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  1. So he got it candy painted new shoes and all the suspension work to let it sit under a tree?! Ballin at its best lol. Hope you get a face pic of the person whi comes to pick the amp up for shipping. They will never believe thats an amp lol
  2. ive been gone a while.but wow!! Just finished drooling over this and the 72 redo now on to the others. But this is bad ass!
  3. ttt probably the last bump for this amp. make an offer
  4. good morning bump. i will also add my pioneer deh-p7000bt for a good double din.
  5. help a fat man out. i need this money to fund my new enclosure build
  6. ill trade for subs. and add cash if needed. 4 12s..2 15s..
  7. hmm i just looked at plasti dip videos on youtube. i think ill do that for a better idea thanks
  8. i have wanted to murder out my car for a while now but i keep blowing money on other useless crap lol..
  9. my fault for not being clear. i just wanted them painted black using photo-shop. i think it looks kind of tacky right now because the chrome around the windows and the rims are the only chrome on my car. i dont know what to do lol
  10. i tried to do it on my own before making this thread. it came out worse than the 1st pic. i was never mad or pissy. 1st bump there was an " lol" so clearly i wasnt mad. when i did the 2nd bump there was suppose to be a pic of the hack job i did. but clearly i forgot to paste the pic. and yes the guy i have in mind is good. hes done many parts for me in the past. thanks for your input.
  11. replied... bump for more offers or trades
  12. yes i get the idea thanks bro. yeah im gonna do them right if i do end up doing it. i have a friend that says he can get my parts powder coated pretty cheap. if not there is also a place that always posts on craigslist. it looks like they do some good work for reasonable prices.
  13. umm what the hell are you talking about. 1st im not mad........well i wasnt 2nd where the fuck did you see me asking for for tips on how to ghetto rig my shit? put the crack pipe down son. i asked for someone to PHOTO SHOP my shit black so i could see if i wanted to powder coat the parts. i didnt say can someone come spray paint my rims for me. but before you post again id grab a 12pack and a xanex or 10 and relax
  14. call the manufacture. i had a similar problem. i have a arc audio 900.1 and kept seeing different specs.some said it was 2ohm stable some said 1ohm. i called arc audio. and within minutes found out its 1ohm stable. its better to go straight to the source if you can
  15. black paint wont stick to chrome in photo shop !? holy crap i really dont want to learn to use it now
  16. Im open to any trades .. i just put double din because. I picked up a faulty flip out from here and the wife is still on my back lol. Pm me what you have in mind.
  17. dont really have anything set. i could use a double din. but feel free to make offers
  18. im thinking about painting my rims and the chrome around my windows gloss black. can someone please help me out with a quick touch up?
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