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  1. How about a horn? Foster built a single p2 10 horn the sounded waaaaay louder with the hatchback open than closed. Maybe it would get the dB's your looking for?
  2. I WANT 6 10's RIGHT NOW, Lol Glad these were released! Looking forward to hearing them soon!
  3. Well things might hav just changed for me a bit... Still might got the 4 15's eventually, but i just picked up 6 Kicker Round Solo Baric 10's for $100. lol So im thinking about building another 4th order for these, then switch them out for the E 10's when i Have the Cash. My Wagon has more than enough room, for a box that size, just not sure if i can keep it below the window line. Anybody know if the E10's will be going on sale any time soon?
  4. The SQ of the Bass Is what im going for, even over the Mids and Highs. After a LOOOONG Night at a Rave, you ear gets very in turn with the Bass and exactly when and how the note is meant to hit. when it doesnt, it get irritating. I also enjoy how the Bass "wraps" around you VS. Punches you. And i have found its easier to get that feeling with Higher OHM Load. Not to say its not possible other ways, this just seams to be the easiest. I wish i could explain my Reasoning better, Lol. Plus when I upgrade in the future, I will already have the Power Needed.
  5. Does anybody have a build on him? What is the best way for me to get the 4 E-15's running at RMS with the Lowest OHM Load?
  6. I do not currently have an amp yet. What would you recommend? A couple of 2 Channel 2000's? Running one channel per sub?
  7. Thats all im going for is Sounds qulity! Now.... With the above configuration, how big should i make the box? How many cubes per sub? I would love to do a 4th order, but I think i wont be giving them enough power for how small a 4th design i would need.
  8. I actually plan on running them at 4Ohm's, and the amp low. I don't want to have to replace an amp down the road. So i can run it low and make it last l I want the SQ over the DB.
  9. Hey guys, SO im starting to piece together goodies for my first wall. 1990 Civic Wagon C-piller Wall. 4 15's on a 5k ~240 Amps plus all the needed upgraded electrical/ Batteries and ELD switch. The Goal for the build is for SQ Mainly. But obviously i want to at least do a 50. Lol The car will most likely never enter a competition. 75/25% Dubstep/Rap Center Slot port Tuned to about 32-33hz. I wanted to go 4th order, but i just dont have the room....i Dont think. lol Im starting out on a budget, but im looking at the possibility of a quick woofer upgrade in about 6 Months (x4 NS-15 im hoping) Would the E-15 Woofer be a good choice for my wall? Its seems to be the best woofer for the price at the moment. i have always loved the sounds of sundowns product, and always admired their quality. Ive had the Sa-8's, SA-10' SA-15', and NS18. Plus ive heard the E-12's and the E-10's, and those pound really good for the Price! I hope the heard the good news from you soon! lol And Hoping to heard you will be putting the SA-15's on sale so i can buy 4 of those instead!
  10. A proper T-Line will be QUITE louder to the ear with windows down, Try the TL with the door opposite side of the port on, it will get LOUD!
  11. WOW! these things are just... wow. a 133 on music... what style? Sealed on the dash? or what? Because T-line need the air to get loud. Its like a horn, and its needs the extras wavelength one it leaves the box to really get up in DB. My 12' Line was more than twice as loud with just driver window down than sealed. and more than twice as loud as THAT once i drop the passenger window. But it was loudest to me when it was passenger window up, driver door open. Man that 1 12 made quite a little wind tunnel!
  12. HOLY CRAP! I just realized he is doing that in MY car! 90-91 Ef Civic Sedan! It means there is hope for me to be loud yet!!
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