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  1. I am considering putting a single ma-8 in a 2006 regular cab Gmc Sierra but I am up for options. I want as much output as I get get, along with sound quality. I will have [email protected] ohm if needed. I am up for other sizes/options but I want to stick with a single driver. What do you recommend?
  2. Currently the one I have in my car in an old .35 cube sealed box on a RF Pbr300.1 sounds great, unfortunately we had to reverse mount it because the box was so small . I forgot to throw up my decaf vid: Cell phone camera sucks and doesn't do the sub justice. My pair of MA80xe's never hit like that and that is just one Skar in the same boxes the MA80xe's were in for a few months. So you are saying basically a 2:1 ratio? So if I ever decide to make another .75 sealed and 1.5 ported would be more optimum? Very nice for a single 8 sealed! We need to get more videos of these things up. Still waiting for some parts got get mine up and beating
  3. I want to see some more flex in the video, looked like the rear view was moving a bit but couldnt tell. I cant wait to get mine running off my [email protected] 800 rms to my two. What are the specs on that box?
  4. that jackhammer is 800 [email protected] 2 ohms. get two dual 2 ohm vvx8s and wire them in series. I would say a .6-.75 cucf net box ported tuned to 33-35 range. Should sound very good for two 8s on 400 watts a piece. good news is if you decide to upgrade to the ma-8 later it will work in that same box
  5. I would try them out, the specs are nice and you cant beat the price. What amp are you using?
  6. a search helped me on my quest. From what I gathered the skar ma-8 fit my needs a bit better, It can handle a bit more power. I was going to go with the vvx 8 until I read on the ma-8. Just search around, skar is some good stuff. They dont requre much room and can get pretty loud for a small driver. I would not compare them to a sa8 though, I believe the sa8 is more of a spl sub and the vvx more of a sq sub.
  7. Since my amp is smaller then what most people are running should I make the box bigger thus more efficient
  8. There is a guy local selling a dc m2 level 4 12 with level 5 coils. Im wondering what size of box this thing would have to have before I offer him money. I have a audiopipe ap15001d 1500rms @1 ohm amp, my max sizes are l=36 w=18 h=16. Im wanting a loud 'music' box. Can anyone help me with a design here? thanks!
  9. Right but it's all already done in the cutsheet, look at the bottom and you will find: "Shared port internal assembly parts" section, just cut the 4 parts and assemble like in the figure, when it's done you will notice that the width of the port halves in the lateral ducts. You may want to draw the cutsheet to verify this. If you are doing the center deflector let me know to give you the dimensions of the parts, all other 45s are 2 1/2" wide. Ok thanks again. Ill post a build thread this week! thanks everyone and joe x for the drawing!
  10. Thanks Joe x! your a big help around here. Its nice to see it drawn out on paper rather then in my head. One last question, on a port in the center how do I toal up my length when it 't's on the back wall? If I need, lets say, 10" more do I split 5" one way and 5" the other? I have never done a centerport, just ones on the side. Im going to get building this enclosure asap.
  11. T Thats basicly what I'm doing, asking others that have ran a single 8. Like I said, no one around here has one, kinda sucks! It would be going into a 02 civic facing the rear. I would love to run 2 to 3 of them but cost would be the issue there. Just wondering what luck people have had with one of these little guys!
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