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  1. would 6 cuft with 2 6" aero ports tuned to 32hz on a 12k , I know way too much power but gain will be set and then turned down, be an ideal box or should I go a different route. going in an 03 denali. the person Im building it for listens to mostly hip hop and occasionally the decaf stuff. the person he bought the subs from told him to do 5 cuft with 3 6" aero tuned under peak of vehicle and then plug one for daily driving. the person im building this for doesn't plan on competing so im just gonna do 2 6" tuned to 32hz which gets me around 9.4 sq in to cu ft ratio. any input would be appreciated.
  2. getting ready to start a build in a 04 Yukon for 4 sa15 d4s on a dc 5k @ .5 ohms. my question is should I build it on the smaller side say 3.25 cuft per sub @ 33hz or go a different route because of the power they will be given? if anyone has any other suggestions. guy im doing it for wants it to play really low and loud. the box I have came up with is 13 cuft after displacement tuned to 33hz with a port of 40x4.55 for 180 sqin and 21.5 length.
  3. nope, i didn't fuse the alternator wire. I almost never do. There is a fuse at each battery though. so as long as i fuse before the back batteries its cool to run straight off the alt? i would worry if for some reason i got a short somewhere between the alt and batteries the wire wouldnt be protected.
  4. Sorry about the 2 posts i did it from my phone and i didnt see it so i made another post.
  5. I have a level 4 m1 d2 with level 5 soft parts and i was wondering would it be ok if i got another level 4 d2 with no upgrades and put them in the same hox?
  6. I have a level 4 m1 d2 with level 5 soft parts and an extra spider and was wondering if i was to get another level 4 with no uogrades would they work together in the same box ok?
  7. send me one aswell but with level 5 soft parts and an extra spider but d2
  8. would you be interested in selling it? i have the same woofer and i am looking for another one. i have d2 coils. or would you be intersted in getting mine so i can get 2 new ones?
  9. i still need to make side panels for it. oh by the way its ported in the rear and it fires under the rear seat
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