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Found 14 results

  1. The build will start coming alive more towards mid april, mid may finish. Tight on time at the moment but got out of work early today, so i took some pictures of how much space i'm working with, and of course needed some pictures of the car and all that good stuff CAMERA USED CANON Rebel T3i
  2. I got a pair of Massive Audio DC 10's and i was wondering if anyone could help me with a box design. I want a box good for SPL as well as a decent daily box. Preferably Tuned in the lower to mid 30's or higher if i can still play into the 20's. I mainly listen to decaf and big pimpin. Thanx.
  3. Anyone know if this type of port division would cause any issues? 3 inches wide, 26 inches long total. 2 12" DC LVL 4's SUBS FACING UP!
  4. Does anyone know how i can get a hold of a pair of dual 1 ohm or dual 4 ohm massive audio dc 10 recones? I don't care if they are psi or massive recones as long as they fit. Thanx.
  5. I am slowly counting down the days in anticipation for the day when the dc level 3 15s arrive at my doorstep. I will post a video when they arrive to show how much I support the whole dc team
  6. Hey guys, im planing a new build with a single dc level 6 15 ( daily but still able to do spl runs )but first i have a few questions such as recommendations for a great amp ( i was looking at the crescendo 6k or 8k but still looking around) and also box specs and tuning recommendations.. any help is greatly appreciated. For electrical i have a 370 mechman alt and a custom 80 ah lithium with big 3 and multiple runs of 2/0 with a pioneer 80prs head unit in my tahoe .
  7. Have a Rockford R1000.1D amp that does 1k rms at 2ohms and wanted to upgrade woofers to get the best SPL and SQ for it and possibly for the price. I know Level 2s are rated at 600rms and 3s at 900rms but ive heard that DC subs are underrated and was curious what would be best? Ive been told to get a Level 2 by a few people already....
  8. Hey guys I didn't now whether t post this here or in the enclosures section but here we go. I would like to build a custom ported subwoofer box for my 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport. I have 36 inches wide to work with and 31 tall. Any help would be much appreciated. Oh and this is for 2 DC level 3s 15".
  9. For Sale is 4 DC LVL 4 18s 2 coned with lvl 5 coils only about 6 months old $300 a piece plus shipping 2 with motors only $300 for the pair plus shipping 2 DC PAI 2000.1s $400 a piece shipped or $775 shipped for pair shipping from 68801
  10. okay so i have a 1999 chevy blazer and i am buying a dc xl 18 and ill be running 2.2k RMS to it walled in the back, so im just woundering a estamate of db yall think ill hit or be around..
  11. my system was loud as shit but after a having it for a couple of weeks it just isnt the same but is still loud.. so i gotta ask is it just me or is something wrong? could i be just getting used to it. it happens everytime i upgrade.
  12. i have an 03 volkswagen gti and just ordered a dc audio 175.4, what are some suggestions of good components to pair up with that ? no price limit , but the best bang for the buck ! i looked up hertz but couldnt find anywhere to purchase them.... also with any suggestions could you put up a link to specs or maybe place of purchase. thanks for your time !
  13. Box Helpers/Designers feedback appreciated, need some help on getting to set up my ports in the box calculator not sure if i'm doing it correctly, with pictures posted below please try to give me any pointers, if experienced in making boxes for DC 18"s would be even better. Type of music : will be used for daily driver, music (hip-hop, rap, dubstep, looking for some lows as well) Done a little design, first day probably 1hour in and was trying to mess around with sketchup, and came up with this design according to the way i did it, i have no idea how i could possibly mess it up, i needed to flip the screen completely upside down to make sure i had the box the right way and how you are facing it, that's the way it will go in my car. So here are my true dimensions Width - 32 Height - 22 Top/Bottom Depth - 22 Before i post the pics below, i think it has turned out pretty good, somewhere around 5.7-5.8is ft3, and tuning to about 30-32 hz Sorry for crappy lines, i didn't have the time at night to look up any tutorials because i think i would fall asleep on them working 6am-5pm mon-fri and its a late friday night. If you need all the details on the kind of wires i'll be running, amp, alternator, bat, etc. Private message me, if you can scoop something up for me probably make a nicer looking box or if there's a charge for it, please let me know. I work a lot and really busy on the weekends, so i won't have the time for a couple months to make myself a decent looking box.
  14. Build info and video's too come....
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