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  1. All I can say is I have tested this one. I was curious when I bought these. I ran one 8 in a .75 @ 35hz and it hit a 133.8. This was in a 99 mercury cougar powered by a Hifonics BZR1200 at about 700~ watts
  2. Well, I currently have 4 sa-8's, all are d4. Moneys not exactly all the best right now, so I am trying to find a solution without busting the wallet too hard. (3-350) But right now I have a Hifonics BRZ1200 powering 2 of them at 1 ohm. The issue is going to be adding 2 more. Really didnt think it through very well, confused D2-s and D4s, figured on wiring (4) d4s to 1 ohm ( I know...) So with that amp, would it be possible to pick up another one and just run a new set of rca's and remote to power the other 2 all in one enclosure? I know the amp's cant be linked together, but I should be able to use the RCA out to the other amp correct? Sorry for being quite the newb at everything. Not something I do everyday. Prefer engines
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