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  1. Ive had 1 for 3 years and its still working..
  2. If your talkin rap music... Look for anything from Miami..But its mostly late 80's early 90's...
  3. Nothing but a flash design... A good flash designer could have made it in a couple hours..
  4. Can one of you sketchup pros tell me how to make kerf corners is sketchup... Thanks
  5. knock knock...anyone here????? More from today...Tons of sanding... You can see my project in the driveway and my dead Dakota next to it...
  6. Guess no one really cares...Oh well..
  7. I havent made a thread here in awhile... So this will be a small project for my large almost complete project. Ive replaced just about every body peice on my Dakota there is.. From the fenders, cab to the rear bumper.. But I got bored today and have always wanted to make a center console. So I gave it a shot today..Its not complete and the pictures are from fiberglass already down(camera was in wifes minivan).. Here is the link to my dakota build... Not sure if you have to be a member or not..Let me know and Ill make it so guests can view.. http://extremedakotas.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4 Its offset because there is only 7" between the seats and I neede 10" up front so I can install the radio there. Its offset, because its only 7" wide down the center and I needed 10" wide for the radio..
  8. Did you just delete stuff in the programs folder? You supposed to un-install through the control panel....If you dont know what it is...LEAVE IT ALONE..
  9. Could always use resin, rope and fiberglass. That will add strength..
  10. I hit F5 everytime I walk by the laptop in the garage. I dont work alot right now, so I do alot of tinkering in the garage.
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