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  1. Thanks man! Broke a 50 today! Metered 150.4 sealed on the dash clamping 2588 watts. Supper happy with that score. Never thought I would hit a 50 when I first started with the hobby. Crazy to see the progress I have made.
  2. Dropped down to half ohm finally. HUGE difference! gained over 3db's!! Metered a 149.4! not sure if ill be able to squeeze another .6 out of it, but i'm going to try my damnedest to get that 150. Also starting to be able to do a baby hair trick. Nothing crazy, but its getting there!
  3. Had a meet up today with some of the audio guys around me. Metered again and got a 146.16 sealed on the dash. Will be dropping down to .5 ohm soon and i'm hoping to get over 147.
  4. Thanks! She helps a little bit, but is very supportive of it. She comes along to almost all of the competitions and team meet ups. When I removed the trim panels she helped get all the adhesive off. Most of the time she will just sit outside while I work on it.
  5. Was a nice day out and got some time to deaden some of the floor today. 100% from the front, till just behind the front seats. Will be buying a few more sheets to finish the rest. Then I'll have everything in the truck deadened except for the back doors. Before. After
  6. Thank you! Means a lot coming from you! And I'm definitely having a lot of fun working on this blazer. Aftermarket parts are cheap and there's a lot you can do with them. Next step is some window tint
  7. It was a bitch! But I think it was worth it. I debadged the tailgate and that wasn't too bad, but the side trim pieces had a lot more adhesive to remove. I just ran fishing line behind it to cut the tape, sprayed the adhesive with goof off, then started scraping. It away. It took about 5 hours total to get off all of the adhesive. But I think it looks a little more custom with no badges.
  8. Took off the trim panels along the bottoms of the doors. I think it gives it a little bit more custom look. Took about 5 hours to get off all of the tape, but I think it looks good Before: After:
  9. Summer is finally here! Finally got some time to put in my copper battery terminals. Special thanks to Kyle!
  10. yeah at 40hz. I will see if I can get a video today. Gotta put some music on a flash drive so ill be able able to record with my phone. was able to lift my girlfriends hair just the slightest bit. not anything really noticeable yet, but one day! lol
  11. Metered a 146.4 the other day. meter in drivers kick, passenger door open. will be dropping down to half ohm soon. Hoping to get a 147 on the dash.
  12. If it is cool out but sunny, it helps to lay out the sheets either on the hood/roof of your car, or on black top. Let it sit in the sun for 15-20 min and it should warm up a good amount. also, make sure you clean the metal with alcohol really well so its a clean surface. But if you think it will be in the 50's within a week, I would wait.
  13. This is what it says on Second Skin's website ***Requires our Vinyl Double Sided Sticky Tape or Super Glue to adhere to projects, Spray Adhesive will not work on this rubber***
  14. Got a chance to meter today. Pretty happy with the results considering it is wired at 2 ohm, on music. The loudest system ive had yet.
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