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  1. what can i charge m d1600s at i dont want any swelling
  2. No just started trying to sell .got mine were I want it
  3. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i got one if anybody is looking for one it is one mic usb powered in case bought new sucription last october so you can still get the new updates with out haveing to re regester 400 plus shipping
  4. heres thee buildlog http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/7318-dakota-groundpounder/ there are several builds
  5. I've Done it before worked fine. For a couple of years u had 2 single 8 and 1 single 4 in my daily( jl w1's)
  6. hey everybody come on out if you can for yall dont know where we aare at we are 6 miles from the french market but right off 5-10 in chalmette
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