimensions- Two separate boxes. Width: 21.25 Depth: 17.5 Height: 16.75 V: 2.57477ft^3 4" aero ports I forgot the exact length apprx. 7" Tuning to 35Hz I will post lots of pics! Due to time constraints I will devote Saturday evenings to the build and try to get updates that night, currently I have spent a few hours over two weekends on the build.
  18. 2003 lancer will have two 12" Dc level 4 with a 5.0k amp once fully get the new system will post photos of the old shit intake my ride new box is in but not completed yet, I am owner of disturbing the peace car audio in kelowna Canada everyone hit us up as well on Facebook At (Facebook.com/disturbingthepeacecaraudio)
  19. My first build log, hope you guys like it. Please tell me if you guys like it, what else i should do, give me ideas i know its not the best system right now, i've just started this so give me a break plz haha
  20. Okay so its time to start writing up a build log for my F-150. Gonna be a bit slow, but it will get there. It'll be going through "stages" but eventually it will be full awesomeness!! Working part-time (if you can even call it that) The victim: 2000 F-150 5.4 Extended Cab (111k miles on body, 40k on motor) Current Equip: -Pioneer HU Single DIN -Front Doors: MB Quart Discus 6.5 (Not amped) -Rear Doors: Infinity Reference 6x9 (Not amped) -Subwoofers: 2 Kicker CVR 12" -Seperate Boxes: Birch built to 2.9 cu ft tuned to 30hz (Built them for the eventual upgrade The Planned: -Pioneer Double Din or Alpine Single DIN (Dunno yet, not too worried) -Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Tablet -Crescendo PWX 6.5 all around -Crescendo Super Tweets -Sky High Car Audio -FIBERGLASS EVERYWHERE -Crescendo Amps -Fi SSD Subwoofers
  21. so I'm planning on throwing a battery in the back with the system. it will be a 2500 watt amp. so what battery should i purchase from XS power? any help is greatly appreciated.
  22. hi guys im looking for some high quality, loud, 6x9s and tweeters for my car. Im throwing a 1200 watts of face blasting bass in the back and i need to be able to hear my music clearly while bumping. Any suggestions? the budget is around $100-$150 for tweets, and the $100-$150 for the 6x9s
  23. Finally started a new project im my "new" car! 1998 Omega B My plan is to keep building a bit over the winter and spring to get ready for next years car and car audio meets/competitions. This Isn't an spl oriented build as I want it to play low and awesome with a clear front stage, but I'll still do my best with what I end up getting. I'll be participating at least What I get as far as equippment will be revealed as I get it. I have a plan, but I might change my mind so I won't say anything just yet! What I am clear on so far is that I'm rebuilding my front doors, and that's where I'll start this project. The doors will house two 6.5"s each and I'll have a pair of tweets in either the a-pillars or in stock location if it'll fit. To begin with I'll see if my Tang Band speakers might work in a car, so you'll se those in the pics. So lets get to building This is what I have to work with Behind the panel and plastic Teardown ¨ Theese are the different parts the doors consists of, partly screwed and glued The glue was sto strong so I couldn't just pull the old fabric off On the bright side the resin etc. should get a good grip on this, might drill a few holes as well Theese are the parts I'll be altering, the rest will be left stock After I have my plan of attack, I'll get to making some speaker "rings" Made a little sketchup drawing to figure out my dimentions I spent som time making the first piece When it's done I'll use it as a template to make the others. This is much easier with the right tools so I made my own little thrown together router table Then I made the ruff cuts Put on some double sided tape Then let the flush trim bit do it's job Theese will be the outer rings. I used a rabbeting bit to get my desired inner diameter This is how they ended up with a little 45 for good looks 45'd the rear of the speaker holes Done, just need to be glued together Checking fitment The depth is alowing me to add some sort of speaker grille Just enough clearance for vinyl http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i326/Sondre_Tveit/Stereo/20140905_155205_zpsepgts3sx.jpg That's all I have for now! There will be updates as I make progress
  24. Hey everyone i am new to the site and forum i was wondering if anyone could help me out with any knowledge they have on the subject. I am building a custom build for my truck which is a 2000 silverado extended cab, and i cant find anything out there on what im looking for exactly. my goal is to build a ported box to specs for 4 Alpine 1043D subwoofers i would like the box to be ported and as loud as possible. I have a Rockford Fosgate t1500-1bdcp that is going to power the whole system and was wondering if anyone has any ideas on a box that would fit my truck preferably on the bench seat in the back but i can take the bench out if push come to shove please help out if you can. Thanks. 517 Audio
  25. Here we go! Finally started my build! Whats going into it--- 2 American bass XFL D2 12s 1 Audiopipe 1800.1 American Bass AK4 wiring kit JVC KD-HDR61 head-unit Some aftermarket Pioneer 6x9 in the rear And stock doors for the time being haha I know I won't be doing everything right but this is my first build and I will be adding onto it as I go! Now for pics! My 1994 Pontiac Gran Prix Got the pieces of the box all cut out. (Thanks Joe X!) Just to take a look. 4,6 cubes tuned to 32Hz Gluing, screwing, and sanding! Got as much done as I could until tomorrow. That is all for now. I work today and school ends today so tomorrow I plan to have it almost all done! More pics tomorrow!
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