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  1. I have a build on my dodge dakota site.. But its taking 2 trucks and making 1 good truck.. But will be a system build after..Do I qualify?
  2. da=the and dat=that....Im a east coast down south cat...I have a tendency to type the way I talk out on the street.....was "dat" more clear for ya :nuke: Im on the east coast down south and I dont talk like that. ou just didnt learn proper grammer in school.
  3. Links 1 and 3 on the first page doesnt work. I dont own a diesel, but am always impressed to see them working. A diesel will out work a gas motor anyday IMO.
  4. Steve Ive been around cars all my life and have fixed everyone when theres a problem.First of all this is a computer controlled truck, so it could be anything from having a bad day to needing a new comp for it. But always check the basics. Its still needs fuel and spark to run. The first thing Id do, is see if the fuel pump is working. Lay underneith the tank and have someone turn the key to the "ON" position. Did you hear it come on and then shut off? Next change that filter. Did that fix the problem? If not you'll need to check for fuel pressure. It will be a fuel line with a black tire valve cap on it. Youll need a fuel pressure tools for this, or some people just press the little pin. But watch out, becase if you have good fuel pressure fuel will squirt out pretty heavy. Also check the relays and what not. After yiu get it fixed, do a tune up plugs,wires, cap/rotor(if it has a distributer)air filter. Wihile your at the a/p store get a can of sea foam fuel cleaner. I use to work for a auto parts store and sold this like it was going out of style. Your truck will thank you later. I run a can everymonth. Everything seafoam makes is great. If it is the fuel pump. Since you have to drop the tank you mise well clean the inside of it as well. Go get a galon of diesel or karoseine. make sure the tank is empty and the drain plug is in.First take a flashlight and inspect the inside.Hopefully its pretty clean. Pour the fuel in through the opening where the pump was.Swish it around then let sit for awhile. Take the drain plug off and drain into a bucket. Heres a problem I just hade on my Z34. Thanksgiving night my car stranded us(my family). Let is sit for awhile and it would start right up. Then after a mile or so, it would just quit again. Kinda of like your problem Steve. Got it home and checked all the basics. It was getting good fuel pressure and good spark. But wouldnt start. Called my mechanic that I always call when I have a problem. He said "its computer controlled, it could be anything". So he brought over some coils and a crank sensor. Nope still no run. Next night he brought over a COOLANT SENSOR". I changed that and the MF'ing car started right up. I told you that story, to show you it could be anything on a computer controlled vehicle. Good luck Steve
  5. I bet his shitbox truck wont shake your internals like meades will either.
  6. Steve can you find out where in Fla. MAybe hes close enough to Gmonk and I. We can go give him a SMD visit
  7. Does taking off whenever you want because your the boss count?
  8. Yep my RF T10001bd is rated at 1000w @ 1ohm, the birth sheet says 1489w @ 1ohm
  9. I was going to post about the butter wax, but you did. I used it when I worked at a body shop and have a small container of it now. This stuff is hands down the best ever(if you can find it)
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