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  1. Little bit of an electrical upgrade. Found a great deal on a dual alt bracket, so I scooped it up. Currently Just have my stock alt in with my mechman 240, but will have two mechman' eventually. Big thanks to Josh for helpin with all my questions. Didn't take too long and I got it all up and running!
  2. No shit, I would watch your cod vids all the time. glad to see you on here man. Welcome!
  3. Anyone find out if this deal is still going on? Just submitted a form but don't wanna hold off on purchasing for a long time if it isn't going on anymore
  4. Thank you! And yes I just got them hooked up. Havent really had time to play with the tuning of them to get it dialed in. But I have the speaker pod turned down more from the doors to keep the output pretty consistent from the drivers and passengers seat. Definitely louder tho! will be making tweaks to it to make it sound even better.
  5. Finished the speaker pod today! Now I just need to run wires from the amp to the speakers and it will be done! Oh and also need to cut the center console to fit it in with the speaker pod there. Im going to wait until it is a little warmer than -10 outside to do that tho. So sick of this cold weather!
  6. There was a bolt coming up from the floor that would hold down the center console tray so I just drilled a hole in the bottom of the pod and will bolt it down with that bolt. And thank you!
  7. Got a little update. trying fiberglassing for the first time. I'm making a speaker pod to go under my headunit to hold 2 SoundQubed 6.5" pro audio mids. I still have a lot of work to do till it's finished. But it's coming along quite nicely! Better than I expected. I also got an hdc4 15. Will eventually get a second one and go from 1 18 to 2 15's. That will probably take a couple months tho.
  8. Excited to see how everything turns out! Thank you everyone working so hard to work on this! And of course thank you @SteveMeade! This is by far my favorite site.
  9. Just bought a skar lp-1000 to go with the sq hds3.1 15. Thanks for the deal!
  10. we have at least 1 audit a month, either customers or some other regulatory organization. Damn. That would be a pain. we only get survey'ed about once a year. great news, This was my first time as the supervisor of my department, and my departments didnt get any cites!
  11. Got state and federal agencies inspecting my facility this week. Only Tuesday and I want the week to be over
  12. Thank you man! It was just resin on the inside. I wasn't the one that built the box otherwise I would have added mat as well
  13. Had a lot of rattles coming from my door panel. Got second skin overkill pro and some damp rope and also replaced all the stripped out panel clips. Man it made such a difference. Can't hear any rattles coming from my doors any more. Listening full tilt is much more enjoyable now. Thank you second skin! Before After:
  14. Figured I had another xp3000 sitting in my house for like a year, I might as well put it in my truck. Made a platform of 2x4's on the other side of the box and tucked it away under the amp rack. Worked out pretty well. So now there's an xp3000 hidden under each amp. All tucked away and hidden
  15. I have 4 runs total. 2 power 2 ground. You can't see the battery but I have an xs power xp3000 under the 4 channel behind the beauty panels. So from the battery in back I have 2 runs of power and 2 runs of ground going to the 3500, and a run of 4g going from battery to 4 channel. It's all shown in my build log. As for fuses, I have 2 on the power runs under the hood, two on the runs right before the battery, and two from battery to 3500. So 6 total. All 150a fuses I believe.
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