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  1. i get around 12 or so in 99 suburban with a 350. mostly stock with 600pounds of stereo
  2. https://www.facebook.com/events/170162843174740/
  3. Sounds like a problem with the forward clutch in the transmission. Sometimes the drum breaks and I've seen that happen many times with that transmission. Time for a rebuild
  4. I just ordered 4 of the neo 6" and 2 8" midbass this morning. Hopefully I'll b listening to them in few days
  5. Has anybody used PRV Audio speakers? They are out of Brasil and been in business since 2006. I am looking at the 6" Neo magnet model they are selling at Parts Express. It is 8 ohm and 125rms power handling and selling for $40. I am wanting to replace my selenium speakers with something different and these dont seem too bad but i cant find many reviews. I was looking to get 4 of them so i can run 4 ohm per channel at 300 watts per pair.
  6. i been using an audiocontrol 3.2 for a while now with no problems. Its got master volume, sub volume, sub freq adjust and a few bands for the highs. has outputs for front amps, rear amps, and sub amp. i dont hear any noise with itand its got more rca output power than my pioneer dvd player. I dont ever adjust volume on headunit, only with this unit, and its been working good and easy to use.
  7. just got back from a show tonight. It did a 152.0 @34hz sealed on the dash.
  8. that looks kind of like the box i built in my suburban for the 21's. Should work out pretty good for you. Double up on the top for 2 18's i would recommend.
  9. plays flat and peaks from 34hz to about 39. Still plays upper 20's pretty descent. Subs are hardly moving with 1200 rms to each sub when played above tunung
  10. Port is about 17" tall and 15" wide. About 15" deep Box is 48"W x 48"D x 20"H
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