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  1. They are mounted side by side on risers on an amp rack which is also mounted to the box. Not direct sunlight 5% tint all around and 50% on the front windshield. They are also positioned in front of where my rear ac vents blow from the back of my center console
  2. Figured I would atleast state that but, yes there strapped. I matched them individually before setting them in the master/slave modes even though once in slave mode it shows 35<v
  3. Side by side on amp rack. Some what positioned behind rear ac vents
  4. Too hot? I have two t25001bdcp's strapped and the slave amp gets hot like I can keep my hand on it for about 3 seconds before having to move it (143°F today) its definitely got hotter. It had me curious to how hot it was soni picked up a electric thermometer and have started to shoot it when I think about it after playing a few songs. The Master amp dosent seem to get as hot, I've heard these amps will get fairly toast when strapped. Just curious if this is semi normal. Any input helps 2015 Nissan Titan Crew cab (2) Fi Sp4 d1's (series/parallel wire to 1ohm load) Bassaholics box design @32hz Electrical: Mechman 280 alt Xs D6500 & D3100 Single runs of RF 0ga Both amps are gained matched at 86.2v with t440 scope
  5. Of course since I said somthing it's gone back up over the last few hours it's now back to 14-14.4v while driving/idling. Earlier I would put a load on it and it would hold 14's at idle but once I put it in drive and would hit around 2k rpms it would drop to 13.2 and stay. It's been around mid 80's this week (in East Tennessee) as of the last few hours it will stay in the 14s unless I start dumping but, will quickly bounce back. Appreciate the input I'm gonna keep an eye on it and pull out the meters when I get to the house
  6. My idle and driving voltage has been 14-14.5v and two days ago it started staying at 13.2-13.3v. When I first start the truck it will climb to 14.5v then within a few minutes will drop and hold steady at 13.2v. Is there somthing I could be over looking for this to happen all the sudden? 2015 titan sv crewcab Mechman 280 Xs d6500 (underhood) Xs d3100 (back seat) Two RF t25001bdcp & t1000-4ad Two loaded Fi blv3 15s in 8cu/32hz
  7. About a minute or two after turning my truck on it drops to 13.23 ish volts and seems to hold there without any load present. You saying yours did about the same? Soon as it turns over I'm at 14.5v+ then it drops shortly after without load present
  8. Just went out and the sound is gone, it's been parked for about 30-40min and its resting V was 12.98
  9. So new question. I popped my hood tonight and swear I could hear a faint hissing sound like, really faint coming from the negative terminal on the battery. It's a brand new battery. I had to damn near put my ear to it.
  10. Around 12-12.5v if that. Lol nah. I'd be concerned if it started getting close to 10.5 but, not at 13v.
  11. It holds steady when driving, occasionally at red lights etc. Itll drop pretty good if I still got the volume cracked but. Once it gets a break between notes of turning it down it'll re coop real quick. Which I'm taking for normal drop since the alt. Isnt always on
  12. It has a Active current sensor on the Ground wire which I believe goes to the IPDM relay. Guessing it acts like a ECU relay
  13. Went out for a drive a little while ago and I stopped and check it while still running and it was sitting at 14.04/14.02v from the battery post. Played a few songs pretty much at full tilt and was hardly dropping if any. Will test again in the morning.
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