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Found 28 results

  1. Hi guys so basically I was wondering if I could use the SMD sunflash alone and on its own (no matting no paint) on the outside of my box to offer protection from the elements of rain ice and snow or if I should just use some standard polyurethane for this? I'm not very familiar with paint products but if I did use the Sunflash resin over the polyurethane my understanding is that there is no mixing required, it is ready to be applied straight out of the can but I do have a few questions/concerns regarding its use... (1)should I sand or prep the smooth MDF wood prior to applying the first coat of resin? (2)should I lightly sand the resin between coats? (3)how many coats should I apply for it to withstand direct exposure to water and moisture? (4)is it best to be rolled or brushed on? (5)how much will a gallon cover on average (6)Lastly does this stuff tend to dry clear or cloudy? Thanks to everyone who took the time to address my needs here and offer any tips experience or advice all input is greatly appreciated!
  2. I'm not a pro in this area so please be patient. I recently had my sub installed at a shop in my area along with an amp and a lc7i. Whenever I crank the volume up I get this low rumbling sound from the sub. It makes this noise even when there is no bass in the music I'm listening to (i.e. intro, outro). However, it doesn't make this noise while the music is paused. When I looked in my trunk i noticed that they ran all of my signal cables with my power and ground, so I figure there's a ground issue. I went back to have it looked at and the guy told me that since my car is so small it will make that noise due to the amount of bass that I have, and if it was in the trunk of a small car instead of the back of an suv I wouldn't hear it. None of this sounds correct to me, am I correct in assuming that he was just being lazy? I also noticed that my bass knob does not turn my amp all the way off. When the knob is all the way down I can still hear my sub, just at a much lower volume. Is this normal? Oh yeah, due to my sub being a 2ohm and my amp not being 1ohm stable I am forced for now to operate at a 4ohm load. This is only pushing 750 watts to a sub that 1100 watts is recommended for. The instructions say that I can safely power it with 500-1200 watts rms. Could this be a contributing factor? 2009 BMW X3 single Kicker Comp Q 15 Kicker ZXS1500.1 Audiocontrol LC7i
  3. I was running subs today at about 1/2 volume of max . My system has been tuned with the dd1. No eq or bass boost everything set flat and 0. Today with volume lower then usual... I heard a noise that was a loud buzz sound and then it sounded like a slinky hitting a wall. I immediately pulled over and the sub was still playing just not as loud. I pushed on the front and I can feel the coil rubbing. The sub was not hot or overheating. I had an old JL audio blow before but it usually would be super hot and have dust/smoke coming out the holes. This sub is a newer w3v3 that I have had for less then a year and purchased as a pair. The other is completely fine. When I put the multimeter on it, it read open but when I move it, it jumps around in Ohms alot. Could someone enlighten me or what may of happen? Is it blown or did the suspension go on it?? I plan to get it repaired by JL because they charged a flat rate repair of $150 on w3v3s. Both tinsel leads look perfectly fine and the spyder is untouched. From within the cone I can feel the whole shape of the coil pressing forward.
  4. How do I fit this thing in my truck without taking up half the back seat lol.. Every custom box made for this model only fits 10s and 12s. Ideas??
  5. Up for sale is my Audison LRx 2.9. Really don't want to part ways with it but I'm not using it and could use the cash. Asking $450 shipped conus. Bad ass 2 channel here capable of 450x2 at 2ohm of a/b goodness. An amazing amp that anyone should love to have. Mechanical. 10/10. Amazing performance. Physical. 8.5-9/10. No actual dings but some slight scuffs on the top along one edge I think you can kind of see in the pic And some slight mounting scratches on the bottom, if anyone wants more pictures, just let me know. I have all original packaging I believe. Box, manual, end cap covers. http://www.audison.eu/download.php?file=assets/p_1315389315_audison_LRx2_9_tech_EN.pdf&name=lrx_2.9_tech_sheet
  6. long time not here ..and some video and audio edit by me..... and here r some EPIC DRUMSTEP sounds ... mostly for good systems ...as mids & highs get nasty ...as so as 34-50Hz range .. be aware SICK sounds workin on MP3 download ...
  7. I was wondering what are some ways in which I can get better sound out of my mids in my door. Car is a 95 Trans Am, the JL Audio mids and tweeters are in the factory locations. I have seen some people using polyfill and I have seen some people use deadening. What all can I do to seal up the door as good as possible so I get the best response from my mids?
  8. When a person makes kickpanel pods or door pods to add a midbass driver, how does the small internal air space of the pods affect the midbass on the speaker. Some times it is hard enough to get midbass out of the door speaker with much more air space. I could see the small air space playing a bigger factor when people add larger 8" drivers for midbass that would take up even more room inside the chamber.
  9. i really wanna both stop vibration and sound in my front doors (walled and sealed from Bpiller back so i only need front done), i have 200ft^2 of the 110mill GTmat extreme stuff to use but i was wondering if it would be more effective to some how fill the whole inside of the door with either small or big gap filler (expanding foam) to both add stiffness to both the outside and inside panels while all the small air pockets will stop noise and heat/cold..... any thoughts? has it been done before? ideas on how to make it no stick to window while not ruining the window up and down function? in addition to that will doubling, tripling or more of the gt mat deadner be a much bigger difference then just 1 layer?
  10. Hi guys. New here and from the UK so bare with me! (Are there many people from the UK on here??) I have a basic sound system in my Hyundai Tiburon. Headunit: Pioneer DEH-X8500BT Sub amp: Pioneer GM-D9601 Component amp: Maystar QXT275 Sub: Alpine Type R 12" D4 Components: Infinity 6530cs components The components are in the stock locations, held by self tapping screws lol, and tweeters are hot glue gunned into place haha! The sub is in a custom ported box, specced for an Ascendant Audio Havoc (which I'd like to purchase when funds allow) made for me by [email protected] TeamSPB (based in West London) I do have plans to upgrade.. As I'd like matching amps possibly from the SPL Dynamics range.. and if funds allow a set of Gladen Audio components. I have set my gains by ear with all sound enhancing settings turned to FLAT, 0 or OFF (except HPF and LPF on HU both set at 80hz) and I don't know, I'm not 100% sure I'm making the most of my system; mostly down to set up! My question and point of this thread is, how do you guys with simple set ups like me set up your EQ? I have access to a iPhone RTA app... if thats any help haah! On your HU what do you do with the following? Sound Retriever? Off, 1 or 2? Loudness? Off, low, mid, or high? Bass Boost? (Off I know, but open to ideas?) I only have a 5 band EQ on my HU.. Where should I start? Any advice would be great guys! Thanks Naj
  11. I was talking to a friend and he said he had two blown db Drive K5 12's. I figured this would be a great time to do my first recone. I looked online and Brandonbkd suggested to use a SoundQubed re-cone kit. They are pretty cheap at $55 a piece.
  12. Hi guys, I freshly installed my 3sixty.3, everything works, all wiring is correct no bad grounds whatsoever Remote out and in delay is set to 4 seconds, and still when I switch off, I hear a loud pop sound. What could this be? Please assist! Thanks!
  13. So I was driving down the road with the music cranked and all of a sudden I heard a pop and all sound shut off. Nothing coming from my amps or the head unit outputs. But the head unit was still on. So I pulled over and nothing was in protect, I popped the faceplate off and put it back on and everything worked fine. Any ideas on why it did this. Its a pioneer deh-150mp. Thanks.
  14. soon to be LOTS of pics... start this a few days ago. i built a prototype awhile ago but looked like shit, so this is the FINAL concept with the built in amp and even some lights. not the best picture taker, sorry. and some are working at night with poor lighting. pictures of the starting holes for the dual dayton RS100-4 speakers. also shows my HAND MADE circle jig able to cut holes up to 40" in diameter
  15. SO, my old system got jacked. 2 audiobahn aw1206t's on a rockford pd.1000.1 amp. SO, its time to upgrade. getting 4 Audiobahn 15's and possibly a DD amp around 5k watts. the PROBLEM is this and simply this.. i drive a hyundai TIBURON!! lol. if any of you have been in one, space is an issue when trying to make a baddass build lol. i know ill need 14-16 cubic ft of bax space for 4 15's. Im thinkin on a wall with a pyramid shaped port in the middle. box starting behind front seats of course lol. BUT, does anyone have any other ideas to put into consideration? being in a really bad neighborhood with ALOT of thefts, im kinda worried about putting 4 15's in easy sight through any of the front windows lol. any help would be appreciated.
  16. ok so i bought this memphis mojo5 12" used the guy i got it from said there was nothing wrong with it and that it only had a few hours on it and when i got it i believed him because it looked brand new so i hooked it up it was making a popping sound so i took it back out and was looking at it and not everytime but every once in a while when i would push down evenly on the cone it would pop very loudly like in this video i checked the ohms on both coils and they are both where they should be and i cant smell a burnt coil. So obviously i was pissed and called the guy that sold it to me and he said that it forsure had nothing wrong with when he had it. The guy works at a car audio shop and seems like a good guy and he is trying to help me figure out what happened and after i sent him the vid he said that it seems like the pole could have shifted if ups dropped it. Does anybody know what the sound is caused by?
  17. Hi Forum, This is my first post and SQ build ever so i need some guidence and help please. I drive a 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer ES Sport which currently has Infinity Kappas on the doors with stock wires and some BS dual deck which works like crap. im looking into redoing the whole audio with monster cable for speaker wire and second skin CLD (first layer) then MLV (second layer) and finally put down some CCF (third layer) for max luxury feel and quietness (so i think and was told on DIYMobileAudio.com) please let me know if this is overkill and a waste of money or would the end result justify the work and money. the system im thinking is as follow please advice if changes should be made. Car Audio Setup 1 Kenwood KDC-X997 $259.00 1 Alpine MRX-F65 $259.00 1 Alpine MRX-M110 $279.00 1 Alpine RUX-KNOB $28.00 1 PAC SWI-RC $43.99 2 JL Audio 10W3v3-4 $329.98 1 JBL MS-62C (front) $299.99 1 Infinity Kappas (back) $0.00 $1,498.96 1 0 Gauge Dual Amplifier Installation Kit $69.99 1 NVX XWS1250 (12ga speaker Wire) $79.99 $149.98 $1,648.94 Thank you so much! *edit - Forgot to mention i plan to build two separate Fiberglass sub boxes on each side of the trunk for maximun trunk space saving and stealthiest look.
  18. put my two dayton audio 18's on the family boat for a day on the water! any one else done stuff like this? or have a legit boat sound system?
  19. I am contemplating to add a small full range amplifier such as the Clarion XC1410 D-Class 4-Channel Amplifier somewhere up in the front of my 2004 ford explorer to add a little more power to my full range. I currently have Rockford P1683 speakers in all the doors running off a pioneer deh-80prs. I was slightly disappointed by the sound quality of this setup and was wondering if this amp would increase the sound quality that is coming from these speakers. I have found the highs to be very sharp and was wondering if some of the low end of these speakers are lacking because the head unit is not putting out enough power (14 watts rms) to fully utilize the low end. What is your opinion on adding this small amp to the setup. I was hoping to add this either in a space somewhere in the dash so i do not have to rerun speaker wire to all the door speakers again.
  20. Considering upgrading my entry-level pioneer DEH-14UB Head Unit IF it will make a notable difference in output or sound mainly in my sub-stage going with a upper-class pioneer, kenwood or alpine deck with 4-6v pre-outs. Tell me what do you guys think? I already have the entry-level pioneer wired up to a clarion MCD-360 crossover with 5v max output voltage so am I really going to notice a big difference in the bass production from the subs or no?? Any and all input is appreciated thanks:)
  21. i just finished my door panel and i install 8 Sound-stream SME-804 i hook them all up to a old rf p850.4 bridged 4 ohms too 2 channels the problem is my 4 6.5 pwx on 40 watts are louder then all 8 8s lol . why and is it, bc crescendo pwx are really good and very sensitive. or was sound stream a horrible choice, not enough power? .......... idk what u guys think btw the pwxs are on a power crap 4 channel amp i got for 10 bucks the reason i went with sound stream was bc they where on sale should have went with the prvs to late.
  22. My friend gave me a KLH BassBite II 6.5 inch sub. It is not in a box. I want to hook it up to my home receiver but can't find any specs on the speaker itself. Please help
  23. Good day all. I have an odd issue. On some bass notes there is no audio, just massive shaking. No deep audio tone, just a-lot of vibration. The whole truck shakes, windows rattle, mirror is violently shaking, but no audible bass. Most other bass hits strong and hard. Could this be a Sub-Sonic adjustment? Spec's 2004 Dodge RAM QC (550HP 392HEMI) Avic930BT, MB-Quart ONX4.125 & ONX1.1500D, Two 12" Kicker CVX Subs in a Ported FOX BOX (link below), 0 & 2AWG power / Ground lines. link to Fox Box http://www.foxacoustics.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=DQC-212-V Thanks for your input.
  24. My cousin has a Jensen Head unit, flip up style, and for some random reason, the other day he said his door speakers quit working altogether, however his subwoofers still play music. The car is a 2007 Ford Focus. His door speakers have never been on an amp. The radio still has power, like I said, the subwoofers still play, and they're tied into an amp from the back of the unit. Any ideas what could be causing this at random? Please let me know. Thank you.
  25. been trying to design a slot ported box for a Cadence S3W15-D2. right now its in a small sealed prefab bout 1.5-19cuft I tried using BB6 and winisd but no option for slot port. also I don't have all the parameters for this sub. I have a flier with a lot of info on it u can find it here or here. they recommend a 2.75cuft ported with a tuning frequency of 45Hz.I think that's proly a lil higher than wut im looking for. so I called cadence to see wut else they might recommend for me. i said i love the output but i want it to be cleaner sounding. I told em I wanted to get a lil bit lower with the low lows. lol. I was told a 2.8-3.5cuft sealed box is wut I would want. info i received from matt at cadence that wasn't listed approx: "xmax peak to peak=1.7in displacement=.15 approx." Im not sure that's what i want, cause I like the sound of a ported box. So i used these calculations to determine a box size that may be suitable. here is my results vas=61.772 qts=.440 fs=35.465 vb=20*.440^3.3*61.772 vb=82.2650736474 fb=(61.772/82.2650736474)^0.31*35.465 fb=32.4510368418 f3=(61.772/82.2650736474)^0.44*35.465 f3=31.2646434208 so based on these calutaions i used torres to get approx dimensions for everything. then used sketchup to model it. im not one hundred percent this is how it should be constructed. anyway this is what i have come up with since Monday. do u think this box will work? did i f it up some where? what would u recommend?
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