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  1. Will they take me? Yes that is a question, a question that don't make no since...?
  2. ahh i never thought about gettin 3 lv3s...i think ill do that, and i am worring abt how much power i run if ima be competing, cuz i wannt push dc's to their full potential, i dnt wanna show up at competition knowing i can get more out of the sub...
  3. well aint that what u just said? cuz of impendence rise when you wire a sub to 1 ohm, it is closer to seeing the 2 ohm load of the amp?
  4. ahh that makes since...so then in that case if i wire the lv3s to 1 ohm and cuz of impendence rise it will the closer to a 2 ohm load that the amp it putting out, therefore i could wire 1 aq2200D to each 15 and it would run okay, correct?!?
  5. lol well i wanna be the guy that figures it out and makes millions lol jkjk n now that someone actually explained it then it makes since, you cant fix it because music shanges frequencies, but if you do tone test then you can fix it because the frequency doesnt change...now that wasnt to hard to do huh?
  6. then how can people say "ya im running 4400 watts RMS" if their nt seeing full power?!?
  7. ya im kinda dumb at this, judge me if you want bt everything i know i have taught myself soo...
  8. well their all sayin that i wont get the full 2200 RMS wats per Amp cuz box rise, i jst dont understand how i wont see the true power but someone else with the exact same amps will?!?
  9. okay then why would it cause me to lose power but nobody else?!? that dnt add up in my head!?!?
  10. lol umm okay then, how do you fix "Box Rise" or prevent it or whatever you wanna call it?!?
  11. k and im not worried abt voltage drop, i have a friend thats getting 4 400A alternators sponsored to him so hes giving me his old 300A alternator and ill have a XS Power D3100 battery in the back
  12. ya but i dont have the money to be buying subs jst to see what they can handle, n aftr i blow them cuz nobody will help me on what they can take then i would have to buy another 200$+ sub...trust me if i had the money i would of already baught em and tried to blow em...im trying to find the loudest route for the money that i do have..
  13. Cuz u guys r getting tired of me asking y'all questions...
  14. Way abt if I gt the lv4 upgrade, think they cld take 2200 each?
  15. Okay I'm wanton to get 2 lv 3 15s, and I have a audioque aq2200d amp, think they can handle 1100 watts rms?
  16. Hey anyone know how far these subs can take abuse, like I want the 2 lv3 15s and I have a aq2200d amp, will they Handel that?
  17. which would be louder/move more air/score higher on termlab, 4 lv2 12s, 2 lv3 15s or 1 xl 18 on 2.2k?
  18. okay so i have a 1999 chevy blazer and i am buying a dc xl 18 and ill be running 2.2k RMS to it walled in the back, so im just woundering a estamate of db yall think ill hit or be around..
  19. hey guys, idk if i can do this or not but wat db you think ill hit with one xl 18 on 2200 watts RMS in a chevy blazer walled in the back
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