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  1. Why is your ground wire much smaller than your positive wire?
  2. i had 2 15's in there no back seat did a 153.x db drag style 152.8 meca style at 42 hz I am trying to retain my back seat for now, we will see how long that lasts.
  3. I have an older Panasonic head unit you can have for free. It doesn't have a USB port but at least it lights up.
  4. I sold a ap15001d today, profited a little on that, I took the 12's out, removed the capacitor, put the 15's in left the remaining ap15001d and wired the two 15's at 1ohm. I replaced the capacitor with a vmax charge tank. It's only the ct800 which is a little small for my setup but it's better than nothing and I'm still not really turning it up too high for now. I replaced the 250amp under hood ANL with a 150amp ANL because I removed one amplifier. I'll probably pick up the aqx3500.1 Saturday and just keep the gains down under I get the alternator.
  5. 250amp under good near battery then 100amp inline of each amplifier so far. Voltage is was noticeably more stable just upgrading the fuse.
  6. Only thing is a local dealer has a great sale price on the new amp do I'm going to jump on it. I keep my voltage above 13.5 with really conservative gains as is and I don't even really turn it up very often. I'm keeping it safe before something bad happens lol. I'm aware of the consequences. I did however notice a voltage improvement by switching out from a 100amp maxi fuse under good to a 250amp ANL fuse.
  7. Incorrect. An ap30001d is two internally strapped ap15001d's. Also, the ap30001d is not 1 ohm stable. The Aqx3500.1 is a much better amplifier from what I've been reading, and is much better built. If you bothered to do the math, (ap15001d x2 = ap30001d not 3500.) Thanks.
  8. Today I came across a steal on Craigslist. I picked up two dual 4 ohm 15" t1's in a box with a power acoustik 2000 watt amp and 12v mini battery for stupid cheap. I'll be selling my 12" t1's my ap15001d's and the power acoustik amp and upgrading to an Audiopipe aqx3500.1 and probably an alternator next month. I'll be adding a battery in the rear AND the mini 12v battery. I'll post the model number on the mini 12v later I didn't really look at it too much. Thanks again for all your guys input.
  9. From what I've gathered if you don't run the same two batterys you need an isolator. I just want that confirmed or denied so I can make a purchase.
  10. Will I need a Battery isolator if I run one optima red top and one optima yellow top together?
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