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  1. Came up in my YouTube feed and I thought people here needed a good laugh again.
  2. There won't be a noticeable difference, besides messing up your stuff.
  3. Then obviously the manual is wrong about it's own product.
  4. Why would a low voltage signal matter before amplification?
  5. And I don't care if you feel like you're reading a dissertation. Or in German or Italian.
  6. From an old post of mine, IDK if the links all still work. I highly recommend reading up on AC circuits in this book. http://www.ibiblio.org/kuphaldt/electricCircuits/AC/AC.pdf And if you need some background you might want to start with the DC Circuits book. http://www.ibiblio.org/kuphaldt/electricCircuits/DC/DC.pdf This site has a lot of great stuff. http://www.subwoofer-builder.com/ http://www.silcom.com/~aludwig/ https://sites.google.com/site/amateuraudio/theory/compression One of the best sites I use. hhttp://sound.whsites.net/articles.htm With this specifically dealing with T/S Parameters. http://sound.whsites.net/tsp.htm Have fun with the Germans. http://www.hifi-online.net/ http://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/sound/Lesson-5/Resonance One big ass book on Helmholtz Resonators (ported enclosures) https://books.google.com/books/reader?id=Xy4DAAAAQAAJ&printsec=frontcover&output=reader&pg=GBS.PA46 Small acoustics lessons http://www.trueaudio.com/st_spcs1.htm http://www.sonicdesign.se/optimum.html Best site I have for acoustic lessons and speaker lessons. http://www.linkwitzlab.com/publications.htm JBL Document http://www.pispeakers.com/ssdm_99.pdf Pi Speaker's Documents http://www.pispeakers.com/Speaker_Crossover.pdf http://www.pispeakers.com/Speaker_Crossover_Lab.pdf More Speaker Stuff http://www.stonessoundstudio.com.au/stone/diy_speaker_info/diy_introduction_p1.htm Diaphragm Materials Somewhat Explained http://www.stonessoundstudio.com.au/stone/diy_speaker_info/diy_driver_types_p3.htm Absorption coefficients of common building materials and finishes http://www.stonessoundstudio.com.au/stone/speaker_enclsoure_box_materials.htm Physco-Acoustics http://www.avforums.com/threads/sub-psychology.661795/ For the most detail about eddy currents in general: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddy_current]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddy_current]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddy_current For the most detail about EMF: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromotive_force]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromotive_force]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromotive_force Back EMF: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Counter-electromotive_force]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Counter-electromotive_force]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Counter-electromotive_force The rest of these will be those and other things like impedance but in specific application: basic explanation and equations: http://physics.bu.edu/~duffy/py106/Electricgenerators.html]http://physics.bu.edu/~duffy/py106/Electricgenerators.html]http://physics.bu.edu/~duffy/py106/Electricgenerators.html More very basic explanations: http://www.prestonelectronics.com/audio/Impedance.htm]http://www.prestonelectronics.com/audio/Impedance.htm]http://www.prestonelectronics.com/audio/Impedance.htm This is a forum, but the guy answering knows his stuff so just double check anything you read but aren't sure about: http://physics.bu.edu/~duffy/py106/Electricgenerators.html]http://physics.bu.edu/~duffy/py106/Electricgenerators.html]http://physics.bu.edu/~duffy/py106/Electricgenerators.html https://www.boundless.com/physics/induction-ac-circuits-and-electrical-technologies/magnetic-flux-induction-and-faraday-s-law/back-emf-eddy-currents-and-magnetic-damping/]https://www.boundless.com/physics/induction-ac-circuits-and-electrical-technologies/magnetic-flux-induction-and-faraday-s-law/back-emf-eddy-currents-and-magnetic-damping/]https://www.boundless.com/physics/induction-ac-circuits-and-electrical-technologies/magnetic-flux-induction-and-faraday-s-law/back-emf-eddy-currents-and-magnetic-damping/ http://www.caraudiohelp.com/newsletter/speaker_impedance.htm]http://www.caraudiohelp.com/newsletter/speaker_impedance.htm]http://www.caraudiohelp.com/newsletter/speaker_impedance.htm http://sound.westhost.com/project56.htm]http://sound.westhost.com/project56.htm]http://sound.westhost.com/project56.htm http://sound.westhost.com/patd.htm]http://sound.westhost.com/patd.htm]http://sound.westhost.com/patd.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_characteristics_of_dynamic_loudspeakers]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_characteristics_of_dynamic_loudspeakers]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_characteristics_of_dynamic_loudspeakers http://www.churchsoundcheck.com/imp1.html]http://www.churchsoundcheck.com/imp1.html]http://www.churchsoundcheck.com/imp1.html For your goals about designing, here are your 2 new best friends. http://sound.westhost.com/tsp.htm]http://sound.westhost.com/tsp.htm]http://sound.westhost.com/tsp.htm http://www.diy-audio.narod.ru/litr/FaradayRingsVoiceCoilImpedance.pdf]http://www.diy-audio.narod.ru/litr/FaradayRingsVoiceCoilImpedance.pdf]http://www.diy-audio.narod.ru/litr/FaradayRingsVoiceCoilImpedance.pdf A GREAT Book that is used by many Universities around the world. http://www.avatar.com.au/courses/PPofM/ Some more explaining boxes http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volume_5_2/cmilleressayporting.html http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/vent_tuning.htm Transmission lines. http://www.t-linespeakers.org/design/MJK-for-dummies/index.html New additions: 2017 Books that I will not give links to: Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook, 5th edition CMOS Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation, 3rd Edition - Jacob Baker Free lecture videos over his book, two 3rd year electrical engineering courses. http://cmosedu.com/videos/videos.htm And the Handbook of OP-Amps. http://www.ti.com/lit/sboa092 Designing for Low Distortion With High Speed Op Amps http://www.ti.com/lit/slyt133 Analysis of Fully Differential Amplifiers http://www.ti.com/lit/slyt157 JBL Documents: Vol.1, No.1 - Performance Parameters of JBL Low-Frequency Systems Vol.1, No.1A - Performance Parameters of JBL Low-Frequency Systems Vol.1, No.2 - 70-Volt Distribution Systems Using JBL Industrial Series Loudspeakers Vol.1, No.3 - Choosing JBL Low-Frequency Transducers Vol.1, No.3A - Choosing JBL Low-Frequency Transducers Vol.1, No.4 - Constant Directivity Horns Vol.1, No.5 - Field Network Modifications for Flat Power Response Applications Vol.1, No.6 - JBL High-Frequency Directional Data in Isobar Form Vol.1, No.7 - In-line Stacked Arrays of Flat-Front Bi-Radial Horns Vol.1, No.8 - Characteristics of High-Frequency Compression Drivers Vol.1, No.9 - Distortion and Power Compression in Low-Frequency Transducers Vol.1, No.10 - Use of the 46120K, 46710K, and 4660 Systems in Fixed Installation Sound Reinforcement Vol.1, No.11 - Controlled Power Response - Its Importance in Sound Reinforcement Systems Vol.1, No.12 - Polarity Conventions of JBL Transducers and Systems Vol.1, No.12B - Polarity Conventions of JBL Transducers and Systems Vol.1, No.12C - Polarity Conventions of JBL Professional Transducers and Systems Vol.1, No.13 - JBL Concert Series Complete Sound Systems Vol.1, No.14 - Basic Principles for Suspending Loudspeakers Systems Vol.1, No.15 - Choosing the Right Studio Monitor for Specific Applications Vol.1, No.16 - Power Ratings of JBL Loudspeakers and JBL-UREI Amplifiers Vol.1, No.17 - Measurement and Interpretation of Loudspeaker Polar Data - A Comparison of JBL Constant Coverage Bi-Radial™ Horns and EV HP Large Format Horns Vol.1, No.18 - Vented Gap Cooling in Low Frequency Transducers Vol.1, No.19 - Sub-Bass Systems Using Triple Chamber Bandpass (TCB) Technology Vol.1, No.21 - JBL’s New Optimized Aperture Horns and Low Distortion Drivers Vol.1, No.22 - JBL's New Super Vented Gap Maximum Output Low Frequency Transducer Vol.1, No.23 - JBL's HLA Series Loudspeaker Systems and DCD Transducers Vol.1, No.24 - JBL's New Maximum Output, Midrange and Low-Frequency Transducers Vol.1, No.25 - Using HLA 4895 modules in arrays system controller guidelines Vol.1, No.26 - Speech Intelligibility - A JBL Professional Technical Note Vol.1, No.27 - Signal Processing Guidelines for VT4889 VERTEC Line Array Systems Vol.1, No.28 - Forward Steered Arrays in Precision Directivity Speaker Systems Vol.1, No.29 - JBL Precision Directivity PD700 Series Co-Axial Mid-High Speaker Systems Vol.1, No.30 - Cone Midrange Compression Drivers (CMCD) Vol.1, No.31 - Progressive Transition (PT) Waveguides Vol.1, No.32 - Basic PD5322 and PD5122 Array Applications Vol.1, No.33 - JBL's Differential Drive® Transducers Vol.1, No.34 - JBL's New Differential Drive Transducers for VerTec Subwoofer Applications Vol.1, No.35 - CBT - Constant Beamwidth Technology Vol.2, No.1A - 1_3 Octave Equalization and The JBL-UREI 5547A and 5549A Vol.2, No.2 - JBL-UREI Power Amplifier Design Philosophy Vol.2, No.3 - Applications for the JBL-UREI 7922 Digital Audio Delay Vol.3, No.1 - The Evolution of JBL’s Large Format Monitor Loudspeaker Vol.3, No.2 - JBL’s New LSR Mid-Field Monitors Vol.3, No.2A - The New JBL LSR6300 Series Studio Monitors Vol.3, No.3 - JBL Professional Studio Monitors for Multichannel Sound Applications JBL Technical Note - Danger, Low Power Harmon Kardon: Citation XX - White Paper (english).pdf Citation XXP - White Paper (english).pdf Harman Kardon - A Technical Guide to High Current Capability Amplification.pdf Harman_Kardon_vs._competitors_-_5.1_real_power_comparison.pdf The Art & Science of Harman Kardon (1995).pdf Infinity: Documenti disponibili File Dimensione Data Infinity - Bass Optimization System.pdf 1.038 Kb 08/11/2007 Infinity - CAS In-Wall Loudspeakers - White Paper.pdf 1.189 Kb 08/11/2007 Infinity - CMMD (Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragms).pdf 578 Kb 29/06/2011 Infinity - Epsilon Project - White Paper (1994).pdf 1.553 Kb 29/06/2011 Infinity - IRS Omega - White Paper (1998).pdf 4.332 Kb 29/06/2011 Infinity - Loudspeakers and Rooms - Working Together (Floyd E. Toole).pdf 163 Kb 08/11/2007 Infinity - QLS - White Paper (1976).pdf 1.600 Kb 25/02/2013 Infinity - R.A.B.O.S. (Room Adaptive Bass Optimization System).pdf 1.377 Kb 29/06/2011 Infinity - Renaissance Speakers - Watkins woofer, EMIM, EMIT - White Paper.pdf 3.166 Kb 25/02/2013 Infinity - Sigma - The Majesty of Live Music (White Paper - 1996).pdf 1.493 Kb 16/06/2012 Infinity - The Acoustical Design of Home Theaters (Floyd E. Toole).pdf 108 Kb 08/11/2007 Other brands: Documenti disponibili File Dimensione Data Basf - The Inventor's Notebook.pdf 1.183 Kb 08/10/2014 Bose - Principio Acoustimass.pdf 194 Kb 14/11/2005 Bose - WaveCannon Patent.pdf 1.014 Kb 23/03/2014 Chario - Il sistema ad espansione selettiva della stereofonia.pdf 1.841 Kb 11/06/2006 Crown BCA - Balanced Class Amplifier Circuit (Class 'I').pdf 125 Kb 07/02/2005 Genelec - Loudspeaker set-up for multi-channel monitoring (Version 4 - 2004).pdf 1.228 Kb 22/06/2006 Harman Group - A New Laboratory for Evaluating Multichannel Audio Components and Systems (Castro, Olive, Toole).pdf 433 Kb 26/10/2009 Harman Group - Audio – Science in the Service of Art (Floyd E. Toole).pdf 1.237 Kb 26/10/2009 Harman Group - Clari-Fi Brochure (English).pdf 1.746 Kb 14/03/2014 Harman Group - Direction and Space - The Final Frontiers (Multichannel and binaural audio systems for movies, music and games).pdf 800 Kb 26/10/2009 Harman Group - How To Choose An Enclosure for Your Woofer.pdf 838 Kb 19/02/2015 Harman Group - Loudspeakers and Rooms for Multichannel Audio Reproduction (Floyd E. Toole).pdf 1.278 Kb 23/04/2011 Harman Group - Maximizing Loudspeaker Performance in Rooms (Floyd E. Toole).pdf 578 Kb 05/06/2005 Harman Group - Subwoofers - Optimum Number and Locations (Todd Welti).pdf 814 Kb 26/10/2009 Harman Group - Understanding Room Acoustics and Speaker Placement (Floyd E. Toole).pdf 146 Kb 08/11/2007 International Rectifier - Linear Power Amplifier Using Complementary HEXFETs (AN948).pdf 60 Kb 28/09/2003 JVC - All You've Ever Wanted to Know about the CD-4 Disc System (01-1973).pdf 4.976 Kb 08/11/2014 JVC - CD-4 - An Introduction (1975).pdf 4.176 Kb 08/11/2014 JVC - Discrete 4-Channel Broadcasting.pdf 170 Kb 08/11/2014 JVC - Discrete 4-Channel Record CD-4 System - Technical Information & Operation (08-1971).pdf 9.368 Kb 08/11/2014 JVC - For a Better Understanding of CD-4 (08-1972).pdf 7.847 Kb 08/11/2014 JVC - The World of JVC 4-Channel Sound.pdf 3.844 Kb 08/11/2014 JVC, Matsushita, RCA, Warner - The CD-4 Handbook - A discrete point of view about the quadraphonic evolution.pdf 2.896 Kb 08/11/2014 Lexicon Logic 7 - The Multichannel Solution.pdf 630 Kb 09/07/2011 Maxell - Registrazioni perfette su cassetta e su bobina (06-1982).pdf 11.913 Kb 17/10/2009 Motorola - 100 and 200 Watt High Fidelity Audio Amplifiers Utilizing a Wideband-Low Feedback Design (AN1308 - 1992).pdf 278 Kb 28/09/2003 Motorola - High Power Audio Amplifiers with Short-Circuit Protection (AN485 - 1985).pdf 407 Kb 27/12/2007 Nakamichi - Sistema di autocalibrazione dell'azimuth della testina di riproduzione.pdf 74 Kb 11/12/2005 National Semiconductor - Bridge-Parallel Amplifier (AN BPA200 - 1997).pdf 3.956 Kb 28/09/2003 Onkyo - Circuitazione Real-Phase (1985).pdf 419 Kb 24/08/2004 Ortofon - Cartridge Recommandations for Turntables (1981).pdf 8.011 Kb 13/09/2009 Ortofon - Rohmann - Moving Coil Cartridge (1991).pdf 2.014 Kb 19/04/2011 Ortofon - SPU Gold Reference - Engineering White Paper (1989).pdf 779 Kb 19/04/2011 Peerless - The Jecklin Disc (1976).pdf 513 Kb 06/12/2009 Philips - Amplificatore B.F. a simmetria complementare a bassa tensione di alimentazione.pdf 1.483 Kb 22/03/2008 Philips - Amplificatore Hi-Fi da 50W realizzato con i Darlington BDV64A e BDV65A in contenitore SOT-93.pdf 3.317 Kb 22/03/2008 Philips - Amplificatore stereo economico realizzato con il TDA1004.pdf 900 Kb 22/03/2008 Philips - Amplificatori B.F. da 5 e 6 W d'uscita realizzati con i nuovi C.I. in contenitore SIL-9.pdf 1.890 Kb 15/06/2008 Philips - Amplificatori B.F. Hi-Fi da 10, 15, 25, 50, 100W con alimentazione asimmetrica.pdf 2.981 Kb 28/06/2008 Philips - Amplificatori B.F. Hi-Fi da 25W - 8 Ohm con alimentazione simmetrica.pdf 1.970 Kb 28/06/2008 Philips - Amplificatori B.F. Hi-Fi di media potenza con stadio finale a simmetria complementare.pdf 5.697 Kb 02/07/2006 Philips - Amplificatori B.F. Hi-Fi di potenza con transistor Darlington complementari.pdf 7.005 Kb 02/07/2006 Philips - Amplificatori di potenza Hi-Fi da 25-30W realizzati con transistor Darlington in contenitore TO-220.pdf 4.351 Kb 28/06/2008 Philips - Dati tecnici riassuntivi dei transistor e dei moduli per bassa frequenza (1970~1980).pdf 4.036 Kb 29/06/2008 Philips - Integrated Operational Amplifier Theory (Application Note AN165).pdf 194 Kb 28/09/2003 Philips - Loudspeakers and Crossovers (1970~1980).pdf 3.929 Kb 29/08/2009 Philips - Realizzazione di casse acustiche ermeticamente chiuse da 35, 50 e 80 W.pdf 1.020 Kb 29/06/2008 Philips - Realizzazione pratica di casse acustiche ermeticamente chiuse per potenze di 50,60 e 80W.pdf 10.711 Kb 28/06/2008 Philips - Regole pratiche per il progetto di amplificatori B.F. Hi-Fi con finali Darlington di potenza.pdf 4.791 Kb 29/06/2008 Philips - Speakers (1970~1980).pdf 4.332 Kb 29/06/2008 Philips - TDA1028, TDA1029 - Circuiti integrati che sostituiscono i commutatori nei sistemi di amplificazione.pdf 5.623 Kb 02/07/2006 Pioneer - Evoluzione del logo dal 1937 al 1962.pdf 24 Kb 24/08/2004 Pioneer - Tuning Fork - Digital - Supplement (~1980).pdf 11.326 Kb 10/12/2005 Pioneer - Tuning Fork No.1 (~1980).pdf 26.208 Kb 19/03/2011 Pioneer - Tuning Fork No.2 (supplement) (~1980).pdf 48.350 Kb 19/03/2011 Pioneer - Tuning Fork No.2 (~1980).pdf 44.191 Kb 19/03/2011 Pioneer - Tuning Fork No.3 (~1980).pdf 40.418 Kb 19/03/2011 Pioneer - Tuning Fork No.4 (~1980).pdf 54.158 Kb 19/03/2011 Pioneer - Tuning Fork No.5 (~1980).pdf 34.721 Kb 19/03/2011 Pioneer - Tuning Fork No.6 (~1980).pdf 29.885 Kb 19/03/2011 Pioneer - Tuning Fork No.7 (~1980).pdf 28.210 Kb 19/03/2011 Pioneer - Tuning Fork No.8 (~1980).pdf 24.267 Kb 19/03/2011 Pioneer - Tuning Fork No.9 (~1980).pdf 22.290 Kb 19/03/2011 PMI - Balanced Low-Noise Microphone Preamplifier Design (AN-115).pdf 134 Kb 23/06/2004 Quad - Diffusore ESL63.pdf 2.314 Kb 28/07/2006 Schoeps - How to Power and Connect Professional Condenser Microphones.pdf 5.115 Kb 06/06/2005 Schoeps - ORTF Outdoor Set.pdf 672 Kb 20/05/2012 Schoeps - ORTF Surround - The New Standard for Surround Ambience.pdf 1.358 Kb 20/05/2012 Schoeps - SuperCMIT - Shotgun Microphone with Enhanced Directivity.pdf 2.530 Kb 20/05/2012 Schoeps - Surround Recording Techniques.pdf 9.391 Kb 20/05/2012 SGS - 70+70 W Active Loudspeaker System Using Monolithic ICs (Technical Note 156).pdf 3.512 Kb 05/07/2005 SGS - Audio Design Reference (Technical Note 137).pdf 5.377 Kb 29/07/2006 SGS - TIM-Distortion in Monolithic ICs - Measurements and Simulation (Technical Note 143).pdf 831 Kb 25/06/2004 Sony - Digital Audio Multi-Channel Recording System (1984).pdf 2.371 Kb 25/06/2011 Sony - Digital Audio Systems of the Present and Future (1981).pdf 4.271 Kb 06/12/2009 Sony - L'era del MiniDisc (1992).pdf 11.255 Kb 29/07/2006 Tannoy - L'enceinte Tannoy Autograph (J. Hiraga).pdf 1.282 Kb 09/07/2011 Technics - DCC - Il nuovo formato digitale per il futuro del suono (~1990).pdf 13.070 Kb 23/09/2006 Texas Instruments - Handbook of Operational Amplifier Applications (2001).pdf 2.054 Kb 06/07/2008 That Corporation - That 1510 - Low Noise, High Performance Microphone Pre-amplifier.pdf 115 Kb 20/05/2001 Toshiba - ADRES - Sistema automatico di espansione della gamma dinamica.pdf 3.325 Kb 09/06/2005 Warner, Elektra and Atlantic Records - About Quadraphonics and the new, discrete, four channel Quadradisc (1973).pdf 959 Kb 09/11/2014 I'll update this as I find more stuff I've read or plan to read.
  7. Finally got put on a new project that isn't documentation! I get to design my first IC now.

  8. It's a really nice one here, kind of like out main street if we had one.
  9. The smell matters. Does it smell like fire/smoke or does it smell like a rubber?
  10. The moment I got to tell my lab partner I was not going to do the honors project was amazing. Because, he is honors and I'm not and I wrote all the code this semester.

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      God I hate assembly. Which assembly language are you using?

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      a month and it's due tomorrow. i support your not helping

    4. Krakin


      I'm writing for a PICF87.

  11. Just git my Oculus touch remotes in today. They are absolutely amazing.
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