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  1. My cousin has one of these, they drive/ride like a dream and that 6.2L is a beast. Congrats on the sweet ride and the 800!
  2. My dad said he used to hook his DJ setup up in his Chevy Luv truck with a Punch150 on the way to/from DJ gigs lol.
  3. Very nice. Quite a lot of room in there to have no slide outs, looks like they utilized ALL of that 26'x8.5'. I dig the ceiling mount TV and the onboard generator. Wish all campers had the generator.
  4. I use 48db slopes on the 3sixty.3 but it's all dependent on the speakers and what you think sounds better. I don't like a lot of overlap in frequencies so I crossed everything over with 48db slopes. This also let me cross my tweeters over a little lower to get some high mids out of my 6.5's.
  5. Forgot to add they are CREE leds PM otw bro When did you get that? or have you had that. The car that is Bought this a few weeks ago man Mind dropping me that PM?
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