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  1. Well, I own the Crescendo 3500 and the thing is solid as hell Have mine wired to .5 daily and it never skips a beat even if I clip it - always stays cool, never protects. Have you clamped it? Does it produce true wattage? What do you think you're getting at .5 ohms?
  2. they're a direct sale brand. skar, dc, sundown are dealer brands Well that helps tremendously. Any idea how much the .5 warranty cost?
  3. Why are Crescendo amps so cheap? Price wise? I would much rather go with the BC3500 w/ the 0.5 ohm warranty but I'm curious to know what you all think about their amps. If I'm able to get the SK-2500.1D for only $500 then I'm getting it! And maybe the other if available when I have the money! Otherwise, I'll buy the second off these dealers. I was really hoping to run only one amp though. I hate the hassle of running two..
  4. If y'all still have a SK-2500.1D please PM me. If y'all don't have anymore then PM me about a SK-1500.1D please thanks.
  5. I want one Sk-2500.1D! Email me?? How does PayPal work though? I've never used it..
  6. I've heard the latter can handle the impedance but the former just simply can't. I know they both need big power so for the sake of conversation let us assume they do. Which will hold out longer or do the job at about half gain. My future build: (2) Skar ZVX 18's D2 wired in parallel @ 0.5 ohms Electrical: 370 amp Iraggi H/O Alt, Yellow Top front, XS Power D7500 back. (Any better ideas on the back battery support?) and Knu Koncepts 0ga. Unfortunately, due to Christmas aha, I only have the Yellow Top and one ZVX. Hopefully have everything by Feb if not sooner. Would love some ideas! This is all in a 2001 Impala.
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