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  1. Super nice man, honestly I love how you even took care of the little part that connects to the sill plate. That right there shows a level of detail that isn't matched.
  2. Guys watch Tony D'Amore's other videos to see why the distortion light is on. The Jeep has an issue with the headunit doing some stupidly low distortion at medium to high volume. But the distortion wouldn't effect the runs because every run was done exactly the same, so if it threw off one run it would do every run.
  3. Did they have anything covering the speakers in the kick when he picked it up or were they exposed like in the pics? Also we need pics of the motor in this bad boy LOL
  4. I changed a 6 foot piece of 4 awg to 1/0 awg from distribution block to amp and gained around 100 Watts on the 2 ohm run!! That is the stuff dealers need right there. Wow your kidding, 100 watt gain is ridiculous. And that is something you would have probably Never found without the AD-1. I hope some of these guys realize what a huge deal that little gain is, it just goes to show how many little gains can be found and I know not everyone is going to be able to put one in their garage but even if I can't go back to work I'm going to see if our team can throw a fund raiser and stack some cash for one.
  5. There are just so many scenarios where this tool would be beneficial, something like this could do wonders for even your most basic of installs. Or say a customer comes in and you can show them how a simple amp upgrade could make their entire system like brand new. I thought that the DD-1 was an exciting tool and I freaking love mine. For some of the younger guys or guys who couldn't afford an O-scope it was a chore setting some of them up and before hand helds I had a gigantic monster on a cart we had to wheel around. So not gonna lie unless it was a big install we tuned by ear LOL. Now with the DD-1 or AD-1 it's made our jobs easier and protected customers investments. Your mind is amazing Tony. Oh wow did I just have one of my Dad's "back in my day" moments? LOL
  6. This would be the ULTIMATE tool in any shop. I would use this for everything, from showing customers their junk amp really doesn't do 1000 watts to tuning systems. After all my treatments are done and I get back to work I'm defiantly making a presentation to the owner to get one of these as a selling tool. Even though it's going to be more of an install tool for me lol.
  7. Not all shops do work like this, unfortunately the only time we see a shops work is when it is like this. I guarantee the over 7 thousand remote starters or just regular head unit speaker installs that I've done will never be posted on line. Hell I don't think I've ever taken pics of 90% of my installs just because I always had another car waiting lol.
  8. Wow, that is just disgusting man. Can't wait to see it when it's done. Those door panels were horrible, I honestly can't believe a shop did that. I would of quit or been fired for turning out that kind of garbage even if it did only take me 3 hours. Oh and bro can you pm me your cell number and email addy, purty pls
  9. Damn I love how the blue XS pops against the rest of the red led's. It looks freaking amazing!! Oh hey did you ever figure out a way to mount the part you were telling me about? I'm dieing of curiosity to see it lol.
  10. freaking sweet except for the teeth and inside of the mouth, but other than that you could never freaking tell it wasn't real
  11. Very awesome again Tony, I know how I'm going to spend my night. Popcorn, soda and Tony on youtube lol
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