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  1. I would post pictures of what a 5.56 round does to a person but It's not an uncensored location. I will tell you this though, I am scared as hell to get hit by it. lets just say he no longer has 2 legs he has 3.
  2. edit: I'm not even going to continue
  3. lol focal that explains why you like the sa's for sq. The amp is what was making those subs seem ''sq'' They are still spl subs imo until I hear one that disappears into nothing they will stay that way in my mind.
  4. it depends, I have yet to find a sub that does everything the way I want it to. The ones I've had the best luck with were the DD's shitty softparts and all. I think if DD would stop using crap cones and spider they would be very close to the top of my list. Yes I am the one that says ssa is not sq, they arn't. They sound great and have low distortion but not sq. There is a difference.
  5. I have about had it with you. I played with plenty of first gen BTL's never had a single issue with them. And from what I was told and what is stitched into a few shirts I have seen, it stands for Built to last. Take your bullshit somewhere else soon or I will force you to via the hammer. You always get so defensive about FI, AA and crossfire. I'm sorry you can't take the good with the bad, I and multiple people had problems with the tinsel leads on the first gen btl, guess what they fixed the issue and now it doesn't have that problem. The first Gen did still have that problem and is where the btl's second little nickname came up. I won't say what it was because people already know what it is and it will probably just cause drama. It was not something I simply made up to cause trouble, the first generation btl's had huge problems with the tinsel leads burning up and breaking. Mine did it twice then I sold it broken, then they went to the flat leads which I havn't heard anything bad about.
  6. I will how ever stand up and put my self out there and say the ultimo is the best sq driver I have ever heard, I've heard a lot and nothing is as fast, and sharp as the ultimo. How ever it will not get loud at all (which I care nothing about but plenty do) and it will give you the feeling of having no sub at all for the people used to hearing the distortion of their subs and fallen into the guise of thinking that's how bass should sound. The 2nd best sub I've heard was the focal kx 13. It did have a slight ''bright'' sound to the bass though imo. and the w6 is the best I've heard for under $400, it is heavy and boomy sounding though, which I do not like about it, because of that you can deff tell you have a subwoofer and not fall into the idea of standing in front of a live performance. edit: and I am still laughing at the thought of the Sundown SA being a sq driver.
  7. it does a very good job at blending and not localizing. It does not mask the distortion coming from your amp at all and colors slightly in the higher freq range. For $100 I think I can forgive it for that though.
  8. considering the first generation btl's were known for manufacture defects on the tinsel leads I doubt it's "built to last" any way I doubt it means anything, they will never say what it means leading me to believe it was used on the basis the letters worked well together.
  9. mdf breathes, they use vacuums to pick up stacks of it unfastened. if you want a 100% sealed box you need to use resin or other nonporous coating to seal the panels as well as seams, the wood glue makes the seams solid but it doesn't do anything for the porosity of the wood it's self.
  10. sounds like your doing it wrong, car audio is just as bad as golf and I don't know about the other 2 but I'm guessing it's close
  11. meh he is right it is a ''waste'' of money, as most hobbies are. As long as it's your cash and you take care of everything important first it doesn't really matter. The minute you start to put off payments or not pay bills on time just cause you want a new sub then it becomes a problem.
  12. meh kicker has taken 1st multiple times with a solo x in a sq comp.
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