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Found 45 results

  1. I have a 2014 Sierra crew can, and i have listed my seats 3" higher with steel tubing and grade 8 bolts.i did this to build the best and buffer box for this truck. I previously had 2 sundown x8 prior to me lifting the seats and i want to make something better that i can really feel. What's the best subs and what size that i can put in my truck to get deeper lows? Should i go with 4 8s, 2 10s, or 2 12s?
  2. Ok, so I searched the forum, and actually did kinda find a thread with what was prolly a good answer...but the pix posted were hosted through photofuckit, and can't be viewed. So now I'm asking, because of all the searching I've done, I've not got a clear picture, not to mention so much reading I'm confused a bit. I've recently purchased 2 12" SA e12 dual 4ohm subs, and an SAE 10001.d v2 amp. I knew I had to parallel the subs inside the box to bring the ohms to 1. I did that and as a reference I looked over the wiring guide in the user's manual that came with the amp, and the diagram shows wiring in parallel like you should, but it shows 4 wires going into the amp. I know it's a mono amp, was just under the impression I should use the jumpers from each speaker in the box, and just plug 1 + and 1- to the amp, not 2 + and 2 - So I wired it as the diagram showed. My question is, is this ok? Or should I just have one set of wires from the terminal cup going into the amp, not all 4 wires from the cups to all 4 spots on the amp? Sorry if this question seems dumb, I'm just really confused now. Also, I've heard some mono amps will do something with the wires after their connected, inside. Like if each sub is wired parallel inside the box, but not jumped together, it will cut the 2ohm load connected to the amp, to a 1ohm load. Not sure if the SAE 1000d is one of those, google wasn't very fourthcoming :/
  3. im looking to go bigger than last year so im looking into 2 15" either SSA Zcon or Xcon. OR should I go with sundown audio's Zv4 or X series subs... any input will help. They will be powered by 2 BRE2500.1D's which get there juice from 2 HC2400 kinetic batts powered by a 240amp alternator.
  4. I have a 15 inch obsidian audio v3 dual 2 ohm and i need help with the design of a inverted enclosure. I can do the building part its just the technical part im not good at. I would like it to be tuned to 33-36 hz. I plan on putting around 600-700 watts on it.
  5. Well thanks to all the help and reccomendations from everybody on the forum I got a system I love and its been going strong for about 3 months now and every morning they still suprise me on how great they are! I ended up doing 2 sundown E15's in a enlclosure built to sundowns specs made out of 3/4 MDF and its all powered by a pioneer GMD 9601 and its all wired to 1 ohm. Everything works great and hits hard. Sundowns enclosure could use some tweaking but its alright for now lol. I ended up just putting them in to hear the sound before I carpeted the box and ended up just leaving it cause I didnt wanna take them out again lol. Most of my friends cant handle sitting in the back seat for more than a couple seconds lol. Would definetly recommend SD audio to anyone. Cheers, Max
  6. what my current system is while I'm in the process of buying and receiving all the new toys that are lined up for the future . http://youtu.be/zA2zhb_z5Hg This will just be a note for progress for further on down the road to show how much i've grown and built up.
  7. basically as the title says. i was planning on a .75 ft^3 box for a single 8, but have been reconsidering that option since most people have been saying that the box has to be huge because of the port. I wanted the ported vs the sealed cause i didn't want to lose out on the low stuff 30 Hz and below.
  8. I have these posted on ebay but I figured I'd post them here too....Selling my 2 SA-8v2s, I have 3 but the last one has a chipped basket (top part that makes no difference). If your interested in all 3 let me know...with the gasket on, you can't tell. I bought these from a member on CACO a while back as motors and baskets; reconed them, and have been running them for 5 months without issues. they have some scuffs/scratches on the motors and paint missing from the previous owner sanding down the old glue, but with the gasket on you can't tell. Coils still look good. Looking to get 130 shipped a piece, they are something like 18lbs. I also made mini-crates for them to ship in since I didnt want to risk it.
  9. Hello Guys, I am looking to get some help in designing an Enclosure for Dual sundown audio X 12s v.2 for a hatchback. I don't have too much of space to work with but i am looking for an efficient Box Design. I have been designing Enclosures for years but have always worked with slot Ports and i have a 0% experience with the Aero Ports. This time i want to try Aero Ports and when i searched online i was getting confusing information regarding the Port area and Air Velocity. Can someone please help me with this enclosure? The Max outer dimensions that i can squeeze from the boot are H - 21.5 , W - 39 , D- 15.5 (All in inches) Config wud be Sub up , Port up . I want to go the Aero Port route this time
  10. Hey guy. I’m really struggling to understand if the sundown audio sa-12 with work for this box. Sundown audio SA-12 1.5-2.0 ft^3 @ 35hz Ported sub box Volume: 1.75 cu.ft net Vented Box Standard Port Configuration: 12.5"x2.5" x 24" Long Tuning: 33 hZ Does it matter that the hz is off by two? And if it does what could i do to make it match? Also on I saw that on the sundown audio website that it says .14 ft^3 displacement for a ported box. What does that mean and will this box still be ok for it. It seems to fix other wise. Subwoofer http://www.sundownaudio.com/index.php/subwoofers/sa-series Ported box http://subthump.com/Jeep-Wrangler-TJ-YJ-and-JK-Custom-Subwoofer-Enclosures-by-Subthump/New-20072016-Jeep-Wrangler-Single-12-Vented-Front-Fire-Sub-Enclosure-wAmp-Shelf-clone-1.html Thanks!
  11. Well my new subs arrive today, and will be the start of some reconstruction. I will show pics of the current system in chronological order, even though it is already out and ready for the new setup. So here we go! Disclaimer: Stuff's gonna look ghetto. Start of the box for my SA-15 This is when I had my crappy Soundstorm SSL 4000D. Had a Kindle Fire installed for a few months, had charging issues, it would charge when it wanted to, it was finnicky. This was me just test fitting the Kindle, it was all centered and was fit nicely. Ended up taking the Kindle out, bought a Clarion EQS746, I have no head unit, iPhone plugs straight into the Clarion. Here's the first kind of "big deal" amp I got. Accompanied by a MB Quart 4.80 (Which I love and still have) Hifonics blew, due to my subpar amp mounting skills. Vibrations got to her. Picked this bad boy up for the low. Made a amp rack Painted the amp rack and kind of cleaned the wiring up a bit. Then xmas started to roll around so I placed an order with Dustin @ DL Designz for a new box.
  12. Pics inbound! wanna thank TaylorPro over on caco for ALOT of helpful advice.This was my first box build on my own by the way!
  13. So i figure i should post some of my own car audio setuo here on SMD istead of just commenting on others stuff and posting "random pic's" Did alternator upgrade for the 2nd time (from a 170 G series mechman to 250 Elite) & wiring upgrade yesterday (for the 3rd time) i think it turned out ok. Not much to see in the cab but it does the job, My source unit, the istreamer i'm using is mounted to the backside of the side slider. I've got some running around to do this afternoon, will post some more pictures of the setup later.
  14. I have a 2005 acura TL with sundown SA 12v3 right now in a standard L port box tuned at 32. Was looking to rebuild the system. 4th order blowthru maybe? The backseats DONT fold down but do have a "passthru" in the middle seat thats about 7 inches wide / 10 tall. Anyway, suggestions on subs? Not hating on any company. I just know that some subs do better in sealed / ported. I would be doing (1)! 12. Would be on around 3000 watts or so (2 strapped hifonics BRZ1700.1s) Wire - all sky high car audio Batteries- At the moment my 1700.1 (1) is running off my front battery (optima yellow top). Full tilt, doesn't go below 12.5. WIll be getting an XS Power D4700 eventually. \ Thanks
  15. Ive currently got a single Sundown Audio Sa-12 in the trunk with basic box (2 Cube ported box @29hz). I ve got 2 Sundown Audio X-10 d2 sitting in the bedroom thatd id love to make use of. I want alot of out output and lows. Would it best to do a box in the trunk or the back seat? I currently have a beack seat delete that I could modify to fit a box. Amp im running is a Saz-2500 v2. Music I listen to is Rap and decaf for showing off. Ive got some idea and Ive down several boxes with both but Im no pro and looking for sugestions. I will post pics and dims as needed. Thanks!
  16. ok folks i am doing a build for some good friends and have run in to some problems with how i should build the box with 4 sa-10s from sundown audio. i did design a box but im not sure how i well it will work if any one could help me out it would be great because i am stumped. if you have sketch up i will post my design on here if you could help out with designing the box. the box is going to be in a 1994 f150 extended cab and i have to keep under the back window and behind the b pillar the demitions i have from the truck are 20" tall 20"deep 60" wide
  17. 2008 chevrolet avalanche lt 4wd sundown audio sd-3 10 dvc 4 ohm 500 rms sound deadend q logic sealed hidden box kicker cxa 600.1 rated at 655w @ 2 ohm 5 awg? (lol its 15 years old)scoche ofc power and ground w/150 amp fuse rockford stealth rca's, 14 awg speaker wire factory head unit w/pac line out for rca's and audiotec input volume knob deka agm battery with power acoustik 2 Farad cap rockford fosgate prime 6.5's in all 4 doors with FAST rings
  18. just finished a build for my buddies Jetta, i really like the way the box turned out. let me know what you think! didn't really get a whole lot of pictures of the actual build but its 3 cubes @ 34hz. got it built from a single sheet of Birch, even got to do a double baffle.
  19. Hey guys, I've been looking at the Sundown X8 V2 for a few days now. I don't really need more subwoofers but...who can resist that beasty little monster? Every since I got my American Bass VFL 8" subs and saw people's reactions to them, I've fell in love with using predominantly 8 inch subs. I like trying them out and seeing how they all sound. I was actually about to pull the trigger on a set of PSI 8 inch subs until this Sundown sub caught my eye. This isn't a vs. thread, I'm just looking for some reviews from anyone who has ran, or does run the Sundown X8 V2 subs. I'd be running these with a VFL 2680.1D amp, a secondary XS D1200 battery and stinger isolator. They'd be in a ported box at 32hz. Can anyone tell me if these subs sound as mean as they look? What can I expect? Would the 2680.1D be enough power for them, or will they want more? I see they're rated for 750rms each and the VFL 2680.1D is supposed to provide 1300 RMS. I think that's a pretty close match, right? Any information is greatly appreciated. I'm not looking for anyone to bash all the other 8 inch subs, I just want to know specifically about the Sundown. Feel free to PM if you prefer. Thanks!
  20. Up for sale is my current setup. I babied both the amp and the subs while I've had it. They never got hot on me and worked like a champ. Always kept in flawless condition, no scratches, no stripped screws, no knicks, all clean. By far my favorite setup I've ever owned, hard to give them up! But going on a different route in life and want this setup to be used to the fullest! All come with original packaging, manuals, and bass knob included. 1. Product: two (2) SA-12 D2 subwoofers 2. Specs: SA-12 D2 Sub Woofer Size: 12 RMS Wattage: 600 Voice Coil: Dual 2 Ohm Sens (1w/1m): 84.22 19.0mm X‐Max by 70% BL method one‐way (38.0mm peak to peak) Overall Diameter w/ Gasket: 12 5/8" Top Mount Depth: 6.5" Cutout Diameter: 11 1/8" Displacement: 0.14ft^3 FS (Hz): 33.96 Recommended Sealed Box: 1.0 Cubic foot (Yields F3 of 46 Hz) Recommended Ported Box: 2.0 cubic feet (Tune to 35Hz, yields F3 of 28Hz) 3. Price: SA-12 D2 subwoofers - $115 Shipped EACH or $200 for the pair shipped 4. Pictures Updated pics of sub motors.
  21. setup: subs-2 sundown sd-2 10d4 amp-rockford fosgate t1000bd power wire & big 3-Sky High Car Audio Pioneer mvh-8200bt their finally in finally took the strips off the truck and put the sundown sticker on Big 3 done on the dakota
  22. Whats up folks this is my build, which was designed by robin butler from bassheads ent. designed to be loud and play from 25-45 hz with authority. . This is my first wall build in my jeep., so I had a rocky start but it turned out good. Currently there are two zv4 18s in the box until the niteshades drop. Still have to make beauty panels for the wall and play with the port and get everything dialed in. Well enough talking time for pics. System consist of : flatline audio 10K amplifier Sundown nsv3 18 (2) 7 crescendo audio d3100s / 1 yellow top up front 8 runs of audio technix 0 gauge wire Mechman 340 amp alt 8 american bass sq6 mids massive audio 800.4 4th order design we decided to do a different port because i couldnt fit through the other one. lol This is a video of the the wall first turn on ran off a Crescendo 5500 @ 2 ohms , with no mids and highs planing, and decided to go with the flatline audio 10k instead of the ab 1100.1
  23. I am looking for a sundown audio 1500watts rms mono amp for my dual 1.5 ohm custom fi bl 12.
  24. What's up bassheads, Julian here (quakecitystudio - old profile), I decided to have some fun with my track and slow it down to make a 34hz edition. I'm providing a free mp3 download link, if you think you can handle the bass, post a video of you playing the track and I will add it to my youtube playlist on my page. Here's the preview link: http://soundcloud.com/rocktownspl/5-minute-bass-34hz-edition And here's the download link: http://soundcloud.com/rocktownspl/5-minute-bass-34hz-edition/download - My request is that you reply with a video post of you playing the track, that's it! Happy Bassin and I'll be looking forward to the vids!
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