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  1. I'm interested in the sixth order idea that you're throwing out. Would this yield me any decent results? I have a MAX of l= 36 w=22 and h= 15. I could also go a l= 36 w=20 and h= 19. This is all for a 2003 PT Cruiser hatchback. Sizes posted are absolutely the biggest I can go. Interested in your thoughts on a 6th order vs. ported to make these little guys actually produce some bass
  2. Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance
  3. Well that's not too motivating, but I do understand. Guess I just got suckered in to the "hype" of 6.5 subwoofers. If you don't mind, see what you can come up with. Was thinking a 4th order but the woofer specs are not to friendly to work with as you stated. If it's a lost cause I'll make arrangements to find another subwoofer. Thanks
  4. I do appreciate the feedback and I do understand what you're saying. It definitely would have been cheaper to do with single 12! I really would like to work with what I have, though I'm not looking to bust any records, I would like to surprise people when I pop my hatch and see door sized speakers. I bought two of these 6.5 in a prefab box from skar, and was very impressed, once I tried playing with three, I am very disappointed. I do blame that a hundred percent on my box, I made the specs slightly bigger and tuned lower than what they require. This is where some people with more knowledge than I do come in to help me create something that sounds good.
  5. I am looking for a box design for my subwoofers. I played with a design for 3 Skar Audio evl-6.5 subwoofers using a 2cuft net box, 30sqin port and tuned to 35hrz. Long story short it sounds like crap, I believe I went a little too big on the box, or tune too low. Subs sound very "messy". Like I said I was just playing. At this point I would like a professional design box that will sound well on 850 watts rms. I will be powering at with a skar audio RP-1500 @2.67 ohms. I listen to mainly rap music, and I would like something that surprises people with these little guys. Willing to go with a tline, bandpass, or simple ported. I'm willing to pay for a quality design. Max dimensions are L= 35 W=16 H=12. Any help is appreciated!
  6. I think a single would be more impressive to make loud, then two
  7. That's my goal, but i only have the space to do a single 8 in a 4th. I have another thread going about what ratios to use on a 4th.
  8. Will that make a difference? My first box with the port firing forward on the passenger side had 20.125 sqin on a 1 cube box. sounded the exact same as my current box with a 4" round port
  9. Ok, that's what made sense to me. So what a good f3 sealed? I have read a few different opinions on this, any real world experience with this sub in a 4th?
  10. So if you have seen my other thread about trying to stuff 2 sa-8s in my regular cab ranger, you can tell that I'm not afraid to try something different. That being said, I'm considering doing a single sa-8 in a 4th order, behind my seat. Sure, two 8s get pretty loud, but cone area is that of a 15" woofer, and that's what they sound like in my truck, a single 15. Not that impressed as of yet. My goal is to make one 8" woofer impressive. I want sq and daily bass. Something that's going to make you say "that just an 8?" So back on topic. Whats this ratio thing I keep hearing? I know one number is the sealed side, and one is the ported, but when some say 3-1 or 2-1 does that mean the PORTED side is smaller then the sealed or the SEALED side is smaller the the ported (as I would think)?? Also what a good set up here? Ill be running a crossfire vr1000d to one dual 4ohm sub (2ohm mono for you sleepy heads). Any help is appriciated!!
  11. you mean firing the ports at the b pillar or both sub and port? Because my port is currently firing at the driver b pillar.
  12. sealed will kill my output. Not sure If I want to go that route
  13. Ok so here is my problem. No matter how I tune these ports, its a low end monster. Sure, it will shake the hell out of the truck like a pair of 15s, but it doesn't get loud, or sound good on anything other then "rack city" type songs. I have tried shorting the ports with no success. I would like to listen to all kinds of music and it sound good and get loud. Why is it doing this? I'm also playing around with a single sa8 in a 4th order design for the ranger. But I know that will not help with sq!
  14. I also got a bit bored and wanted to see how loud I could get one sub. This box is .55 net at 34 hrz. Definitely gets low, but that's about it
  15. Ok second design. Now this one took some thought. I hated how my seat had to be moved forward so that the excursion of the subs wouldnt come into contact with it. So I opted for a down fire box with a external, tunable port. This one is also 1 cube net and currently tuned to 32. Its currently in my truck