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  1. start with specs on car: car is a 2015 Hyundai Veloster w/rear seat delete..... CES270 Alt Lithium 1550CCA 58AH battery under hood big 4 done ALL Skyhigh 2/0 wire(2power/ground ran to back) 2 40ah lithium in rear orion hcca 8k(sub) 2 ampere audio aa150.4's(highs) DC lvl6 18 all AB Godfather mids(6 sets 6.5's 2 sets massive T50 super tweeters) specs on room for 6th I would like to stay in these(45.75W x 26H x 24D) BUT can go bigger if need be would have to shrink to 40W x 28H x 28D.... I was thinking about 5.5 tuned @28 for smaller side and [email protected] on the bigger side but can seem to get everything to work together with double layer and triple baffle...Any help would be appreciated.....
  2. Now have to figure BEST and Easiest way to finish off to close off from the hatch ....
  3. Tuning was 29ish this was I made 35 and it DEFINITELY is hitting the lows ...
  4. Box Complete NOW just have to trip it out ...Definitely sounds better then the last box....
  5. Call him...Here is the number he called me from 440-248-5858
  6. Well his ears must of been ringing cause he finally called me back ....Design specs are now in the works ....
  7. Trust me I know what ya mean ....It’s almost easier to drive back to Ohio and walk in the door then reach someone since the VM is full and other number just rings
  8. It’s all good....this what sucks going with subs I never used before and for as long as they have been around there isn’t much out there for them to get the info myself and Freaking Bob NEVER answers emails and or the phone all week ...
  9. On an iPhone easiest way Infound way to email them to myself and when you hit sent it asked what size you wanna send them I picked 20kb and they send open your email save your pics and BAMM DONE can post here
  10. Finally figured out how to resize pics...The port edge you can kinda see to the right
  11. Well the box is 28” deep and the port goes front to back and curves up maybe 4-5” so it’s pretty long ....I had all the specs he sent me BUT they must have got deleted some how off my phone
  12. Tried to insert a pic keeps telling me it’s too large..Port is 38.5W x 3H
  13. Well I will start by wondering if anyone can lend a hand with a few things ... I have a ported box now BUT think dude designed for wrong subs because it just doesn’t hit any type of lows and is driving me nuts ...So with that being said I wanna do a 4th or a 6th order for my subs “IF” it would work and someone could help with that “IF” it wouldn’t work then a design for a whole new ported box that I can trim out for a wall basically(Subs and Port Forward)....My current box is 40W x 20H x 28D supposedly tuned to 29hz(not a fan at all)....New box MAXXX height I want to be between 25-26” open to all other specs ...Thanks in advance... MAX Dim: 48.5W x 25H x 28D American Bass XFL 1544 x2 2015 Hyundai Veloster Sundown SVC3000D Optima Yellow top D31T x3 270amp alt(on the way) 4 layers front to back top to bottom whole car of 50 mil Kilmat w/expanding foam in all places I couldn’t reach Goals....Demo
  14. OK I have been going crazy going thru all the pages here to see if ANYONE HAS a design for 2 Sundown x8 Subs.... I will be running between 1500-2k to the pair hoping to use 4" aero ports since I have 2 of them ... There going in a Jeep Patriot (cargo space is 38w x 18d x 14h) "IF" NOONE has done this box I am looking for can someone help with a design...I would be willing to give ya some cash for your time if need be,I would just like to get these things in already since its been a LOOOOOONG min. since I got them.... Thanks in advance for any and all help
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