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  1. Wish I would have thought about that when I did my old ext cab Ranger, back rattled like a Mofo!
  2. Haha yea I've used it before and it does expand rather fast if you overfill. I will be careful though since I've never used in car.
  3. Good Idea, still haven't done it but will use bags too. Thanks.
  4. Thanks ! Didn't even think about spray foam. I'm going to do it tomorrow.
  5. Well I deadened all my doors, roof, most of floor, but forgot to do anything to the hatch, where the port is blowing....and it rattles a lot!! Anybody have any tips or tricks? I'm just going to deaden whatever I can but wondering what others experience is with deadening hatches/ rear doors or whatever its called. Thanks !
  6. I have the two rcas from the head unit going to the bass knob, y splitter going out of the bass knob to one rca going to the amp and it works great as others said. I was worried as well when I connected it but no problems so far.
  7. Well I set the amp without the sub woofer connected to 55v. Connected subs and tried. Was loud but seemed to need more umf. So I said F it and put my test tone on, -10 db 40 Hz, cranked it to max (un-distorted) ran to the back and adjusted gain till the clipping light came on then backed it down a bit. Needless to say it was definitely louder and didn't hurt my subs. I didn't measure the volts it was putting out while connected to the speaker because it was 9 PM here and didn't want the neighbors to complain but I'll measure tomorrow. The only thing I'm concerned with is the amp doesn't have much breathing room (2nd pic) but I'll play with it to see if it gets too hot, if it does then I'll have to move it.... EDIT: I've been using the amp the past few days and it is freaking great. I've never had speakers above 1.5k rms until this system and the amp is pushing them very, very well. Greatly pleased with the amp. Gets warm, but nothing to cry about and it absolutely rips.
  8. I know this is an old thread but how did -5db work for rebassed music? have you tried -10, -7.5 etc...
  9. Yea I should be ready this weekend to hook it up. Taramps support left me on read after I asked to set to 55v for a 1 ohm load LOL Still have to trim the bolts up and other things but plan on making the box in the next couple of days. Not too concerned about "pro" look since it's my work car (explorer) but I couldn't do "pro" if my life depended on it.
  10. Late to the party but do you still have these? For sale? I would assume shipping would be a PITA, I've never shipped a battery.
  11. I still don't want to connect my brand new subs and give them full amp juice at max head unit volume .....Can I just set it at 55v with nothing connected ? I guess I can set it to whatever LOL but want to do it right. We'll see once I put it in either way gonna be fun EDIT: I'm messaging with Taramps Technical Support USA (facebook) and they said to use a voltmeter if the subs aren't connected. Still trying to get more info.
  12. I have a couple but haven't hooked them up yet. The thing is pretty tiny and I've seen dynos of them doing rated. I like the "smart" thing about it where it makes the same power @ and between 1-2 ohm. Plus it makes 2k at 4 ohms.
  13. Well my head unit can go to max without clipping so I would just use a -10, -5 etc... bass tone or is there something else less "hard" on the speakers ? They're brand new and worried about pumping them full of Brazillian juice so soon !!
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