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  1. Today has just been the icing on the cake for this aweesome season Texas A&m has had. Everyone told me that A&M would never compete in the SEC. but we came in had a 10 win season while beating Alabama and only losing to Lsu and Floridda by a compined 8 points. Plus Manziel wins the heisman.

    1. n8ball2013


      we? what position do you play?

    2. MrSkippyJ


      now to keep it up.

    3. iwannabeloud


      Let me know when they give out a crystal ball for a 10 win season.

  2. got a friend who bought 4 vvx8s awhile back and im not sure what he did to them but he has one that has a little metal hitting sound when the sub hits. just wondering if they sell recone kits for the vvx 8s if so where would he be able to order one?
  3. as soon as i get a box built and the subs come in ill try and get a video up
  4. well i just ordered the subs. cant wait till they get in so i can install them
  5. just ordered two skar vvx-8s. cant wait to get them in and installed.

  6. i plan on getting mine build to 1.5 ported around 34hz if i can
  7. well i have a db800.1 from a couple years ago or a mtx jackhammer 1200.1 which is probably the one ill be using for them but not to sure yet.
  8. i wish i could get the MA-8s but im a little tight on money right now and i know thats not an excuse. but i just need some sort of bass back in my truck so i believe i am going to try out these vvx's. Plus i found these vvx 8's on sale for 100 a piece.
  9. well hopefully someone on here with these subs will chime in and let us know how they are. it would be greatly appreciated if they did.
  10. i found these subs on sale online and i am just wondering how well of subs they are. i was wanting to go with 2 12vvx's but i think for the time being i would like to go with just 2 vvx 8's instead then maybe 4 in the future. just wondering on reviews of these subs what kind of enclosures people have been using for them just anything helpful.
  11. never heard of a box built with it but i think it would be pretty bad ass
  12. boring over 60 like most people said above it all depends on what the block is. i would say there are alot of big block that can handle 60 over but just check and make sure first.
  13. ive had both 6 and 8k in my sierra but i do have projectors and i like my 8ks alot better than i did my 6s.
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