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  1. I got the new RCAs and that didnt seem to help but I just tried an aux to rca adapter and ran some tones straight from my phone to the amp and it is WAY better. I can actually see the sub move now. So do you guys think a line booster would be my saving grace or should I start searching for a new headunit? Appreciate all your help.
  2. Gotcha. I have tried everything besides the new rcas and maybe headunit. I am getting consistent voltage to the amp, 12.5 all around the power and grounds, checked the sub vc's and wiring equals 1 ohm to the amp. I don't know what else to check so I will wait for my new rcas in the mail and if that doesnt work I may have to get an entirely new deck.
  3. I watched and followed multiple videos, I am not. I am going to wait for the wire to do the big 3 upgrade and maybe some new battery terminals.
  4. So I did another try with my gains and the DMM and found that with help from the bass boost settings in my h/u eq I can get to 31 volts with only about 20% gain. I also made sure I was getting the full 2V out of the h/u and I am. Something about it still just doesnt sound right at all. The sub moves more but not by much. I am starting to really regret ever wanting to upgrade.
  5. That is what I did. Sorry if I didnt state it clearly. I didn't put in the speaker wire to the sub and put the leads in the amp speaker terminals. Also, I am seeing that the RCA preouts on these new headunits are also 2V...
  6. So I havent done any of the big 3 or other upgrades but I followed a video on how to set gains with the DMM and with following that perfectly, setting vol to 3/4, all eq and settings flat and off and dmm leads in speaker outputs on amp. With a 40 hz tone and the gain all the way up it only got to 12 volts. I need 31ish. I think the line booster is a must. As well as the other things.
  7. Ok. I am looking at line drivers right now. My amp input sensitivity is 6V ~ 0.2V. I have never used a line driver before but Ill try that. I'll also be ordering more wire for a big 3 upgrade. Thank you.
  8. So after wiggling my deck out of my dash I got my model # and it looks like my preamp outs are 2V. Is this my whole issue and if so, what are my options?
  9. Ok i will try out the dmm tomorrow. My power and ground are 0 ga. My last system was much weaker and was installed by a shop years ago so i have a feeling i will need to do all these upgrades to get the power im expecting. These are my battery terminals, the power was just ran from the small stud and there is nothing added to the negative stud. Can i just add a 0 ga from the neg to the chassis and try that? Otherwise I'll have to order more to do the entire big 3, which i will at some point.
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