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  1. The black does look sexy but its like you said, clash issues. Here us a tip on how to get heavier texture. With SEM, the closer you spray, the finner the texture. For heavier texture spray farther from the panel. Test it on something else to see how far you have to be to get your desired texture.
  2. Try going to an automotive paint store. They all have color matching spray paint and texture making base from SEM. they usually have a rack displaying all the colors. If you don't know where the automotive paint store is, go to your nearest body shop and ask them where they buy their supplies locally.
  3. Hey man, now that i can spend some serious time on the build its great! My work pales in comparison to yours but i thin they will look pretty clean when i am done. And the holes are for the door seals, no fancy lights here. Maybe some day when skill get good enough. i noticed the the door does not separate except the small pocket and the area where the arm rest is. The rest of the door is a whole one piece. What are your plans for finish on the midrange area? Wrap the whole door in vinyl, texture paint just the speaker section. etc, etc.
  4. Hey there, hows it going. Those doors are turning out great, excellent body working. Are those holes on the bottom of the doors what i think they are???
  5. Hey Steve, where and what page can i see the set up layout for the T5's on the doors where you went active . I'm asking cause I'm doing the same set up on my doors. 2 set ea. and going active with a 3sixty.3. but how do i wire them up (2ohm, 8ohm, etc) and what 4ch amps did you use???
  6. wouldnt the amp always stay on? Absolutely. I guess he didn't figure that out
  7. Check out my last Pic of the Box, and I asked wether I should Re-Enforce the Port or leave it with the smooth transition.

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