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  1. Got the new HDC4 18 installed. Wired at 2 ohm until it is broken in, then will be dropping down to half ohm. Deadened the entire roof, got both front doors deadened, and the back area deadened. just have the floor to do and there will be 100% coverage of second skin damplifier! Before After
  2. Outstanding guy for sure. Has always tried to help me out in any way he could. Just bought 3 sets of sky high battery terminals. Shipping was fast and packaged very well, and by far the best price I would ever be able to find. Even threw in some extra goodies. 10/10 hands down. If you are thinking about buying something from him, do not hesitate. Thanks again man!
  3. Quite a few changes since my last update. Sold 2 of my sp4's for cash and an FI N2 18 in a box. Was just going to flip the n2 quick but buyer backed out so I said fuck it and put it in my blazer. Looks pretty nice and clean. I'll get a pic of it soon. I only have it on about 1500 watts, but metered a 144 on the dash. It's pretty musical, but i have been wanting to go back to some hdc3's. Well, found a good deal on a new hdc4 18, so I bought it will be here tomorrow. Can't wait to break that in and see what I can get with that.
  4. It wasn't a warranty issue. And Kyle is awesome for tryin to help me out. I still might be going with the sp4's depending on a couple things. Didn't get as much done today as I would have liked, but got drivers door deadened, and the back hatch. Used 2 sheets on the door. You can't see but there's the entire inside of the door deadened, as well as the outside panel. Before: After: (added more around the q-mat after picture)
  5. Thinking I'm going to be going a different direction. Blew one of my sp4's because all of the glue joints on the former cracked and a lead came out. FI said its because of over excursion, but I didn't even play them that hard at all. So if that's what it takes to blow them, then I might reconsider my choice in subs. Not bashing them in any way, just going a different direction. I'm thinking 2 hdc4 or hdc3 18's. But time will tell On a good note tho, got my second skin damplifier in! Gonna be deadening my doors, and maybe my roof this weekend. Will post pics of the progress. Ryder approves second skin. Lol
  6. Thanks man! I have one ground ran from batt negative straight down to the frame. I drilled a hole, and then tapped threads in it so I could bolt the lug right to it. I also believe that I have one from batt negative to a mounting bracket right next to the alt. That acts as the engine block ground. Here's a pic of where it's grounded to the frame. It's right in the middle of the passenger wheel well.
  7. Got my 240a mechman alt! Only took 11 days from when I ordered it, till it was at my door! Only took about 30 min to install and now my voltage holds at 14.0 pretty well. Lowest I've seen it go so far is high 13's!
  8. Oh yeah. Ive had to watch my voltage because I drop in the 12's. Ive been putting it on the charger most nights. Will be nice to hold 14's. And then Ill have the electrical for 2 sp4s on the 3500 at .5
  9. Just filled out a form. Hoping for a deal. Great customer service right here! Getting anxious because I want it now! Lol
  10. Turtle beaches are a must for me. The xo four is only $99 of I remember right. And also I would recommend getting rechargeable battery packs. I'm pretty sure the turtle beaches get power from the controller, so I seem to go through a battery pack every other day. I would be spending a fortune on batteries otherwise.
  11. Small update. Swapped my old sp4 for a new one I got. The new one is d2 so I can run it at 1 ohm instead of 2 like the other one was at. Also swapped out a stinger volt meter for a SMD VM-1, and man this thing is so much better. I never saw a reason to spend that much on a volt meter, but I can definitely understand now. It is so responsive it is unbelievable. Sold a couple things I had laying around and 1 battery, and almost have enough money for an alt. Was thinking about trying to find a deal on a used one, but I'm leaning toward a new 240a mechman. That should be plenty for me. And after a lot of consideration, I'm leaning towards a c-pillar wall with 2 sp4 15's tuned around 30hz. I think the easiest way would be to make a solid platform over the wheel wells and put the box on top of that, seal around it, and put trim pieces around it to make it look pretty, and have batteries and amps in the back. My goal is 150, but I'm not chasing numbers. I want it mainly for daily listening and a good demo vehicle on music. Think it's possible? Will be 2 sp4 15's on a SQ 3500.1 at half ohm. Got a short video of how it's currently set up. Not the best vid because I needed to record with my phone, so I had to use a cd for music and all I had was some old dubstep, but it will do for now. Now all I need is some deadener, and a new alt and I'll be good to go!
  12. Oh the suspense is killing me!! Good luck everyone! And thanks again second skin!
  13. Thanks man! And got some big things happening here pretty soon. Will have 2 more sp4 15's and either 2 or 4 more xp3000's in my possession on Sunday
  14. Rear window was slapping around a lot and making a lot of rattles so I ran some 1/8" tuning in the weather stripping to make a tighter seal, and it's all gone now! Worked like a charm. Got my tail lights in and installed. Looks so much better than the dull stock ones!
  15. Also built a little panel to put 2 volt meters on temporarily. Eventually i will make it look a lot better, but i had the plastic and epoxy laying around i said screw it and put something together real fast.
  16. My other LED's came in. I think the ones on the license plate are too bright. Probably gonna take them out, but the one under the hood is nice and bright.
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