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Found 29 results

  1. Hello, guys. Sorry for the bad English, I translate through Google. Well. Let's begin. It is based on Russian-made car - four-door sedan VAZ 21099 It has long had the idea to implement the six twelve-inch subwoofer in a body. To start welded metal frame on the floor, the roof and the rear of the vehicle that would further secure the plywood to it. Just cut out the floor of the trunk, so that would be put to the battery compartment. At the moment, the subwoofer is installed. It remains to make the chat box front. Soon the rest of the news. https://instagram.com/justsound_customs/
  2. I had another build on here but it is way out of date so I decided to start a new log.. My system consists of.. 2012 Ford Focus Kenwood DDX-370 Android Mini PC RK3188 (1) Sundown SA-6.5 CS (Front) (2) Sundown Neo Pro 6.5 V2 (Rear) (2) Sundown Neo Pro 8 V1 (Rear) (2) Sundown Audio SA-12 D4 DC Creations 4.5ft3 tuned to 22hz Hifonics BRX 2000.1D Hifonics ZXi 80.4 XS Power D6500 (Stock Location) 150A Alternator Plasti-dip on the hubcaps and 35% tint all around except the windshield
  3. 1999 Chevy S10 Running (2) Zv3-10's off of One NS-1 In IASCA Rookie Trunk/Truck I did a 147.6 Sealed off the windshield. (.3 DB down from the World Record) This was done with (1) battery XS D3400, (1) run of 1/0 Power wire, and Stock Alt. Also in IASCA I placed 3rd Overall in Flyweight with a 30sec. Average of 148 Which consisted of (2) batteries, and (2) runs of 1/0 Power I have recently dropped the power down to a saz2500 on the (2) Z's, soon to be a 2nd saz2500 and hopefully the new XS7500
  4. I am looking to buy a single 15" subwoofer. I want something that excels at the 30hz-20hz range for under around $640 USD. Sundown is what i want but the shipping to australia always costs WAY too much. Also FI Car Audio does not ship to australia. The Skar Audio ZVX-15v2 costs $360USD + $100USD Shipping and seems to be what i'm looking for but people keep bad talking it. The amp i am getting is a 3200W hifonics amplifier so a higher wattage subwoofer would also be good if it can be found for the price. Does anyone have any suggestions for other brands to look into?
  5. Hey guys, work in progress here! My brother over at Good Vibrations Audio is building my car.www.facebook.com/GoodVibrationsAudioFL Please check him out if you like the build! Thanks! GVA I'm Evan Otis and this is my build in my 2000 Ford Contour! Located: West Palm Beach, FL Goal: is to have a fully functional, clean sounding, & stable audio system! Bandpass box: 3:1 ratio with 2 SA Ultras on 2 2k Crescendo BC2000. Box Peaks at 37hrtz. Subs specs: 750 watt rms Front Stage: 8" Rockford Fosgate mids and super tweeters. Rear Stage: 6" Rockford Fosgate mids. All powered on a Crescendo C1000.4. Battery: Powersafe 190ah Alternator: Stock alt Here's a timelapse of the build & a short preview of it playing. Here's a video of it playing with my windshield seals blown out from bass. https://www.facebook.com/Lil.Otis.or...20?pnref=story (It's fixed now haha) We are making progress. Ultimately going to have LEDs in the box (plexi side). We are going to do an infinity mirror on the top of the box and maybe do some plexi engraving or plaques inside of the box representing GVA. Inside port we are still undecided. In the future I will most likely upgrade the subs to something that will handle more power! Current Scores are 149.3 was kick with driver door open and 149.0 was windshield driver door open. I'm confident that with some small electrical upgrades, reinforcing, and tuning we will get our 150db score from two budget subs! Making progress. Let me know what everyone thinks and I'll be happy to answer any questions! Will keep this thread updated with pics, vids, and info!
  6. Feel free to comment, im always looking for things to improve and small projects to do. Its been too quiet and too long since I have had loud bass.. its time.. I have already got most of the parts for it have been saving and getting everything together since the winter months, the plan was to do a clean build with quality items and is front facing and sealed off from the trunk. I'm not going to upload all the photos at once so I will be trying to maintain an order since I never got around to making a thread about it the last 6 months Heres the car I just tried out some turtle wash and spray wax, Not sure if im satisfied especially with the pollen that was blowing all around.. Ill bust out the real wax next time. Getting stuff together some Sky High 1/0 OFC and 6 Lug Battery Terminals. XS Power D3100 for the trunk, aka stock spot. After ALOT! Of considerations I finally decided to save some cash and go with the hds 300 12s.. well see how they do. 5/23 More pics.. This was when I bought it 2 years ago. Put a Kenwood DDX470 into it soon.. was rough finding anything for this vehicle. I had to alter the dash mount I got.. and even after its still not a perfect fit, but its not noticable and now the radio actually fits in it I ended up redoing the 2 trim pieces around the shift knob and radio repaint and everything a graphite gray and put new boots on the shift knob and e-brake. Now I have to get the center console out and do the uglier areas.
  7. Help please I am really confused by Sundown's X 15 single box design that they offer on the their website. It says it recommends 4.25 Cubic feet for the X 15 yet the box they show to build to me seems as though it is much smaller than that after displacement. The box that it is currently in won't fit in my trunk. It measures 16.5" tall X 22" Deep X 33" wide. I need to do a cardboard mock up to see what will fit in my trunk. I would like to have it as close to recommended spec as possible. What I don't understand is that Sundown says it needs 4.25 cubic feet, which I have to assume means net not gross, yet the box design they offer for download I calculated to roughly 4.195 Cubic feet gross. This doesn't make any sense, any input would be greatly appreciated. Attached is a picture of the box sundown recommends. This will be my first box build ever so I really want to do it right. I have the carpentry knowledge I just have never built a box before. Ideally I would like it to be tuned to 38hz, the X series is already a low note crusher and I was told that If I tuned it higher it would give it more bandwith. Thanks for any feedback. I can get the max dimensions of a box that will fit later on tonight if anyone would be willing to help me out a little bit with the design.
  8. So the build is finally decided, just haven't figured out which way to point them the box is as stated: 6 ft3 with a 4 inch wide slit port tuned to 29hz Port and sub direction? Or would you go with a different style of box for a 15 inch SA Sundown Audio running on a bd1000.1? Please help! Thanks so much.
  9. hello all....im upgrading my substage this spring...and would like to know if I will need two runs of 1/0 for my sub amp (SAZ2500dV2 pushing two X10s in a 1 ohm load) I know I would need double 1/0 inputs. for electrical, I have Singer 200 amp alternator, one D3400 under the hood, and one D3400 in the trunk. I have another amp running the highs and mids, but its running 60x4 in a 4 ohm load...I don't think that is of much concern, just getting a feeling from folks if 2 runs is overkill, or preferable for the low end. thanks in advance guys!
  10. Hi. Here is a build log that I will update whenever I got time to build things into my car. Will get updated with better info.just uploading pictures atm. Car: 1993 mod Mitsubishi Pajero gen 2 Place: Hammerfest, Norway. What I got in my car: *2x Sundown Zv4 10" *2x Sundown Neo Pro 8" *2x Sundown comp 6.5" *3x Stinger spp2150 *Stock alt atm. *1x Sundown saz-3500 *1x Sundown sax-4x125 +++++++ The car: Some of the equipment: Building the doors:
  11. Hello all! I'm new here to the forums and I thought I'd start by posting a build thread for first build. I've been looking into audio for a very long time, but recently started looking specifically into car audio about four years ago. I built my very first box a year ago (April, 2016) after ordering my subs. Since then, I worked and saved up for my amp, batteries, and wire (other miscellaneous stuff as well) which I recently purchased this winter. I got everything in the mail a few months ago and only recently installed everything. It's been a very long work in progress (I replaced my door speakers and fabricated my A-pillars three years ago and have been saving up since then) and will continue to be improved, but I'm happy to finally share it with you all! Here are some pictures in chronological order of everything as it has come together (sorry for the poor iPhone quality): April of 2015 (As you can see, this was my very first box build. It's not very pretty and there was lots of sanding to do to make all the edges meet flush) The subs A couple of months later (February 2016) and I stripped the vehicle down to the bare interior so that I could run the wire and RCA's through the car (for my daily, I didn't want to run the wire underneath the vehicle. Looking back on how tough it was to run three runs of 1/0 AWG through the firewall, if I did it again I'd do it differently!) Interior reinstalled Under the hood Progress Heatshrunk! Batteries, bussbars, box, subs, and most of the power wire installed The (temporary) wiring setup About a year of work, and that's where I'm at! I've done a little more work to tidy things up, but for the most part, I've got everything done and ready for the amplifier to be dropped-in when it arrives. Speaking of... I ordered my BC5500 in December, but shortly after they went out of stock and you know how Crescendo restocks go... Four months later, and here I am anxiously waiting for my amp to restock and show up in the mail. In the meantime, I'm working on rebuilding my box and the floor underneath it. I'm currently very unhappy with the way the Herculiner turned out. It was my first time using the product so my lack of experience made it clump and lay unevenly over the entire box. Additionally, the box itself was my first, unexperienced build, and I've learned a lot about boxes and building them since them. The box has a 32hz tuning and I'd like to drop it lower to 30/28, so I'm going to be doing interchangeable ports (I realize that I will be changing the 3.5 cubic airspace by adjusting the port volume, but the subs will not be in a space that is any less than their minimum recommended with the largest port). I'll also be replacing the OEM trunk floor (about a 1/4" thick) with 1/2" MDF. It'll be much stronger and hold up to the flex and weight a lot better. I'm also unhappy with the battery tray and amp rack that I made (very temporary 1/4" angle iron rectangle mounted to the floor and 1/4" wood as the amp rack) so I'll be replacing those in a much more permanent fashion (I've got a few ideas in mind). In the meantime, let me know what you guys think!
  12. I have two Sundown Audio SD-2 10D4s in a small sealed 0.6cuft per sub enclosure under the rear seat of my F150. I am running them 4 Ohm mono on an old school RF Punch 800aii amp. I just purchased a new Ford Fusion (daily driver w/better gas mileage than the F150) and want to build a dual ported enclosure for the Sundowns since I now have the room. I designed a ported net 1cuft per sub enclosure. Using a 33Htz tuning frequency with a 2.5" diameter port, I've calculated the port length to be ~10.32". A slotted port for the same tuning at 1" wide 11" high, I calculated a length of ~23.98". Now to my question, I found this Ground Shaker enclosure on Sonicelectronix for $79.95 free shipping! Materials for my box alone are nearly this price. It's an ideal volume, 1.10cuft per sub, the Sundowns displace 0.08cuft for a 1.02cuft net (SA recommends 1.0cuft for ported). The box is made from 11/16" mdf. I can't find the slotted port dimensions for this box. From the picture I approximated it's dimension to be 1" wide 11" high and 20-21" long. The box's depth is 17.5" and the port should be nearly 1 & 11/16" shy of that, (I'll use 16" to be easy). Then the port turns 90 degrees and continues what looks to be 4". Together that yields between 20" & 21" (adding 11/16" for thickness of the 90 degree turn). For a 1.02cuft box, I calculate a 1" x 11" slotted port 20.5" long would be tuned to ~35Htz. I just want some opinions, and my calculations checked. Thanks!
  13. So I have recently purchased two SA 12's dual 2 ohm, and a Hifonics BRZ 2400.1d. First questions. How long should I break these in for? I plan on running at 2 ohm obviously to give it that extra power these subs crave. I currently have a Kicker box approximately 4.4 cubes tuned at 42 hrz. Now I know this box is far from a 'good' enclosure for this setup so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a box build or prefabbed box sizes. I would like to know if I should get a box with a side port or a front port firing to the rear of the vehicle. Lastly, I have yet to get a second battery for the trunk (going in a cavalier) and would like to know what size battery I should get. Any ideas, suggestions, opinion, etc. is extremely appreciated! Thanks guys. I know SMD forums will get me the most accurate and reliable information available online.
  14. I had this vision of getting another 1962 Chevy Biscayne Wagon to build to pull my white Wagon Bis-Kwik to out of state show's. Well I searched for about a year or so and one actually found me! My good buddy from VA had this Wagon for several years and was showing it, It was hooked up at one time, but he got a 62 SS Impala that he started doing and pulled a bunch of parts off the Wagon to go in it. His Wagon sit for over 3 years and he contacted me the other night and told me he was tired of it sitting and going down hill and he wanted me to buy it cause he knew I would get it back on the road. I JUMPED all over it and took a road trip and got it! Now that's it's home I have already gave it a name "Pig-Pen" This is the plans with it, I want to do a Cummin's Turbo 6BT swap in it, put it back on air ride and a nice set of rim's. For system since it already has front bucket seats in it and a console I will build my own console system. Keeping this one a little simple since it will be my hauler. I am going Friday to Sundown Audio HQ to pick up some of my equipment. I will keep yall uptodate on this little build!
  15. So the last post got locked for the choice of words, I didn't intend the post to be a vs post, so I just have to reword the post. What would your favorite budget 15 Sub/Amp combo? (SPL would be nice with them as well)
  16. I have done some searching and there seems to be some debate. I haven't seen a thread about this topic for this particular sub so I figure I would just ask. Sub up port back? Sub up port up? Sub back port back? etc. etc. This is my daily driver and I listen to everything from rap and dubstep to metal at times. I plan to demo it and maybe compete at local shows this summer. Amp will be 3500 of some kind, not sure which route I am going yet. Singer Alt is getting ordered this week as well so electrical should be solid. I figured the easiest way to get her home was to belt her in. This is by far, the largest sub I have ever owned. I have been grinning like a teenager on prom night since I got home.
  17. So the day has finally come to sell my pride and joy...my 2000 Burban....I am currently selling a house and building a house and while I don't have to sell the Burban, it would be easier if it were gone...I bought it in April of 2010...I am the 2nd owner....I bought it from a dealership in Louisville Kentucky...the previous owner was extremely meticulous and every oil change and maintenance item is logged and dated....the Burban has 240,709 miles...runs and drives perfectly....has power windows, locks and sunroof....power leather seats....normal wear and tear....since I have owned the Burban, it has never seen snow, sleet or ice and has only been caught in 1 rain storm....it has always been stored in the garage since I have owned it....I have the title in hand....I have over 35K invested in the Burban....I am asking $20,000 or best offer....if you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected] or call me at 574-315-1755....I am located in Northwest Indiana about 30 minutes outside of Chicago....I work 7days a week 12 hours a day so if I don't immediately answer your questions please be patient I typically respond in the evenings...I spoke with Chode69 prior to posting this... Only the first few pics have the name and date..... 2000 Chevy Suburban with 26" KMC Slide Rims wrapped in Fullway 295 25 26's Air ride with Airride Technologies shock waves in the front, Slam Specialties RE7's in the rear, 7 gallon tank, 1/2" SMC valves, dual chrome Viair 480's, AVS controller, Parker fittings, and Dakota Digital air pressure gauge with 4 corners and tank DJM front upper and lower tubular control arms with 3"drop Spohn rear upper and lower control arms and panhard bar (not installed yet) 4 DC Power Inc 320 amp chrome small case alternators with quad DC Power Inc alternator bracket Sir Michaels metal roll pan Shaved roof rack Metal cowl hood plus spare primed metal cowl hood Denali chrome grill insert Headlights and side markers Taillights Painted in 2012 with all badges and side moldings removed 10 XS Power D 3100 batteries XS Power quad alternator VCM Custom dash bezel for Ipad (ipad not included) Relocated Heater controls Custom A pillars with Rockford Fosgate T1 5.25 w/ T1 tweeter 4 Custom Door panels with Rockford Fosgate 8" P2 woofer, with 2- 6.5" Rockford Fosgate T1 mid bass and 2- T1 tweeters Q logic kick panels with Rockford Fosgate 6.5" T1 components New factory carpet Complete interior of vehicle sound deadened with Dynamat 2 Rockford Fosgate T1000.4 amplifiers 1 Rockford Fosgate T600.2 amplifier 1 Rockford Fosgate T600.4 amplifier 4- 18" sundown Audio nightshades with Z3 suspension upgrade 4- Sundown Audio SAZ-2500's 3- custom amp racks All Rockford Fosgate 1/0 gauge wire (red and black) All connections are soldered Pioneer double din AVIC-x930bt with rear view camera and iPod cord 2- Rockford Fosgate 360.2's All Rockford Fosgate RCA's I have all the original boxes for all the equipment as well as factory parts from the suburban including original rims, tires, hood, suspension, etc Battery box welded between frame rails and wrapped in sheet metal so it is completely isolated from the exterior Box has removable port and is currently tuned to 42 hertz 1/2" aluminum buss bars with stainless steel bolts (power and ground) Batteries always have XS charger connected and batteries rest at 13.2 Autometer cobalt digital gauges (voltage, amperage and amp temperature More Photos Coming
  18. Okay everyone, Here is the beginning of a build that I have put more thought, blood, sweat, tears, and effort into than any other build I have ever done! I am always open for Constructive Criticism in any of my builds! I know most of you like to see goals/equipment lists in the first post. Goals: NOT cutting any corners on anything or "rigging" anything up Build something that can promote my dream of becoming an audio enthusiast and shop owner Build something with mids and highs that can keep up with the bass (Even though I never build anything geared towards numbers,) achieve 150+db on either the kick or windshield on music. Build an enclosure for the subs that can be played at full tilt, and rest a penny on the top of it and have it not move at all Expand my knowledge of fabrication and learn as much as I can. Edit: (forgot to add this) Not have ANY interior or exterior rattles at all. Equipment: 2011 Ford F150 4 door full cab 2 wheel drive with 6 inch lift kit, 20 inch rims, 35 inch tires, and a nice train horn 2 Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro tweeters 4 Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro 6.5 mids 4 Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro 8 mids 2 Crescendo Audio Symphony 800/4s 1 Sundown Audio NS-1 6 Sundown Audio SA 12s Loads of Sky High and Audio Technix 16 gauge, 12 gauge, 4 gauge, 1/0 gauge, and 2/0 gauge wire 3 Powersafe 190 ah batteries Singer 320 amp alternator Custom subwoofer enclosure Custom door pods Custom Battery rack Custom Amp rack Custom Ipad dash Custom center console Custom rear wall trim Custom trim around sub enclosure Clarion 7 band EQ Bluetooth Reciever ^there is probably a good amount that I dont remember lol Pictures to follow There are Soo many people to thank for helping bring this build to life, even the smallest bits of advice can help so much! For that, I say a big THANKYOU!
  19. Old Set-up: Kenwood DDX370 Clarion EQS746 4 Infinity Kappa 62.9I Coaxils 1 Sundown Audio Zv3 15" D2 (Soon to be 2 SA-12s) 3.3ft3 tuned to 33Hz (Soon to have box sealed off the trunk) Hifonics ZXi 80.4 Hifonics BRX 2400.1D XS Power D6500 Stock 150A Alternator (Big 3 soon) Second Skin Damplifier This topic is really for my new upcoming build which will be two Sundown Audio SA-12s on a Hifonics BRX 2400.1D sealed off from the trunk. The box is currently being built by DaveTheBoxGuy, it will have 3 interchangeable ports (20Hz/28Hz/45Hz). For now, while I sit and wait, I am going to post my current set up just to show you all some of the work I have done so far. I don't have all the pictures since some things were done a little while ago such as, deadening, changing my door speakers, wiring etc. but I will eventually tear some things off and show you how I installed everything. Here it is.... Here is what my car looked like brand new.. Tint is 30% and hubcaps now plasti-dipped.. De-badged and replaced the stock antenna with a "shorty."
  20. Just got a New 2015 Kia soul Base. Had to tear out my old system from my 1994 chrysler concorde and put it in my soul but i wanted to keep the factory headunit for now as i'm low on funds. Took out the headunit and tapped into the rear speakers channels with the line out converter Ran my Sky high 0/1 awg wire to the back. eventually i'm going to upgrade the front battery and get a battery in the rear. Ran the Rca's and the remote wire on the opposite side of the car because it was a pain in the ass to get the panels back on with the 0/1 awg ran. got the amp all wired up and got it playing its sounds good i still need to get a amp rack planned out for my skart2000.1d and my Rockford fosgate 4channel for the mids and highs Pics of the car and my old car
  21. Greeting, I am a new member who's recently discovered Sundown Audio. I just bought a used Sundown 8" an eBay. The seller didn't have the original box, so I am a bit unsure just which model I have. Moreover, I plan to use it in a Tapped Horn build. TH's are tricky things, and if you don't have pretty exact spec's they can be a disaster. I'm getting set up to measure TS spec's on my own (can't find anyone around here that does that, so I might as well ... I love DIY), but in the meantime I want to narrow down my design simulations a bit with the manufacturer's spec's. This is a STRONG motor for its SD! So it's pretty finicky with what design it will work for (just judging by experimenting with the spec's of an SA-8v.2) ... designs for other 8's were all over the graph. I think I have either the v1.5 r the V1.75, judging by the basket (4-spoke/8-leg), and the DC resistance as measured by a cheapo tester bounces between 2.3 and 2.4 per voicecoil. Can anyone identify it, and WHAT ARE THE TS PARAMETERS? Thanks ahead, and glad to be joining you folks.
  22. 4.5 ft3 @30hz 3.25 ft3 @ 35hz Been running 1600 rms for about 6 months now, and it is taking it like a champ. Full tilt almost daily. Previous enclosure was 4.5 ft3 @ 30 hz. This one is 3.25 ft3 @ 35hz. I wanted loud for some reason, s-10s do not like lows at all.
  23. I aint new in here, but we don't really see such kinda installs here in India. I know walled setups in other countries are common but here in India it is relatively new. Some of you folks might have checked my earlier build log posted here http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/151241-2-fi-sp4s-in-a-ford-in-india/ I was using 2 FI SP4 15"s in a ported enclosure in boot of a SUV and managed to do a hairtrick. A vid can be seen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QO7nID88yJQ&feature=player_embedded Was already bored of the setup and wanted to try something new.. Went through a thread on CACO regarding 4th orders and decided to try one of those for SP4's (Got impressed by vids posted by soundstreamsilverado), Took his suggestions regarding the enclosure and that's how it all started. Once again the ride in which the setup was done..
  24. Hello! I thought to made little story off my project.. Car is Golf IV 99´ Setup now: Alpine CDA-117Ri + PXA-H100 8x Sundown Audio SA-12´s 4x Focus Acoustics FX-1500d and 0.5 Ohm each 5x75Ah Optima Yellow Top and 48Ah optima in front ~150kg 3x Focus Acoustics Fx-4150 4ch amps 3 pairs x Ground Zero Hydrogen GZHC16X series mids 10 x Rainbow CAL20silk tweeters 4 x GZHF652X My team site,there you can find more project pics and vids etc. http://www.facebook.com/pages/NoDeMo/143748795725445 My youtube page http://www.youtube.com/user/IIsonyII1 So first of all, my english is not very good, but I try still.. How everything began: 15" Focus Acoustics Black MK3 + FX-1500d 1ohm 2x 15" Focus Acoustics Black MK5 + FX-1500d 0.5Ohm. Best score 146.4dB Maxboom race average.Maxboom is bass race in here Finland. Simply..competitors play same race track: 35hz,38,41,44,47,50,53,56hz 32 seconds and then calculated average..That was two years a go. Now song is 16 seconds and you can choose 32-53HZ,35-56Hz or 38-59Hz tracks,what works best in their own setup..That´s it..more www.maxboom.fi 3x12" Focus Acoustics MK5 Blacks and 2x Focus Acoustics FX-1500d 0.66Ohm each. I played this setup +150dB.. 4x Focus Acoustics MK5 12" & 2x Focus Acoustics FX-1500d 0.5Ohm each. I played this setup 148.7db at maxboom race average.Total peak was 151.8db 50Hz and tl sensor middle of the windshield. And then it goes wild.. And then some car pics.. Demo race vote.. Then..my doors looks like this Ground Zero Hydrogen series mids 3pcs per door and Rainbow Dream Line CAL20silk tweeters 5pcs per door. What those are.. I write later more story what is going on now Stay tuned and comment pls
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