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  1. I went to take off my black FI BL dust cap logo to replace it with a different logo to match a new box I recently built. The logo did not seem to stick although it was purchased from the Fi car audio website. Is there a difference between a dust cap logo and a decal? If so where can I purchase a true dust cap logo in color options? Looking for a yellow Fi logo if possible. Box is matte grey with yellow port. Appreciate any feedback
  2. The dimensions of the box are 32w 27.5d 15.5h which are my max dimensions. I have decided to just build a new box and fiberglass resign the inside to make sure it does not break again. I think another issue was that i may have tuned the box to around 28hz rather than 32hz which i was planning. Could anybody help me with a box design because i created one on reboxcalculator but i know that there have been issues with that calculator in the past.
  3. I have a picture downloaded but i can not figure out how to post it on here
  4. Subs are about one month old. Also in the system I have Pioneer 80prs Rockford fosgate rf bld processor Rockford 4 channel 250w speaker amp Sundown SAZ2500 v2 shruiken bt60 60ah battery xs power d3400 67 ah battery RE audio 0 gauge Sky high audio big 3 with 0 gauge 180 amp aftermarket alternator
  5. tested by ear but its very clear that they do not hit 40 hz well at all.
  6. I get some pics up asap. The box is 32x15.5x27.5 with a double baffle and a center port that is 4.5 in wide
  7. I have 2 12in FI BLs in a 5 cubic foot box tuned to 32 hz. I have 14 sq inches of port per cube. I am running my new BLs on a sundown saz2500 at 1 ohm. I am very disappointed in the outcome of this setup. I had 2 12in FI SSDs in the same box ran off a bit less power, around 2000, and they were louder at every frequency but the low 30s. For some reason, I peak at 30hz where i was expecting to peak in the mid to high 30s. I have had a single 12in FI BL before and it seemed to not like to go much under 34hz. Im confused as to why they are peaking so low?
  8. In a 2007 honda accord, I am running a Sundown SAZ2500 with 2 12in FI SSDs. I have a 180a alternator, the big three, a optima yellowtop in the front, and a Shruiken bt60 in the back. All zero gauge wire. When i turn my car on, i see around 13.4-13.8v While playing music it drops down in the mid 12s. Does anyone have any suggestions to raise the voltage?
  9. Awesome thanks a lot, i will give this a shot
  10. I cant seem to find much information about what box size and tuning this sub likes? Can anybody help me out with a design? My max dimensions are 30W*16.5H*27D for a 2007 4 door honda accord and will be sealed off from the trunk firing into the cabin. Wanting the system to peak at around 35 hz and have great sq Will be powered by a Sundown SAZ1500 at 1 ohm, I had it tested to see its true rms output and i believe it was around 1800. Thanks
  11. What kind of sound quality sub either a 12 or 15 would sound good with a max box volume of 4.5 cubes on the SAZ1500?
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