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  1. Sounds like Molex connectors, my RF Pbr300.1 came with them, you can find them on eBay for cheap, just make sure you get the right size/shape.
  2. Same but copper has much better efficiency when transferring current?
  3. In that case yeah, a 5k/7k should be fine.
  4. Mine was $65 idk brand its at the shop I work at.
  5. Dd1 is cool and all but an o-scope is cheaper if he has to buy one
  6. What electrical are you running?
  7. Most of your answers you can find by browsing the forum or even google. Though I have yet to see many write-ups on O-scopes. You will need access to one to set gains. Also you will need test tones or a tone generator to set gains, ssf, xovers, ect.Also unless you are running 1 or more subs inverted phase doesn't really matter. Leave it at 0 and forget it
  8. Do you have any experience with an osilascope(sp)?
  9. Best forum post since Integra girl photo shops from bb.net a few years ago.
  10. What about series tuned 6ths? I read up all I can find but have yet to really get the formulas down.
  11. Yeah but where is the fun in that? I love car audio because I love the feeling, I don't care about numbers. Saving money is a big factor but at the end of the day I want something that I find badass and F the haters. Yeah bigger subs are cool but I prefer my cute little 8's over my 10's or my 15.
  12. I love the external port idea too, it should fit snug because two of my batteries(C &D 140ah) will be behind the seats with the rest in the trunk.
  13. Holy shit CleanSierra THANK YOU!!!!!! Oh, and I am debating on what sub's, already have 3 MA-8's and had an SA-8v2 but have been debating if I wanna venture out to a new(to me) company such as Addictive Audio, Massive, Pure, ect. They will be ran off a Banda a 5k until I get a more appropriate amp. Why 8's? Why not? I have always loved tiny subs, I know fs and RMS are very limited but everyone runs big sub's and I love when someone is amazed when they find out I am running 8's.
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