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Found 61 results

  1. Hey guys, im planing a new build with a single dc level 6 15 ( daily but still able to do spl runs )but first i have a few questions such as recommendations for a great amp ( i was looking at the crescendo 6k or 8k but still looking around) and also box specs and tuning recommendations.. any help is greatly appreciated. For electrical i have a 370 mechman alt and a custom 80 ah lithium with big 3 and multiple runs of 2/0 with a pioneer 80prs head unit in my tahoe .
  2. Hey guys its been way to cold to do anything. Quick question 3 to 1 ratio over 2 to 1 ? just looking for opinions....trying for pure spl thanks again.
  3. anyone know of any grills that will fit a DC audio 12" level 3?
  4. Hello ,im in need of help on deciding on the coil option for my subs i have choose a pair of FI Q 10's running off of a DC audio 3.5k . My problem is that i have a box which is sealed and has two chambers (one for each sub) with seperate terminals for each sub ,so i was wondering if i was to get the dual 1 ohm coils and wired them at .5 ohms on each sub would they be summed up to one ohm at the amp (DC 3.5k) because i know it is a mono with two pairs of outputs so i assume they are internally summed ... or am i wrong .....any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks .
  5. All of this is going into my s10 Speakers Dash: Polk Audio MM series 4x6 Doors: Some crappy 6 inch kickers that i got for free and they are better then stock (hardly) so i put them in Subwoofers Two 12 inch DC Audio Level 3s both are dual 2 Amp DB Drive a31500.1D at .5 ohm Head Unit Jensen Phase Linear UV9 (not good but traded some old JBLs for it) Wire Audio Technix 4 gauge ofc amp kit
  6. going to make a box for two DC 18 level 3 d2s on a cresendo 3500 max dem 28 high 46 wide 32 deep subs up port back thanks for your time btw its a 2002 trail blazer im going for spl in this biuld with max dim the box is 6 inches away from tail gate if more space is need make box taller
  7. selling a DC Audio Level 5 m2 motor. motor is in decent condition, I'd rate it a 7/10 because of scratches and one small spot about nickel sized on side of bottom plate where chrome is chipping. asking $450 shipped to lower 48 i know pics are from 15th, i will add pic with current date if necessary.
  8. Will my DC Audio level 3s get damaged if they hit the back of my seat in my truck?
  9. If you would like to learn more about electricity, electrical networks, what RMS is, what clipping is, and much more to come; check out the D'Amore Engineering University FREE EDUCATION video series. We launched it last month, are averaging 1 video per week. Most of the time a homework problem is assigned at the end and answered in the next video. We are starting off slow and basic and will work up through how and amplifier works and more. Join us! -Tony http://damoreengineering.com/freeeducation.html
  10. so a fellow car audio bud of mine is selling off his setup to upgrade..... 2 15 aq hdc3s and 2 planet audio bb 2400.1 Ive heard they don't do rated but they can do close to rated... I don't need the 1700w claimed at 2 ohm I only need like 1200-1500 (upgrading from an old alpine mrx-m100) to power my sundown x 12 d4 im not making it a perm amp just something to give the sub more juice until tax time anyone got some info on these amps (I know he hit a 154.3 in a 8.4 cuft box tuned to mid 30s in a dodge caravan w/ 7 agm batts stock alt) but I don't have that much electrical I have 2 kinetic hc 1400s and 1 run of 1/0 on a stock Honda alt any opinions or info would be awesome (getting the amp for 200 w/ tool man dual 1/0inputs (going to be getting a nother run of 1/0 during tax time also)
  11. So i want to start going to comps but I have no idea what to do. So I'm looking for a Team that will give me guidance and people I know when I go to the comps. So if there are any Teams looking for new members or if anyone knows a Team that is or if they are in the West Michigan area that goes or wants to go to comps let me know please and thanks you!!
  12. anyone know of any grills that will fit a DC audio 12" level 3?
  13. Here it is lots of songs played so if you get board skip a few min to another song or to last min if you fill like.
  14. Hello all I tried to find this question already asked which I am sure it has been but don't spend a lot of time on the forum and for some reason find it really complicated to search for stuff. My equipment Dc Audio level 6 18 m4, Sundown Audio Scv7500. Question #1 What is a good setting for my low pass crossover? Question #2 My old amp is a Scv3000 it suffered water damage several mosfets were destroyed in the event. Would sundown be the best place to send it for repair? I stepped up quite a notch from the 3000 to the 7500 but its bad ass! Love the woofer I have had them all seems like and before reconing this one it was the M2 series which lasted longer than anything I have ever had. I reconned it maybe 2 months ago I probably would have never blown it but my 3000 watt amp was clipping like fu. I purchased a cheap pos oscilliscope for $60 off amazon after the recone and found out my amp was clipping by the time I turned it up to 10 on my deck. This is the reason I purchased the 7500 so my now M4 woofer could enjoy clean power. Thanks for your time I appreciate anybody answering this question one more time.
  15. Looking for dc xl m2 motors with the flat top plate only pics of top plate
  16. Hey guys, i recently sold my car. Selling just about everything i had in it. Looking to go smaller in my new car, kind of want at least half a trunk for a few years, haha. I will get better pics once i get a chance to move everything inside from the garage. MODS, i have been deleting pics once stuff is sold, Hope thats okay, They just take up too much room. First up, Rockford Fosgate t2500 bdcp 9/10. Works perfectly, couple minor scuffs around mounting locations. Could not find the birth-sheet =/ But i do know it was [email protected] ohm, [email protected], and [email protected] $650 shipped SOLD EN EBAY Also have two XS power D2700's. They are each about a year and a half old. The decals on the side are damaged on 1, but functionally they are good. $170 + shipping each SOLD! DC 175.4. 9/10. Functions perfectly, worked great, just dont need something so large. $380 shipped SOLD Pioneer x920 bt 8/10. Basic wear and tear, functions perfectly. Does NOT come with the wired mic, forgot to take it out of the old car... No scratches on screen, slight scrape on corner. Small nick in ipod wire, doesn't hurt functionality in any way. Covered it with electrical tape looks normal. You can buy the mic on amazon for like 12 bucks. SOLD $375 shipped $350 shipped Things im looking for: Rockford T1500 bdcp Rockford T600-4 2x 8" subs, preferably Sundown Rockford 360.3 or comparable unit for OEM integration into my new car. Better pictures uploaded I do have all positive feedback on CACO if you need to lookup my username. And i will probably be adding wire and stuff tomorrow as well.
  17. Can one external voltage regulators run two alternators, i bought two alts that are designed around my system and i want to know if i can run only one voltage regulator for both alts, The company sent two regulators but im trying to see if i can get away with using one.
  18. My future build that i will have in about three months will consist of the following: 2 DC Audio Level 3 15s, 6.5 cubic foot box tuned at 33.57 hertz, dc 2k amp, xs power d3400 under the hood, xs power xp3000in back, singer 250 amp alt, and 1/0 gauge to everything. Anyone disagree with the build?
  19. Here are some winISD simulations for a DC XL 12 (dual 2 ohm) subwoofer in a 1.75 cubic foot box tuned to 31hz (square port) at 2200rms at 1 meter accounting for coil inductance. If anything, I'm posting this for the amusement of anyone who has bought or is thinking about buying a DC XL 12 as I just did. How accurate to you think these simulations actually are (other than not accounting for cabin gain)? Any thought provoking comments or questions? Transfer Function Magnitude^ Maximum SPL^ Amplifier Apparent Load Power^ Cone Excursion^ Group Delay^ Impedance^ Impedance Phase^ Rear Port Velocity^ Rear Port Gain^
  20. so i designed a 4th order and took me a while so i just wanna post up and see if anyone can look over and say if they think itl work.. 2 18" dc lvl3s 47.5 wide x 42.75 deep x 21 high. sealed section is 8 cubes and ported is 15.5 after displacement. for the port i got 12 high x 20 wide x 7.5 long..
  21. UPDATE: Please Click Here LINK TO CURRENT BOX DESIGN for the current box I am working on for 1 15" Level XL Hey guys, I got around to measuring what space I have left after the mid/highs amp rack, this next part will be the sub box and the sub amp which is a 2010 Kicker 2500.1 Amps. I am either getting 2 DC Level 4 (.16 displacement each) or Level 4 XL (.18 displacement each), I will be getting two 12 inch ones, with some custom parts on them, would like to do a ported box, each sub requires 1.5 cubic ft, so a 3 cubic ft box is the size I want to go with, I want to be able to keep as much trunk space as possible but also be a show piece to open and show, I was planning to build the box out of 3/4 mdf, and I have no problem doing a custom fiberglass front end on it to really make it nice if you want to factor that into the design, I can help with some cash if someone really helps me out, dont have a lot at the moment though , im looking to somehow show off the 2500.1 amp and the subs, with allowing for some insane sound, I was thinking 33hz for the tuning frequency, but i am open to change if someone knows something better for these subs, here are some pictures with measurements, thanks a bunch guys ***NOTE*** The box can be 16.5 inches tall, I will just have to modify that piece of plastic at the top to fit the box in that sticks over, or it can be lower also, at 14 inches tall, depends on how the design is Measurement from the back of the seat to the front of the fan was 21.5 inches Link to Last Page of Build Thread Made 2 Boxes, let me know if they are correct, If I did the port I would probably build it in the middle at the bottom, using one of the sidewalls as a port wall also, then 3 pieces to make the port, not sure if this calc added that in
  22. Hey guys I didn't now whether t post this here or in the enclosures section but here we go. I would like to build a custom ported subwoofer box for my 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport. I have 36 inches wide to work with and 31 tall. Any help would be much appreciated. Oh and this is for 2 DC level 3s 15".
  23. Anyone know if two fi audio 15" q subs could take the power of a dc audio 3.5k ???
  24. Hey everyone, i just sold my Sa-12. looking to get a build going, just got a new job, so ill have money, i have a hifonics hfi-1500d already. Ive been looking at several different subs for around 500, such as sundown z series, psi platform 3, DC Xl, etc. But then i was thinking about multiple subs, 2-4 sa-8's. Any suggestions on a setup with multiple subs to get loud. I want to be louder then my single sa-12 on 1k watts. i kind of want multiple subs. Please post any ideas you guys have, or any links of good subs for good prices, thanks in advance!
  25. so this is not a question of the location and facing of the sub box, but the sub mount into the box. so im building a new box for my x-12. but it came to me. is the position of the sub a factor and if it is how much of one. so is there a difference whether the sub is centered in the face of the box vs offset or does the relation to the port matter (port facing a different direction form sub face?) and so on so forth and how much do these factors change. any info or insight would be awesome.
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