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Found 24 results

  1. I'm getting rid of my SPL setup I have currently ( one 12" DC lvl4 sub, ported box)and I'm throwing in a "behind the seat box" sealed enclosure... But here's my question as to what would sound better?? Either two 10" skar VD-10's or three? The box will be made the same dimensions for each set up so having two 10's I'm closer to what the subs call for in a sealed enclosure. Total inside box volume will be 1.5cubes the vd-10's call for .65 cubes per sub totaling 1.3cubes if I do two and the enclosure would technically be two small for 3 sealed vd-10's but they would fit. I can power both set ups efficiently just curious as to what would sound better, either 3 subs requiring 1500rms in a sealed box that's too small or two tens in a correct sized enclosure requiring 1000rms?
  2. Alright so lets go ahead and get right to the point, i have a 01 Toyota Camry and it has a 90 amp alternator and a stock battery, well brand new but just a regular o'reilys battery. and i did the big 3. Im planning to stick with stock alt and stock battery, so i'm stuck trying to decide what amp to go with, i have 2 skar audio ddx-12's and currently have the good old trusty (audio bahn fire amp) on them right now. I have narrowed my choices down to 3 amps, ill order in them in favoritism. 1. skar audio rp1500.1d 2. soundqubed s1-1250 3. skar audio rp1200.1d. what amp would work best with the power i have currently, and non rev matching either, just good ole idle power. All comments appreciative lol.
  3. The very budget friendly Skar Audio RP2000.1D promises 2000 watts of clean power for $229 (or less refurbished, mine was $179 shipped direct from Skar Audio). You've seen me test amps before that turned out not quite meeting expectations. Is this amp different? Forget my expectations of the "minor cosmetic flaws" or the fact it was a miracle this amp survived the horrible packing job....we just care about results, right? Only one way to find out...let's see more about the amp and make sure you watch all the way to the end....I always give you a little extra! Full disclosure: Amplifier was purchased by me for the purpose of this test. All of the opinions in this video are my own and the content wasn't reviewed by anyone prior to posting. Skar Audio is an advertiser on the SMD Forum and not affiliated with this test or review. Watch on YouTube in Full 4k HD Video or embedded below:
  4. Just thought I'd throw some of the lines I've built in one post. Some of them aren't shown finished, some are and maybe there will be some video too. Enjoy! Skar Audio ZXV-15 Audio Technix Strato 10. This is the first line I ever built! Two CT Sounds Meso 15s.... Four Skar Audio IX-12s. He's gonna be changing them to DDX 12s soon... CT Sounds Meso 10... Two Skar Audio VVX-8s... Four Massive Audio Summo 6.5s...
  5. Hey everyone! Here is our latest amplifier dyno video! We are making our way through the SKv2 line. Next up is the SKv2-200.4D and then on to our bigger mono amps! Enjoy! - Devin
  6. We were finally able to make a demo video of the Skar Audio EVL-65 6.5" subwoofer! Enjoy and share! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THE EVL-65
  7. Just a short video of my newest ported box, 4cuft tuned at 33hz 58sq in of port area.
  8. i recently got a MA-8, i need help with box ideas. any input ? oh, going in a jeep liberty so i have plenty of space for any box.
  9. So after getting to play with the Skar Audio VVX subs - http://www.stevemead...-audio-vvx-12s/ we were anxious to try the amps of the same brand.... and here they are, in Russia, posing for a quick photoshoot along with the awesome SMD DD-1 and CC-1 that we got from Steve We already had the VVX12's out of the Audi (and sold actually as quite a few people were very impressed by their abilities) and the Sundown z12v2's with d1 coils in.... so this meant we could take two SK1500.1's and and run them bridged @ 1ohm (0.5 nominal per amp) Gains were set using the SMD DD-1, to ensure that there is no clipping. here's a good vid playing Gucci, moving quite a bit of air and being slightly loud with 148+ @30hz on the meter (I know it's hard to see in the vid) and here's the clamp of the power figures @ 148.4 we got 2930 watts of clean power from two amps with a rise to 2.5ohms and a drop to 11.6v.....this is also after about an hour of testing and playing music on drained batteries...... which is damn good, especially at this low a frequency Overall, the amps are great, very well built, sound extremely plesant and are stable below 1ohm Good job Skar Audio!
  10. hifonics glx1400.1d has anybody used this before and how does it perform im going to use it at 1ohm to push either 2 skar vvx8's or 2 dc audio lvl 2 8's just wondering since ive never used hifonics before but have realized that ppl swear by them i noticed that this new model is actually cea compliant but still hesitant to use it...chime in let me know before i pay 300 for it im pretty sure theres something better out there
  11. What's going on, all? A month or so ago, I finished up one of my more fun projects for a friend/customer. Here's a build component list: 1998 Ford Expedition Mechman 270a 12v alt 2 JS 370a 16v alts 2 K2 16v 80ah banks 8 runs Sky High 1/0 OFC (4 pos, 4 neg) 3 DC Audio 5.0 amplifiers 6 Skar Audio EVL 15s Crescendo 1100.4 DB Drive mids/tweets C-pillar wall built by yours truly This thing was an absolute blast to put together. It ended up putting up nice numbers for a c-pillar, especially with budget subs. The wall was built for 6 Level 6 15s, and there will eventually be 6 5.0s. Pictures will be uploaded as soon as they finish uploading to photobucket! There are many, many pictures, as well as a few vids. Stay tuned!
  12. So I finally decided to post up some of what ive done so far. Going to redo doors, upgrade electrical, new sub and handmade box, and paint. Plus a few other things. Always wanted one of these durangos. Time to make it pretty and loud.
  13. Hello SMD! Before last summer of 2012 I was a long time lurker of this site after seeing Steve's videos on youtube of the Tahoe I got this burning desire to finally be loud. Last summer I finally nabbed me a job after graduating High school ( I go to a university full time as well) and started saving for the build. I took baby steps and have recently completed the build that I originally sought after over a year ago. Now I"m already planning the next build of course! I will also include pictures and a few explanations on my plasti dip job that I've done on the car. I recently dipped my whole PT mayan green, which is a custom plasti dip color that I'll explain how to mix later on in this log. I just wanna say that my main motivators for this build were of course Steve Meade, Purple haze (a member on here with one of the sickest pt's I've ever seen), and The pt bruiser build (you can look it up on youtube, he's also on the SSA forums). This build consists of: -4 skar vvx 12's v1 model (were originally d4's but just reconed them into d2's) -Mechman 240 amp alt -C&D 140ah battery in the rear (a monster!) -Deka intimidator g31 blacktop under the hood (was a very tight squeeze) -Soundstream vir 8300Nr Headunit -All cadence 1/0 gauge -re audio coaxial speakers (didn't really care about quality just needed something to keep up with the subs) -Hifonics zues 600.4 -DC audio 3.5k -8 cubic ft. box net tuned to 32 hertz with 108 sq. inches of port using three 6 inch aero ports -Big 3 upgrade -Lots of LEDS -Full Mayan green dip job with dipped rims and bumpers Misc. stuff that might prompt questions. On some of my pics my windshield looks super dark, yes I did tint the entire windshield with 35% and to me it's worth it. I also have double 35% on the front two windows and double layered 20% in the rear. The reason for the double layering was because I decided to go right over the original tint I had instead of paying the shop to take off the original tint first. THey seemed to think it was the best idea as well and it looks great! All of my led's are from ledunderbody.com so if you want to order the kits that's where I bought them. They're very bright and I've had them for about 4 years and they're still working great! I think that's about it, so without further ado… lets get to it! Here's the car when I first got it.. bone stock.. I knew this had to change fast! -Of course I had to get a system into it as one of my first upgrades, but this way over a year before my discovery of SMD so my knowledge of car audio was extremely poor;( My first system was a memphis sr. 12 on a 150 watt memphis street series amp in a sealed prefab box. Since I had never had bass before then, and had only heard like two systems in my life at that point, I thought it was loud, until I got used to it in only 2 days, then knew it was time for an upgrade. -I did get pics of the original head unit though, a JVC Kd 625 arsenal with usb and optional bluetooth audio. It was an awesome head unit, and the only reason I sold it was because i wanted a screen. Soon after that I got myself a kicker L7 15 in a ported prefab and ran that on a HIfonics HF 1500.1. It pounded pretty good for back in the day, but soon I got the itch to upgrade again. -THis was my third system a few months after I sold the kicker sub, 2 sound stream rxw 12's in a dual 12 ported prefab running on the same Hifonics 1500 watt amp. It was about the same loudness as the kicker sub -I was ready to upgrade again obviously, so I sold these subs to a friend (who was so excited about getting bass it was really funny, bass head girls are the best!) and ordered two re audio se 12's and used them in the same box, but I upgraded the amp to a Hifonics brutus 1700.1. Even though the RE's were considered SQL subs they were still louder than the sound streams in the same box and sounded better. I had this setup in for over a half a year makin' it the longest time I kept one setup besides my final one.. -This was the point where I finally got me a part time job to help fund the build. It's also when I decided to take it to the next level. The plan had been in my head ever since I discovered SMD. Take out the backseats and build a huge ported box tuned low for 4 12's. Thanks to one of my buddies locally who competes in Meca and the motivation to finally get a little loud, lol I started gathering the subs together. I decided on skar audio vvx 12's for a number of reasons, the main one being that they were decent quality (to me at least) and they're pretty cheap, especially used. I bought one brand new, and the rest used from members off of CACO. -Here they are on my front baffle. We used the wait of the subs to hold the two pieces of the baffle together while they dried. So finally we get to the good stuff.. I had to try to get my electrical somewhat decent for what was to come, so first I did the big three upgrade. -Sorry guys, I didn't get many pics of the process cause once I get caught up in the work I'm too lazy to take pics, but I've added on way more wire to the initial "3" wires that the upgrade is known for. I have 2 strut tower grounds, one to each side. 2 pos. runs from the alternator, 1 run to the fuse box, 1 run grounded to the alt casing from battery neg. and 1 engine block ground. All power and ground wire used in this build is cadence 1/0 gauge wire ordered off ebay. It works very well and is actually OFC wire. Its a very decent price too I couldn't be happier. -I don't have pics of what I did next, but next step was all the run to the back, I ended up with 3 pos. runs and 2 neg runs front to back of the 0 gauge (it was a tight squeeze believe me). Here is the finished product from when I had my C&D 55 ah dual front batts installed. Not the neatest job by a longshot, but it worked for me and has since been cleaned up a lot. No wires are touching anything hot anywhere and voltage holds very well for my electrical now. Stays right around 13.0 volts full tilt. Next I got a itch to change something' to the outside of my car and my headlights were looking' pretty rough, so I just decided to tint over them because I like the blacked out look anyways. I soon did my rims and bumpers in black plasti dip spray cans, because the blacked out lights with chrome wheels and gray bumpers look super tacky to me. -The blackout tint altered the look of my headlights a tad, but I've always had HID's in this car. The ones currently in it now are VVME "blue" 55 watt HID's and put out a pretty good amount of light for them to be so blue. I'll continue the log on the next post, don't wanna cram it all on one post..
  14. I've heard the latter can handle the impedance but the former just simply can't. I know they both need big power so for the sake of conversation let us assume they do. Which will hold out longer or do the job at about half gain. My future build: (2) Skar ZVX 18's D2 wired in parallel @ 0.5 ohms Electrical: 370 amp Iraggi H/O Alt, Yellow Top front, XS Power D7500 back. (Any better ideas on the back battery support?) and Knu Koncepts 0ga. Unfortunately, due to Christmas aha, I only have the Yellow Top and one ZVX. Hopefully have everything by Feb if not sooner. Would love some ideas! This is all in a 2001 Impala.
  15. Today we'll take a closer look at Skar Audio's "high end" series of amps, specifically the SKv2-3500.1D. This is a Korean amplifier and is nearly identical in dimensions to the Crescendo BC3500.1D and DC Audio 3.5k....but is it the same amp? You'll have to watch to find out. See my playlist of Korean 3000-3500 watt amps from Crescendo, DC Audio, Orion, Skar and Sundown Watch on YouTube in 4K UHD or embedded below:
  16. I have 2 skar vvx12v1 i need a recone on one because its blown but i would like to go ahead a recone both of them i have contacted skar to see about recone kits come to find out they dont have any in stock and dont k ow when they r going to be available i was told to get intouch with sundown that they might be able to help me does anyone elso know of a recone kit that i can use for this i have also contacted psi and still waiting on a quote been 7 days now thanks in advance
  17. I'm looking to start building a battery bank since I bought a crescendo bc5500 recently and won't be able to use it for a while. So far all I have done is the big 3 in my vehicle with the stock alt and added two extra batteries. Some walmart battery a friend gave me and an xs power xp750. They power a Skar rp-75.4 and an audiopipe apdl2001d "2krms". I have two crescendo symphony sc-650 6.5" component sets and two sundown x15 v.2's in a custom box tuned to 32 hz. The goal is to eventually have a c1100.4 power two 6.5"s, three tweets, and one 8" fiberglassed in both front doors with three x15s walled off on the bc5500. I want to replace the stock battery and have at least 4 batteries in the back. Just not sure of which batteries to get. I was hoping to not have to spend upwards of 400$ per battery. I'm still a car audio newb so I went to the xspower website and typed 7500 watts in the audio calculator and it told me one d7500 and three xp2500s would be sufficient. Thoughts?? I'll post some pics / more info soon
  18. I was always told not to mount the amps on the box, but really dont have much room to work with. Where would you mount them?
  19. 1. Product: FS: ( 8 ) Skar Audio VVX-8" Subwoofers (4) VVX-8 D2 (4) VVX-8 D4 2. Specs: Technical Specifications Available in D2/D4 Voice Coil Configurations 400 Watts RMS Power 2" Voice Coil Triple Stack Ferrite Magnets Sensitivity : 80.4 dB Double Layer Spider Premium Grade Foam Surround High Quality Paper Cone Enclosure Recommendations Sealed : 0.4 Ft^3 Ported : 0.5-0.75 Ft^3 @ 35 Hz Displacement : 0.10 Ft^3 Depth : 6.25" Outside Diameter : 8.5" Cut-Out : 7-3/8" 3. Description/Condition: These are slightly used and the last remaining used VVX-8 inventory we have in the warehouse. Slightly used meaning 1-2 hours of playtime max, and in mint condition overall. Please see the pictures. Work perfect, look amazing. 4. Price: : $100 Per VVX-8 Shipped. Let us know which coil you want when sending payment. These typically sell very fast, so they are on a first come first serve basis. Please send payment to [email protected] via PayPal and it will ship via UPS the same business day and you will be emailed tracking information. 5. Pictures:
  20. Hey everyone, It has been ages since we built the Skar Audio Escalade so we are in well need of a new show/company vehicle so we decided to do it big, and by big we mean doing a 2017 Maserati Ghibli. The plan is to have a lot of power, a lot of bass, and a lot of mids/highs all in a very very clean and modern build that sounds amazing! So far this is the list of what we will be running! (Products may change or be added throughout the build) Bass: (2) Skar Audio ZVX-12v2's (2) Skar Audio SKv2-2500.1D's (strapped) Mids/Highs: (4) Sets of Skar Audio SPX-525C's (2) Skar Audio SKv2-100.4AB's Power: We plan on running XS Power batteries but have not decided on the exact models! We are definitely leaning towards lithium but are still looking at our options! Wiring: Stinger 1/0 power/ground Stinger 9000 series RCA's Stinger Speaker Wire Pac AP4-CH1 Here are some shots of the 2017 Maserati Ghibli! Let the door panel build begin! We plan on putting a pair of SPX-525C component speakers in each door making it (4) sets total in the vehicle! LET THE CUTTING BEGIN!!! ? Thats a wrap for today! Check back for updates on Monday! - Devin
  21. To be eligible to enter this months SOTM you must have a system, any system as long as its in a car and aftermarket. Any size woofers, any size amplifiers, no restrictions except that its in your car and not stock/oem (however the traditional SOTM rules still apply). If you entered the previous months SOTM contests but did not win don't worry you can enter this months too! This month 1 lucky winner will get a huge generous prize from Skar Audio The winner will receive one 18 inch Dual 2-ohm Skar Audio EVL subwoofer (which is pre-loaded and wired up inside a Skar Audio 18 inch enclosure), a Skar Audio RP-1500.1D monoblock amplifier, and a Stinger Select 4AWG amplifier wiring kit. Place your SOTM nominees here (yes you can nominate yourself). Remember to post pics, videos and of course a link to the build log on the forum in this post if your nominated. Don't forget to check out the RULES of SOTM* before entering! Now let’s see those nominations!! 01 - Alex912005 02 - Mr DeeBeez 03 - bigmizzle99 04 - Frome901 05 - bolanorthhighlands 06 - Dragonware 07 - Damian1995 08 - tony187soundproof 09 - Weatherbass08 10 - xpoppadaddyx 11 - 420ninja 12 - Jake Pace 13 - mrclmn 14 - srp365 15 - Phillip Klocko 16 - 2000S104.3 17 - MünürYılmaz 18 - K Caudill 19 - ChevyBoy95 20 - mpulford311 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 - 29 - 30 - *Any SMD Member that is caught cheating or manipulating the voting process in any way will be banned from SMD with extreme prejudice! Each SMD Member is allowed to vote only one time - that means each MEMBER . . . not each IP Address . . . not each user name. At SMD, we have a ZERO tolerance policy on groaning, whining, or bellyaching within SOTM so just don't do it. SOTM is a way for us to give back to our members - we encourage you to get your system in tip top shape and enter. If you don't win, there's always next month.
  22. I have 2 Skar Audio DDX-12’s on a simple Skar Audio Rp-1200.1D amp. And I found a custom box on 402bassheads on fb, and it’s 3.5 cubic feet, and my subs recommend 2.5 cubic feet. What would happen or would be the outcome if I were to put my subs in the box? Would it sound good or would my subs just not sound the same nor work properly due to too big of a box. And the port is fucking HUGE. Picture of the box below.
  23. Lately, my tweeters have been hitting the protection circuit at high volume on most songs. This did not happen before with this setup, and nothing has changed that I'm aware of. I have had to turn the two highest bands on my equalizer all the way down, otherwise the tweeters are coming in way to loud. I'm thinking the problem has to lie in either my head unit, equalizer or amp. I don't think it's the crossovers, because the protection circuit is kicking in because of another problem. I'm thinking that is the equalizer malfunctioning somehow, but I am not 100% sure where the problem lies. I know there is the -3dB setting on my crossovers for my tweeters, but I have them to the -0dB setting which is where they have always been without a problem until now. I just want to find out where exactly my problem is. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.
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